Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 8 – “The Dream Gazing Trap”

There’s a bit to unpack in this episode, so here we go…

Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha are pursuing Yotsume after he flees from the deputy shogun’s estate. Moroha and Setsuna are able to keep up, but Towa is lagging behind. Towa bribes Takechiyo with food from the present day to get him to agree to give her a ride. Yes, Takechiyo is definitely meant to be this series’ version of Shippo.

Yotsume, meanwhile, manages to make it to the lair of Kyuki, one of the Four Perils. She gives him a rainbow pearl that gives him the ability to use the Dream Gazing spell. He uses it on all of the characters, although it has no effect on Setsuna since she can’t sleep. But, the effect on the others allows them to see someone else’s dream… and this is where a bit of the unpacking takes place.

Moroha sees Takechiyo’s dream, which shows a monk (who looks an awful lot like Miroku) leaving him with Jyubei, the corpse dealer that Moroha does work for. Takechiyo sees Moroha’s dream. In it, we see Moroha being held as a baby by Kagome. Kagome gives Moroha the rouge that belonged to Inuyasha’s mother, and then Kagome has Hachi take her away as shadowy figures of Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru approach. Unfortunately, we don’t know what happens past this point, because this is where the vision ends. Towa sees a vision in which she witnesses the Dream Butterfly taking Setsuna’s dream and going to the Tree of Ages. In the vision, she also sees Rin in suspended animation inside the tree. It’s hinted that this isn’t Setsuna’s dream, but is instead a vision being presented to Towa by the Tree of Ages itself.

Like I said, there’s a lot to unpack here. Here, we get yet another hint that Miroku was traveling the countryside and helping someone out. When it comes to Takechiyo, all we hear Jyubei do is ask if he’s leaving the young lord with him. So, it appears Takechiyo is a lord of some kind. Hopefully more backstory will be revealed later for Takechiyo so we can better understand what happened here. There’s also a reference to Hachi here, so perhaps Takechiyo has some kind of connection with Hachi? Jyubei mentions that if Takechiyo stays there, he’ll have to be put to work, and he can’t treat him like he did before. There seems to be some kind of connection that Jyubei has with Takechiyo’s people, and hopefully this will be another one of the mysteries resolved by the end of the series.

Now we get a strong hint as to why Moroha has no knowledge of her parents. We see that Kagome tearfully sends Moroha away, but we don’t see where Hachi takes Moroha. And there’s also the question of what exactly happened here. Were Inuyasha and Kagome fighting Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru, or were they gathering to defeat some other foe? Again, while this dream kind of gives an answer to one of the questions that the audience has had about Moroha, it’s opened up even more questions.

Towa’s vision… I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that the spirit of the Tree of Ages had something to do with the Dream Butterfly taking Setsuna’s dreams. And seeing that butterfly going to the Tree of Ages and hovering around the Rin that’s in suspended animation, I’m starting to think that Rin could very well be the twins’ mother. I especially felt that the dialogue that the Tree of Ages had at that point pointed things in that direction. Of course, we’re still left with the question of how Rin came to be in this state to begin with.

And during all of this, we see Riku return. For those who don’t remember, he was the “pirate” that Towa met in the previous episode. With a meeting he has with Jyubei, we learn there’s more to this guy than meets the eye. It turns out he’s the one making the requests to Jyubei to eliminate the Four Perils. But let’s just say that Riku isn’t exactly a good guy here. He wants the Rainbow Pearls for himself, which includes the ones in the possession of Moroha, Setsuna, and Towa. He’s an antagonist, but not in the same way as the Four Perils or the spirit of the Tree of Ages. But he’s going to try to charm our three main characters while at the same time plotting ways to stab them in the back when the time comes.

Back with our protagonists, they manage to defeat Yotsume, but they are now forced to deal with Kyuki. Unfortunately, her rainbow pearl also has the ability to absorb demon energy. While hope seems lost, Moroha realizes that Towa has a useful ability that the other two girls don’t have, and we see the struggle that Towa goes through in order to make this work.

I’m not going to go into any more detail because I’ll be treading into territory where I’d be spoiling how the ending goes. But let’s just say Towa is important, and we also get to see a little more of Riku.

Here, we have another episode where questions are starting to be somewhat answered, but the answers are raising even more questions. Fortunately, this is only the eighth episode, so there’s still time for these new questions, as well as the older questions, to be answered. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m hoping that there aren’t any major loose ends by the time we reach the final episode.

Speaking of this being the eighth episode, is anyone else getting annoyed by the fact that every episode is still giving us text at the beginning to identify our three main protagonists? If anyone watching the series still needs these identifications for these characters, then it seems like there’s a problem with the anime’s production team not establishing the protagonists well enough for the audience to remember who is who. The first two or three episodes I could understand, but Episode 8?

