Yen Press’ Announcements at Anime Expo 2022

Yen Press announced at its Anime Expo 2022 panel that it has acquired 15 titles set for compiled volume releases and omnibus releases.

Title: Fruits Basket Another Volume 4
Creator: Natsuki Takaya
Summary: With secrets revealed and confrontations resolved, no obstacles remain in the budding romance between Shiki and Sawa—or do they? During the Sohma’s annual fall picnic, the hidden feelings of the mysterious, stoic heir are unveiled as the final chapter closes on the next generation of the Sohma family. Plus, enjoy the antics of the Three Musketeers as well as bonus comics drawn by Natsuki Takaya for the anime, printed in English for the first time.

Title: Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World manga
Creators: Shinta Fuji (story), Masaki Kawakami (art), Susumu Kuroi (character design)
Summary: Veteran adventurer Nick’s life is falling apart. Despite all the knowledge and expertise he’s devoted to his adventuring party, his respected leader kicked him out, his girlfriend dumped him, and his teammates shamelessly accused him of embezzlement. Tired, heartbroken, and looking for a drink, Nick chances upon a few kindred spirits who are jaded as he is. Together, these disillusioned adventurers form an unstoppable team out to save their bleak, depressing world.

Title: Your Forma manga
Creators: Mareho Kikuishi (story), Yoshinori Kisaragi (art), Tsubata Nozaki (character design)
Summary: In an alternate near future, the Your Forma, a miraculous “smart thread” technology initially developed to treat a massive outbreak of viral encephalitis, has become an integral part of daily life. But these convenient devices also record every sight, sound, and emotion their users experience.

For Electronic Investigator Echika Hieda, diving into peoples’ memories via the Your Forma and hunting for evidence is all part of a day’s work. The problem is, she’s so adept at what she does that her assistants literally fry their brains trying to keep up with her. After putting one too many aides in the hospital, the top brass finally furnish Echika with a partner on her level, a brilliant yet cheeky android named Harold Lucraft. But can Echika put her prejudices against robots aside to solve the most complex case of her career?

Title: Puella Magi Oriko Magica manga omnibus
Creators: Magica Quartet (story), Kuroe Mura (art)
Summary: Oriko, a magical girl with the gift of foresight, knows the fate that awaits all who accept Kyubey’s offer of supernatural powers. But when she is struck with a terrible vision of the future—of the devastation caused by a single, powerful witch—she decides to prevent that witch from becoming a magical girl in the first place. Instead, Oriko directs Kyubey to Yuma, an orphan who is all too eager to gain powers that will enable her to protect herself—powers that will ultimately lead to her own destruction.

Title: K-ON! The Complete Omnibus Collection
Creator: kakifly
Summary: An omnibus collection of the manga classic that inspired the beloved anime series by Kyoto Animation. When their high school’s pop-music club is about to be disbanded due to lack of interest, four girls step up to fill the membership quota. Unfortunately, lead guitarist Yui Hirasawa has never played an instrument in her life. Ever. And although she likes the idea of being in a band, standing in front of the mirror posing with her guitar is a lot easier than actually playing it. It’s gonna be a while before this motley crew is rocking out, but with their spunk and determination cranked to 11, anything is possible.

Title: K-ON! Shuffle manga
Creator: kakifly
Summary: There was once a high school band whose pop songs warmed and thrilled the hearts of all who listened. Now, three girls have been inspired to start a light music club of their own, but will things turn out like they hope? It’s a new generation of slice-of-life hijinks from kakifly, the original author of K-ON!

Title: Konosuba – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Memorial Fan Book
Creator: Natsume Akatsuki
Summary: This book is not for the faint of heart. This explooosive compendium of Konosuba content is a must-have for isekai hopefuls, collectors, and diehard fans of Natsume Akatsuki’s isekai adventure comedy masterpiece. Every character, every joke, every spin-off has been faithfully represented and acknowledged in this full-color love letter to Konosuba enjoyers worldwide. And the fun doesn’t end there. Exclusive art, interviews, and a special short story are just a few of the extra goodies featured within. If you consider yourself the ultimate Konosuba enthusiast, or if you’re just getting into the series and feel like having a handy reference tool, this gorgeous art book will be right at home on your shelf.

