Manga Review: Yoshi no Zuikara: The Frog in the Well Does Not Know the Ocean Volume One

Yoshi no Zuikara: The Frog in the Well Does Not Know the Ocean Volume One tells the story of a struggling manga artist.

Yoshi no Zuikara: The Frog in the Well Does Not Know the Ocean Volume One
Written by: Satsuki Yoshino
Publisher: Square Enic Co., Ltd.
English Publisher: Yen Press
Release Date: September 29, 2020

The first chapter of the manga tells the story of four high schoolers who live out in the middle of nowhere on an island. The four boys all went to the same branch school for first and second grade, and the teacher transferred away at the end of second grade. After that, they move on to the main school in third grade. One of the boys has been corresponding with their former teacher for seven years, and then suddenly stopped getting letters from her. The boys try to figure out what happened to her. Just as they learn the truth, it’s revealed that what you’ve been reading is a manga that someone is drawing. I thought this was a neat twist and that it was good way to introduce the idea that this story is about a manga author.

The second chapter introduces the reader to Naruhiko Tohno, a 32-year-old manga artist who has been a mangaka drawing fantasy and fantastical manga for 10 years. Unfortunately, he has yet to have a big series and is in fear of being dropped by his editor. His most recent series has just been cancelled. The manuscript we see him working on in the first chapter for a storyboard that he’s drawing, but he isn’t sure that he’s going to pursue it any further. His assistant, Toshi-bou, who is around ten years younger than him, says he likes the storyboard and thinks he should pitch it to his editor. As fate would have it, the editor calls and suggests that Tohno try drawing a slice-of-life manga. And thus, the storyboard he’s been working on becomes his next project: Wakkamon. Yes, this is an homage to Barakamon, which is another series by Satsuki Yoshino.

Over the course of Volume One, we get to see Tohno’s struggle with writing in a genre he’s never written professionally before, and his struggles of getting reference material. We also get backstory for Tohno’s life growing up and how he became a struggling mangaka. Once Wakkamon starts being published, it does well enough to receive its first tankobon printing. The success of the compiled volume takes Tohno by surprise, and it was amusing to see his reaction to it.

So far, I really liked what I read in this first volume for Yoshi no Zuikara: The Frog in the Well Does Not Know the Ocean. The characters are interesting, the comedy is humorous, and I appreciated reading about Tohno becoming a mangaka and his learning about the various tools of the trade while he was in high school. For some readers, this might be a little too much on the technical side, but I enjoy learning about how an entertainment industry, such as manga, works. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to read Yoshino’s Barakamon series, so I am unable to compare how Yoshi no Zuikara: The Frog in the Well Does Not Know the Ocean compares to it.

The first volume of this series shows a lot of promise, and I have a feeling that fans of Yoshino’s work will enjoy reading this. If you’re like me and enjoy behind-the-scenes stories of writing manga or creating anime, you’ll likely enjoy this series as well. And I think fans of the Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun manga may find enjoyment with this series as well.

Yoshi no Zuikara: The Frog in the Well Does Not Know the Ocean Manga to End in May 2020

The April 2020 issue of Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine has announced that Satsuki Yoshino’s Yoshi no Zuikara: The Frog in the Well Does Not Know the Ocean manga will end in the magazine in May 2020. The manga will not appear in the magazine’s May 2020 issue.

Yoshino launched the manga in Monthly Shonen Gangan in December 2018.

Yen Press will publish the first volume of Yoshi no Zuikara: The Frog in the Well Does Not Know the Ocean in English in August 2020.

Source: ANN

Yen Press Acquires Seven New Titles for August 2020

Yen Press, LLC has announced its latest acquisitions, including a novel adaptation of Makoto Shinkai’s The Garden of Words, the Konosuba light novel spin-off Konosuba: An Explosion on this Wonderful World! Bonus Story: We are the Megumin Bandits and five manga series: Last Round Arthurs, Majo Raba Majo Reba, Yoshi no Zuikara: The Frog in the Well Does Not Know the Ocean, ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Department P.S., and Puella Magi Madoka Magica Omnibus Edition. All seven titles will release in August 2020.

The Garden of Words
Story by Makoto Shinkai

From director Makoto Shinkai comes the novel adaptation of his award-winning 2013 film Garden of Words, a moody drama about two lonely souls who meet in the garden of Shinjuku during rainy season and help each other “learn to walk again” in life.