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 7 – “Meeting through an Apple”

At the beginning of the episode, we see Towa being trained with the demon slayers, and it’s shown that she’s starting to get better at sensing demon energy. While Towa is beginning to acclimate to life in the feudal era, it’s also made clear that she’s still holding the memories of her time spent in the modern era close to her. For their next demon slayer mission, Setsuna decides to leave Towa behind. When Towa wakes up and discovers that she was left behind, she decides to continue her mission of finding the dream butterfly.

The antagonist of the episode is also established early on: Kyuki, one of the four perils serving Kirinmaru. In a conversation Kyuki has with Kirinmaru about the three main characters defeating Tokotsu, it’s made clear that Kirinmaru doesn’t really care for his subordinates outside of their strength. He actually has to ask who Tokotsu was, and had to be reminded that this character was one of the four Perils. However, Kyuki doesn’t seem to pick up on this lack of loyalty to subordinates… or if they do, they’re ignoring this fact. Kyuki says they have a plan in place to take care of Towa and Setsuna.

While Towa is out, she encounters a pirate named Riku, who claims he’s lost and was washed ashore by the sea. Towa really doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, and Riku forces Towa to help him after she says she smells the ocean. They reach a nearby river, which Riku concedes could help lead him to the sea. He notices Towa’s katana, the Kikujomonji. She says it was a fake because it broke so easily. Riku uses an earring to summon someone to come get him, but leaves a “gift” for Towa… the real Kikujomonji, which he stole from Ogigayatsu Hiiragi, the Deputy Shogun of Kanto. As Riku departs, Towa is caught by Hiiragi’s men and advisor, and she is taken to the shogun himself.

If you’ve seen the first episode of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, then at this point, you would recognize that this is the setup for the scenes that led into the flashback story. Episode seven finally takes up back to what we saw in the first episode, and we get to see what happens to both Towa and to Setsuna and Moroha and the events that led up to what we saw in Episode One. I really liked getting to see Moroha and Setsuna’s events, since they just kind of appeared out of nowhere near the end of the first episode in order to rescue Towa. But, it should also be pointed out that the scenes with Towa at the Shogun’s home have been extended out and showing important scenes that weren’t seen before, with these scenes showing how much Towa’s improving ability to sense demon energy.

Episode Seven ends the exact same way Episode One did, and the preview shows that Episode 8 will finally progress the story past that point. It’s clear from the preview that Kyuki will still be the antagonist, and it appears that Kyuki will be using a technique to get into the three girls’ memories. That plot point could certainly be interesting, and might perhaps even starting providing the audience more clues as to what may have happened to at least a couple of the characters from the original Inuyasha anime.

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 6 – “The Cat Juan at the Old Temple”

Setsuna and Towa accompany Moroha to the guy who buys the demon bones that Moroha brings to him to raise the money she needs to pay off the mysterious debt that she’s racked up. It’s made clear later in the episode that she hasn’t told either Setsuna or Towa about this debt.

Moroha wants to make more money, and the three girls are told about travelers disappearing near an old temple and are asked to find out if there are ghosts or demons involved. Moroha agrees to take this job on.

There’s a great scene of Towa riding a bicycle, with Moroha standing in the basket and singing along with whatever song is playing on the MP3 player that was brought to feudal Japan when the girls made their trip there, and Setsuna just sitting on the back. Sure, this is an unsafe thing for them to be doing, but it was still amusing. They almost hit a little girl, who is being neglected by her parents because they’re “taking care of the cats.” When they get to her village, they discover the villagers doting on cats. Moroha and Setsuna can smell right away that they’re demons, but Towa can’t. This serves as one example where Towa is still needing to learn things in order to adjust to living in feudal Japan. Here, they get an easy win against these demon cats, and free the people. Later, we learn that Moroha and Setsuna treat what they did at this village as just doing their job, while Towa sees it as helping people out. This served as yet another example of Towa’s experiences being different from the other two girls and how this difference is affecting her ability to adapt to feudal Japan.

They make it to a temple, where a young monk comes out. His name is Juan, but Towa thinks he looks a lot like Julian, an idol that her little sister Mei likes. Towa guesses that Juan must be one of Julian’s ancestors. And here’s yet another example of Towa clinging to her life in modern day Japan.

The rest of the episode sees the three girls discovering that things aren’t what they seem at the temple, and they find themselves going up against a more powerful cat demon than the cats they dealt with at the village.