Title: The Opportunistic Princess Has All the Answers light novel
Creator: Mamecyoro
Summary: Stepping into the world of your favorite book might sound like a dream come true, but for Maki Tazawa, this very opportunity presents a unique challenge. A passionate lover of BL novels in her previous life, Maki now gets to spend her days as princess Octavia and enjoy the company of her favorite fictional couple—her brother, the crown prince Sirius, and his lover Lord Sil. But two men can’t produce an heir. As the story goes, in order to solve the problem of succession, Princess Octavia agrees to a political marriage and offers up her own child to the throne. But this Octavia can’t accept such an unfair fate. So what if she lives in a BL novel? Her OTP achieved true love and she’s determined to do the same.

Title: I’m Quitting Heroing manga
Creators: Quantum (story), Nori Kazato (art), Hana Amano (character design)
Summary: After saving the world from the Demon Lord, the Hero, Leo, discovers that there isn’t a place for him in it anymore. The incredible strength that made him humanity’s greatest asset during the war is just a terrifying threat in times of peace, and he soon finds himself shunned from human society. But if the forces of good won’t have him, that means it’s time for him to apply elsewhere—for a job with his former enemy, the Demon Lord’s Army.

Title: Pandora Seven manga
Creator: Yuta Kayashima
Summary: “I wish I could meet other humans.” That is the secret wish of Ria Frontier, who grew up as the sole human amid a veritable melting pot of other fantastical races on a small island. As she prepares to celebrate the turn of the thousand-year cycle, that wish is granted—in the form of a war party of humans that arrives on a flying ship to ransack her home and hurt her friends and adoptive family in search of “Pandora’s Box.” Pushed too far by the cruelty of her race, Ria somehow manages to unseal the terrible power of what the humans have been looking for, unleashing a tragedy that will change her life forever.

Title: Shy manga
Creator: Miki Bukimi
Summary: Earth was on the brink of a third World War when super-powered individuals came forth from each country around the globe, ending the conflict and ushering in a new era of relative peace. Among those heroes, Japan is represented by a timid young girl known as “Shy.” She may spend more time worrying about her own shortcomings than she does battling villains, but she’ll show the world that despite it all she still has the heart of a hero.

Title: Even If This Love Disappears from the World Tonight novel
Creator: Ichijo Misaki
Summary: When Toru Kamiya is pushed into falsely confessing his love to Maori Hino, she tells him she’ll date him on three conditions. 1) Don’t talk to her until after school. 2) Keep any communication between them concise. 3) Don’t really fall in love. Unfortunately, he isn’t able to keep the last rule—and when he tells her how he feels, she reveals that she has an illness that prevents her from remembering anything that happened the previous day, and that she uses a diary to keep track. But Toru is determined to build a relationship with her, one day at a time.

Title: Honey Lemon Soda manga
Creator: Mayu Murata
Summary: Middle school left Uka Ishimori with nothing but scars—to the point where she’s forgotten how to laugh or cry or even say “hello.” But a chance reencounter with a boy with lemon-colored hair invigorates her, giving her hope that maybe, just maybe, life can be that much sweeter if she finally reaches out for help.

Title: Doomsday With My Dog manga
Creator: Yū Ishihara
Summary: A single teenage girl journeys through the crumbling ruins of civilization, a concrete jungle that has outlived mankind. However, just because she’s the last woman on earth doesn’t mean she’s alone. She’s accompanied by her dog Haru, an adorable and quick-witted shiba inu who will gladly lend his wisdom to his human companion. With such a pleasant conversation partner to keep the post-apocalyptic doldrums at bay, the end of the world might not be so bad after all.

Title: [Oshi no Ko] manga
Creators: Aka Akasaka (story), Mengo Yokoyari (art)
Summary: Gorou is a gynecologist and idol fan who’s in shock after his favorite star, Ai, announces an impromptu hiatus. Little does Gorou realize that he’s about to forge a bond with her that defies all common sense. Lies are an idol’s greatest weapon in this outrageous manga from Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari.