From Makoto Shinkai, the prolific storyteller responsible for critically-acclaimed films such as your name. and Weathering With You, comes a novel adaptation of The Garden of Words, a visually stunning and touching film from 2013 that is currently streaming on Netflix.

Konosuba: An Explosion on this Wonderful World! Bonus Story: We are the Megumin Bandits
Story by Natsume Akatsuki
Illustration by Kasumi Morino

The right magic words can stir a person’s soul. For Megumin, those words are “vigilante justice.” Join everyone’s favorite one-trick wizard, as well as Iris the Headstrong, Cecily the Problematic, and Yunyun… as they get a taste of the righteous bandit lifestyle. Evil aristocrats beware!

“For the sake of justice, there’s no line I won’t cross! No criminal act I won’t commit!”

An ongoing bonus series that ties into the light novel spin-off Konosuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!, which features the beloved arch-wizard Megumin as the protagonist, Konosuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World! Bonus Story: We are the Megumin Bandits is a laugh-out-loud series filled with vigilante justice and plenty of Megumin.

Last Round Arthurs
Story by Taro Hitsuji
Art by Yuzuriha
Original Illustration by Kiyotaka Haimura

In all honesty, Rintarou’s life is boring as hell. If you ask him, he was born into this world with too much talent. Everything goes too according to plan. His way of having fun? Joining forces with the weakest candidate, Luna Artur, in the upcoming battle to become King Arthur’s successor—and save the world from impending doom.

The only problem? She’s the scummiest of scum, pawning off her sacred sword and forcing her knight, Sir Kay, into some seriously skeevy cosplays. Or so he thinks—until a close encounter with death, when her true power astonishes all. Make way for an unexpected take on the age-old legends of King Arthur.

A manga adaptation of the Last Round Arthurs light novel series by Taro Hitsuji, the writer of Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor. The first volume of the Last Round Arthurs light novel is currently available from Yen Press.

Majo Raba Majo Reba
Story and Art by Sakurai Ato

Haruka Kuse sees Maruna Rinjou as his savior—he owes his life to her blood transfusion, after all. But what he never knew is that she’s actually a witch. Haruka wants to repay the favor somehow, and the answer is… crossdressing to help Maruna pass her magic exams?!

Ato Sakurai, author of Today’s Cerberus, brings a fiery new magical romance. Combining cute artwork with a hilarious hijinks, Majo Raba Majo Reba is a must-read for fans of shonen comedy.

Yoshi no Zuikara: The Frog in the Well Does Not Know the Ocean
Story and Art by Yoshino Satsuki

A new story about one man’s creative struggles arrives courtesy of Satsuki Yoshino, author of Barakamon Can a 10-year manga artist with experience only in the fantasy genre pivot to drawing a down-to-Earth story about regular folks? It’s sink-or-swim for Naruhiko Toono and his career.

From Satsuki Yoshino, creator of Barakamon and Handa-kun, comes a new series involving the subject of mangaka and the artistic process. The series stands out as an intriguing read for fans of slice-of-life stories as well as fans of series focusing on the manga industry, such as Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun and Bakuman.

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Department P.S.
Story and Art by Natsume Ono

Dive back into Natsume Ono’s world of clandestine intrigue and delectable eats. This spin-off puts the spotlight on the supporting characters seen throughout the original series—including the five chief officers of ACCA, Nino, and Mauve. Discover closely guarded secrets, hidden thoughts, and true feelings in the Dowa Kingdom.

A two-volume spin-off of Natsume Ono’s ACCA 13-Territory Inspection Department, a sophisticated tale of espionage that was adapted into an anime in 2017. All six volumes of the original ACCA 13-Territory Inspection Department manga are available from Yen Press.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Omnibus Edition
Story by Magica Quartet
Art by Hanokage

When a new girl joins her class, Madoka Kaname feels she recognizes the mysterious, dark-haired transfer student from one of her dreams… a dream where she is approached by a cat-like creature who offers Madoka an opportunity to change destiny. Madoka had always thought magic was the stuff of fantasy… until she sees the transfer student fighting with the very cat-being from her dream. And just like in Madoka’s dream, the cat gives her a choice: Will Madoka become a Puella Magi in exchange for her dearest desire? What will be the cost of having her wish come true?

A collection of the three-volume Puella Magi Madoka Magica manga series published by Yen Press into a single omnibus volume. Puella Magi Madoka Magica retells the story of the iconic animated series from Gen Urobuchi, a series which has stood out as one of the most beloved anime of the past decade.