Source: ANN

Yen Press Licenses the Hirano and Kagiura Manga

Yen Press has announced on Twitter that it has licensed the Hirano and Kagiura manga, which is a spin-off of the Sasaki and Miyano manga. According to the announcement, Yen Press will begin publishing the manga in October 2022.

The story is described as:

Kagiura moved into the school dorms to the tender care of his “bad boy” roommate, Hirano. It’s too much to ask for him not to fall in love… right?

Source: Crunchyroll

Yen Press’ Announcements at Sakura-Con 2022

Yen Press announced at its panel at Sakura-Con 2022 that it has licensed three new manga, four new light novel series, and one artbook. The company also announced that it will release a new omnibus edition of Mari Yamazaki’s Thermae Romae manga (Yen Press previously released the manga in three hardback omnibus volumes).

The company also announced its new Ize Press imprint dedicated to Korean content. The company stated Ize Press is a collaboration with REDICE Studio and RIVERSE to release content in print starting in Fall 2022. Ize Press revealed nine launch titles, including HYBE and BTS’ 7Fates: Chakho, HYBE and ENHYPEN’s Dark Moon, and HYBE and TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s The Star Seekers.

The new manga, light novel, and artbook licenses include:

Title: Visions 2022 Illustrators Book (artbook)
Author(s): pixiv Inc.
Summary: A stunning art collection essential for art lovers and book collectors alike. The ultimate collection of pixiv artists is back. The 2022 compilation features 170 of some of the greatest creators on the platform—all of whom have made an impact on the artistic field. With an abundance of styles from retro to modern and beyond, there’s something for everyone to love.

Title: The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy (manga)
Author(s): Yū Shimizu (story), Asuka Keigen (art)
Summary: The manga adaptation of the light novel series soon to be an anime. 1,000 years ago, Leonis Death Magnus, undead sorcerer and the greatest of the Dark Lords, entered magical stasis during a climactic battle. When he awakens, he finds a beautiful silver-haired young woman named Riselia standing before him. More shockingly, Leonis has been transformed into a 10-year-old boy. Now he’ll have to adapt to this strange era and deal with the twisted monsters called Voids—all while keeping his true powers a secret from his lovely new guardian.

Title: Arya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian (light novel)
Author(s): Sunsunsun (story), Momoco (art)
Summary: A romantic comedy perfect for fans of Chitose Is in the Ramune Bottle and The Girl I Saved on the Train Turned Out to Be My Childhood Friend. Masachika Kuse sits next to Arya, a girl of Russian and Japanese descent. She’s beautiful, haughty, and an exceptional student, while Masachika is nerdy and known for being a slacker. He’s an easy target for her comments in Russian, which she’s all too happy to translate—except he can understand what she’s really saying.

Title: Gods’ Games We Play (light novel)
Author(s): Kei Sazane (story), Toiro Tomose (art)
Summary: An epic fantasy soon to be an anime. When the gods grow bored, they decide to spice up their eternal existence by challenging all takers in an ultimate battle of wits. Of course, these deities are capricious, unfair, and incomprehensible at the best of times, so winning is virtually impossible for a mere mortal. Even so, things are bound to get interesting when a former goddess and a genius human boy team up in a bid to win the game to end all games.

Title: Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World (light novel)
Author(s): Shinta Fuji (story), Susumu Kuroi (art)
Summary: A playful take on isekai tropes that will be a good fit for readers of Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside. Nick used to be a member of a veteran adventurer party, helping his undisciplined friends with the accounts whenever he could. But what was his reward? Getting accused of embezzlement and kicked out by the leader he respected. Before long, he finds a few other jaded adventurers and kindred spirits, and together, they form their own unstoppable party.

Title: King’s Proposal (light novel)
Author(s): Koushi Tachibana (story), Tsunako (art)
Summary: A new light novel series from the creative team behind the legendary Date A Live. Saika Kuozaki is an all-powerful witch with looks to die for. She’s also the only woman who can thwart the mysterious entities attempting to destroy the world once every 300 hours. When Saika is mortally wounded, however, she bequeaths both her powers and body to the normal high school boy who happens upon her, Mushiki Kuga. But just because Mushiki has her abilities doesn’t mean he can control them. To stand a chance of saving the world, he’ll have to attend an academy for mages as Saika—all while keeping his identity under wraps.

Title: Touring After the Apocalypse (manga)
Author(s): Sakae Saito
Summary: With a surprisingly upbeat tone, readers of Girls’ Last Tour will enjoy this trip through apocalyptic Japan. All alone after the end of days, two girls bike through the empty ruins of Japan—and they’re not about to let the collapse of civilization get in the way of sightseeing. Even when the world ends, their journey goes on.

Title: The Gay Who Turned Kaiju (manga)
Author(s): Kazuki Minamoto
Summary: Bullied for being gay, teenager Takashi Arashiro wishes he could just be somebody else—but who could predict he’d morph into a giant-headed sci-fi creature? Takashi’s tumultuous emotions become the catalyst for personal and social exploration of the LGBTQ experience in this quirky, profound manga from prolific BL author Kazuki Minamoto.

Source: ANN

Yen Press Announces New Manga and Light Novel Licenses

Yen Press has announced some new manga and light novel licenses.

Title: Sugar Apple Fairy Tale light novel
Creators: Miri Mikawa and Aki
Summary: Anne Halford is a candy crafter determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a Silver Sugar Master, a title bestowed only by royalty. In order to travel to the capital and realize her dream, she purchases Challe, a handsome but foul-mouthed fairy, as her bodyguard. Anne wishes to befriend her new companion, but in this kingdom where fairies are treated as property, Challe wants nothing to do with humans. Will this journey with Anne change his mind?

Title: The Executioner and Her Way of Life manga
Creators: Mato Sato and Ryo Mitsuya
Summary: The Lost Ones are strangers from another world, hailing from a place no one has ever heard of called “Japan.” These wanderers have been associated with catastrophes since many years ago, and the solemn duty of exterminating them without remorse falls to Menou, a young Executioner. But when her mission is complicated by a Japanese girl named Akari who refuses to die, Menou embarks on a peculiar journey to find something that can slay even an immortal who insists on traveling with her would-be killer.

Title: I Kept Pressing the 100-Million-Year Button and Came Out on Top manga
Creator: Syuichi Tsukishima
Summary: Allen gets such poor grades at Grand Swordcraft Academy that his fellow students have dubbed him the “Reject Swordsman.” But one day, he is granted a mysterious button that, when pressed, will give him one hundred million years to train in an alternate reality. With an ungodly amount of practice under his belt, the world is about to see what this underachiever can really do.

Title: Sasaki & Peeps manga
Creators: Buncololi and Pureji Osho
Summary: When Sasaki brightens up his tired corporate life by buying a pet sparrow, he never imagined the bird would actually be a reincarnated sage from another world. With his new avian roommate teaching him all sorts of magic tricks, could this be Sasaki’s chance to escape his droll office job?

Title: Coffee Moon manga
Creator: Mochito Bota
Summary: Pieta, a normal girl, leads a normal, uneventful life in a world of constant black rain. As the rain pours down, like it always does, she takes her usual route to school and has a pleasant conversation with her friend Danae. This is what every day is like for Pieta, and she takes a sort of everyday satisfaction from her totally normal life. But then her typical, pleasant conversation with Danae… doesn’t happen. “Why…?! Why can I remember… yesterday’s today?!!”

Title: So What’s Wrong with Getting Reborn as a Goblin? manga
Creator: Miki Nazuna
Summary: Office worker Akira Yagami’s altruistic nature usually gets him the short end of the stick. When he dies after saving a kid from oncoming traffic… he reincarnates in another world as a goblin? Normally, goblins only live for seven days, but Akira’s newfound powers let him defy the species’ normal life span… and are the key to his path to becoming the strongest goblin ever.

Title: She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat manga
Creator: Sakaomi Yuzaki
Summary: Cooking is how Nomoto de-stresses, but one day, she finds herself making way more than she can eat by herself. And so, she invites her neighbor Kasuga, who also lives alone. What will come out of this impromptu dinner invitation?

Title: Embrace Your Size manga
Creator: hara
Summary: A love letter to those who dream of being fashionable but consider their weight as an obstacle, this uplifting comic essay by a plus-sized author chronicles her own journey with body positivity and learning to love herself as she is.

Title: Studio Chizu’s Belle novel
Creator: Mamoru Hosoda
Summary: Suzu is a 17-year-old high school student living in rural Kochi who has kept the world at arm’s length ever since her mother’s death many years ago. But at a friend’s suggestion, she dips her toes into “U,” a vast virtual world on the internet and starts going by Belle. As she explores this new world in her online avatar, Suzu reveals her hidden singing talent and becomes a sensation the world over, drawing the attention of a mysterious being called the Dragon. Who is this ferocious yet lonely stranger and what will come of their fateful meeting?

Source: The Fandom Post

Yen Press Announces New Licenses for Release in August 2022

Yen Press has announced that it has licensed the following titles for release in August 2022:

Title: Josee, The Tiger and the Fish omnibus manga
Creators: Seiko Tanabe (story), Nao Emoto (art)
Summary: Josee has been in a wheelchair since she was a child and has lived her life through pictures, books, and her imagination. One day, she meets Tsuneo, a college student, and while they clash at first, the two soon grow closer than expected. She takes this chance to venture outside with Tsuneo to experience a new world where surprises await.

Title: Unnamed Memory manga
Creators: Kuji Furumiya (story), Naoki Koshimizu (art)
Summary: Witches—the centuries-old mages that command power immense enough to bring catastrophe. Oscar, the crown prince of the powerful kingdom of Farsas, was cursed as a young boy to never sire an heir. Hoping to break the magic, he seeks out Tinasha, the strongest witch on the continent. To meet her, he climbs her tower, as she is said to grant the wish of any who successfully do so. Yet, when he arrives at the top… he requests that Tinasha become his bride.

Title: Heroine No More manga
Creator: Momoko Koda
Summary: Every girl dreams of starring in her own love story. Hatori also firmly believed that one day she would marry her childhood friend, Rita—but things are never that simple. The agony of a heartbroken young maiden is laid bare in this uproarious comedy.

Title: Gahi-chan! manga
Creator: Tirotata
Summary: When a starving manga artist suddenly finds a girl who looks like the spitting image of his own series’ heroine on his front doorstep, it seems like a dream come true. But if only it was as simple as his drawings coming to life—this girl turns out to actually be a gahi, a yokai who can only appear human by transforming artwork into human skin and wearing it like a glove. “Without your art… my body will become all weird…”

So begins the new life of an artist with a cute girl (?) under his roof.

Source: ANN

Yen Press Announces New Licenses for Release in July 2022

Yen Press has announced that it has licensed the following titles for release in July 2022:

Title: Tsubaki-chō Lonely Planet manga
Creator: Mika Yamamori
Summary: Fumi Oono, second-year high school student. Stuck with the debts of her father, she needs a job—fast. While she did indeed manage to find one as a housekeeper for THE Akatsuki Kibikino, it leaves much to be desired. After all, the novelist has a mean glare and an even worse attitude. And on top of that, she has to live with him?

Title: Kowloon Generic Romance manga
Creator: Jun Mayuzuki
Summary: Welcome to Kowloon Walled City—a dystopian townscape full of people brimming with nostalgia and a place where the past, present, and future converge. This vividly drawn tale tells the story of the secret feelings and extraordinary daily lives of the working men and women in the city.

Title: Silent Witch light novel
Creators: Matsuri Isora (story) Nanna Fujimi (art)
Summary: Monica Everett, the Silent Witch, is the world’s only practitioner of Voiceless Magic, a veritable heroine who single-handedly fended off the Black Dragon of legend. However, the young prodigy is actually… super-duper shy. Yup, turns out she only learned Voiceless Magic to avoid speaking in public. Ignorant of this, the Seven Sages have placed her on a top-secret mission to guard the Second Prince. Can Monica keep it together as she contends with both social interaction and the evils targeting the young royal?

Title: Kakuriyo Shinjuki: God’s Doctor Starts a Practice in Another World light novel
Creator: Tamaki Itomori
Summary: A girl named Yae reincarnates into a world where one’s name determines their essence. When a monster attacks her, she unleashes Arai, an ex-god in the form of a golden tiger, to defend herself. Shortly after, however, Arai manipulates Yae into assisting his little brother, who has been warped into a grotesque form by a disease that strips people of their essences. As Yae searches for a cure, she finds herself warming to the pompous, threatening Arai.

Title: Tales of the Kingdom manga
Creator: Asumiko Nakamura
Summary: Purple-eyed Adarte, blue-eyed Adolte. One enveloped in light—the graceful son; and one shrouded in darkness—the prisoner. Destined to walk different paths in a kingdom where a beautiful man is lauded as a hero while his enigmatic assistant toils to support him.

Title: Higehiro: After Getting Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway light novel
Creators: Shimesaba (story), booota (art)
Summary: Yoshida was just rejected by his crush of five years. On the way home from drowning his sorrows, he runs into a girl crouching in the middle of the road, and she offers him a deal—let her crash at his place and he can do whatever he wants with her. When he refuses, she asks to stay for free. This is the story of Yoshida, a 26-year-old office worker, and Sayu, a runaway high school girl, and their unconventional life together.

The Yen On edition of the novel series will feature a new edit of Kadokawa’s digi-pub version on BookWalker Global.

Title: Tower of the Sun light novel
Creator: Tomihiko Morimi
Summary: One young man’s boring college life changes forever when he shares a budding romance with a girl named Mizuo. And it all comes tumbling down when she of all people has the gall to dump him. Now with only his enormous (some might say delusional) imagination to his name, he starts tearing through the streets of Kyoto. A Japanese fantasy novel for every man who’s been let down by love, and everyone planning on doing so.

Title: Delicious in Dungeon: The Adventurer’s Bible book
Creator: Tomihiko Morimi
Summary: Featuring Laios and Marcille of course, and even the Lunatic Magician and Elves, don’t miss out on these new illustrations encompassing almost all your favorite characters. Within, you’ll find various stories that couldn’t be told during the main story, detailed character information ranging from age, height, BMI, family structure, and the first time they died—absolutely everything there is to know about the characters. Plus, descriptions of the magical creatures that live in the dungeons. This is the one-stop-shop companion full to bursting with world origin stories, monster guides, multiple dungeons, and descriptions of the various races that live in the world of Delicious in Dungeon.

Source: ANN

Yen Press Announces New Licenses for Release in June 2022

Yen Press has announced that it has licensed the following titles for release in June 2022:

Title: Magical Explorer manga
Creators: Iris (story), Yukari Higa (art), Noboru Kannatuki (character design)
Summary: Living in the world of Magical★Explorer, the legendary erotic game, sounds like a dream. Problem is, I reincarnated not as the lady-killer protagonist with his overpowered cheat skills, but as his unlucky comic-relief best friend.

Title: The Girl I Saved on the Train Turned Out to Be My Childhood Friend manga
Creators: Kennoji (story), You Midorikawa (art), Fly (character design)
Summary: When high schooler Ryou Takamori steps in to save a girl on a crowded train, he never expected her to be his childhood friend Hina Fushimi. Though the two of them sit next to each other in class, they haven’t spoken since middle school—but this heroic act may give Hina the push she needs to shorten the distance between them.

Title: Yokohama Station SF National light novel
Creators: Yuba Isukari (story), Tatsuyuki Tanaka (art)
Summary: This follow-up volume to the science fiction hit sheds light on the history of Yokohama Station and people all across Japan through a series of short stories. “Kyoto” tells the tale of a struggle against the information warfare of the station monitoring systems. “Gunma” details the collapse and reconstruction of Yokahama Station. In “Kumamoto,” people tolerate violence and mistreatment in exchange for safety from the looming threat of the station. Finally, “Iwate” follows a spy’s escape to an unknown region of the north.

Title: Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included manga
Creator: matoba
Summary: Tarou Tokumitsu is a high schooler living all alone, when he encounters a pure and kind girl named Towa on his balcony. But who is she, really? Matoba, author of As Miss Beelzebub Likes, brings you the latest cute and innocent romantic comedy.

Title: Shadows House manga
Creator: so-ma-to
Summary: Shadows House—a strange mansion that receives no callers, inhabited by a race of faceless shadows who play at being aristocrats and are waited on hand and foot by “living dolls,” who also serve as their masters’ faces. What goes on inside this enigmatic manor is anyone’s guess, but soot and shrieks billow up from within.

The manga inspired a television anime that premiered in Japan in April 2021. FUNimation Entertainment streamed the anime as it aired in Japan, and it also streamed an English dub. The anime will have a second season.

Title: Mato Seihei no Slave manga
Creators: Takahiro (story), Yōhei Takemura (art)
Summary: Otherworldly spaces known as “demon cities” appeared in various parts of Japan, and those who partook in the “peaches” growing there gained unique abilities—but only if they’re girls. One day, a down-in-the-dumps high school boy named Yuuki Wagura suddenly gets lost at the entrance of a demon city. There, he meets Kyoka Uzen, the beautiful leader of the seven programs of “Magical Defense Corps,” who orders him to become her slave.

The manga is inspiring a television anime adaptation.

Source: ANN

Yen Press’ License Announcements at Anime NYC 2021

Yen Press announced during its panel at Anime NYC 2021 that it has acquired the license for the following manga and novels:

  • Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Another Story manga
  • Chitose-kun Is In the Ramune Bottle manga
  • The Bride of Demise novels
  • Sasaki and Pichan novels
  • Hi, I’m a Witch, and My Crush Wants Me to Make a Love Potion manga
  • The Other World’s Books Depend on the Bean Counter manga
  • See You Tomorrow at the Food Court manga
  • Nights with a Cat manga
  • The Geek Ex-Hitman manga

The company will announce the release dates for these titles at a later time.

It was also announced that Yen Press will begin digitally publishing chapters of Yuu Kamiya’s No Game, No Life light novels, beginning with the prologue chapter of the novel series’ 11th volume, which will debut on November 25, 2021 alongside the volume’s Japanese release.

Source: ANN

Yen Press Licenses the Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Manga as a Digital Simulpub

Yen Press has announced that it has licensed Yozora no Udon’s manga adaptation of Miri Mikawa and aki’s Sugar Apple Fairy Tale light novel series, and it will release it as a digital simulpublication, starting on November 3, 2021. New chapters will launch simultaneously with the Japanese releases on platforms such as BookWalker Global and comiXology. The adaptation will launch in Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine on November 4, 2021.

The fantasy novels are set in the Kingdom of Highland, where fairies serve humans, and focus on a girl named Anne. Anne’s mother recently passed away, so Anne decides to carry on the family trade and become a Silver Sugar Master, a special artisan who can create magical candy. With her foul-mouthed fairy bodyguard Charles, she sets out on a journey to the capital.

Source: ANN

Yen Press Announces New Manga Licenses

Yen Press has announced that it will release the I Want to Be a Wall and Let’s Go Karaoke! manga in April 2022, as well as the God Bless the Mistaken manga as a digital simulpub series on October 27, 2021.

Title: God Bless the Mistaken
Creator: Nakatani Nio
Release: October 27, 2021
Summary: Kon lives in a world that bugs out regularly—every morning may bring a new surprise. But with Kasane, a researcher who studies these phenomena, he knows that each day will at least be interesting. A delightfully curious creation by Nakatani Nio.

Title: I Want to Be a Wall
Creator: Honami Shirono
Release: April 2022
Summary: Yuriko, an asexual woman, agrees to take a husband to satisfy her parents—which is how she finds herself tying the knot with Gakurouta, a gay man in love with his childhood friend with his own complicated family circumstances. And so begins the tale of their marriage of convenience.

Title: Let’s Go Karaoke!
Creator: Yama Wayama
Release: April 2022
Summary: Satomi, president of his school’s choir club, gets embroiled in a bizarre situation when he’s asked by Kyouji the yakuza to give him voice lessons. Surprisingly, Kyouji’s quite serious, and diligent in his practice too. As the two spend time together, where will this odd friendship take them?

Source: ANN