This episode doesn’t really advance the plot much, nor does it continue to peel away at the layers of the various questions and threads that are out there regarding these characters. However, it does, like I’ve stated several times in this piece, highlight Towa’s adjustment (or lack thereof) to life in feudal Japan after spending so much time in modern Japan. I suspect that this is a theme that the show will be running with for a little while longer, until Towa has enough experiences in her new environment to better understand and adjust to what’s going on around her and/or happening to her.

From the preview, it looks like Towa is going to be the focus of the next episode. I suspect that her “naivete,” as Setsuna refers to Towa’s thinking and behaviors in this world, are going to come back and haunt her.

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 5 – “Jakotsumaru of the Red Bone Palace”

The episode opens with the ending of the previous episode, where Setsuna, Moroha, and Towa return to the Feudal Era. This is followed by revealing the antagonist of this episode, a young man named Jakotsumaru, who is stealing bones in order to resurrect his father, the demon beast Tokotsu.

Moroha goes to sell the demon corpses she collected recently, and the buyer isn’t giving her as much as she was expecting. We also learn through conversation that Moroha owes the buyer a debt of some kind. Also in this scene, we get the return of a character from the original Inuyasha anime: Myoga the flea. He serves as an exposition device for the three main characters and for the audience. But it was great to see another familiar face from the original series, and his mannerisms were exactly as I remembered them from the original series. We learn here that Moroha brought in the headless corpse of Tokotsu, and now the buyer wants her to bring him the head. She accepts this. After she leaves, though, the buyer summons his transforming racoon demon(?), Takechiyo, to keep an eye on Moroha. Takechiyo is the racoon-like character we were seeing in the initial promotional image for the series. By the end of the episode, we see that Takechiyo is going to be this series’ version of Shippo.

Meanwhile, Towa tags along with Setsuna and the demon slayers when they’re called on by a village because of corpses being found that no longer have their bones. They are asked to take on the job of finding the demon responsible, and Setsuna and Towa are given the task. It’s at this point that the three main characters’ stories converge together. Through exposition provided by Myoga, we learn that Tokotsu is one of the four pillars of Beast King Kirinmaru, and the girls realize that by taking on Tokotsu, they will end up starting to fulfill the wish of the spirit of the Tree of Ages.

We get a some development for Moroha here. We learn that she doesn’t remember killing Tokotsu, and that she woke up next to his headless corpse and took the red pearl from him. I definitely had an “ah-ha!” moment when I saw this revelation about the red pearl, and then was left wondering how Towa and Setsuna got their respective pearls and who they belonged to. Gifts bestowed to them by Sesshomaru when he took them from the village, perhaps? I suspect that this particular question will likely be answered at some point later in the series.

When we get to the confrontation with Tokotsu’s head, which has been revived by Jakotsumaru, we learn something else about Moroha. She has rouge that belonged to Izayoi, the wife of the Dog Demon. When she puts it on, her powers multiply immensely… but, sadly, they only last a short time. But during that time, we got to see Moroha utilize a couple of her father’s signature moves. As a fan of the original series, seeing those moves brought about a sense of nostalgia.

Moroha isn’t able to finish the job, and Setsuna and Towa team together to take down Tokotsu. Setsuna reveals something about words she heard from a traveling monk, and the brief image we get from a flashback seems to indicate that this monk was Miroku.

Overall, this episode was meant to help develop Moroha more as a character, as well as to start dropping hints about the rainbow pearls and the potential fate of one of the original characters. So it continues: as questions are answered (or kind of answered), the answers raise more questions. As I said last week, though, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as there aren’t any major loose ends by the end of the series. It sounds like Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is scheduled to run for 24 episodes, so there’s still time for questions to be answered.

Oh, and I also hope that at some point, we’ll get an episode that gives a little more development to Setsuna, or at least some flashbacks of her life after she and Towa were separated in the forest fire.

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FUNimation Entertainment Announces Dub for the Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Anime and the Lead Cast

FUNimation Entertainment has announced that an English dub will be produced for the Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon anime, as well as the fact that FunimationNow will be streaming the dub. However, the announcement did not reveal when the English dub of the series will begin airing.

The English cast members for the three main characters have been announced:

  • Erica Mendez is Towa Higurashi
  • Kira Buckland is Setsuna
  • Morgan Berry is Moroha

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon premiered on Japanese television on October 3, 2020.

Source: The Fandom Post

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 4 – “The Gateway to the Past”

At the beginning of the episode, we see Moroha getting along with the elders association, and her great-grandfather gives her a gift… the lucky water kappa foot that Kagome was given at the beginning of Inuyasha. However, unlike her mother, Moroha actually appreciates the gift. This was definitely a laugh out loud moment for me. But even better, it turns out that kappa foot plays an important role later in the episode, and isn’t just a throwaway gag. But after seeing how the kappa foot was used in the feudal era, could this be the reason why it became a lucky kappa foot in the first place? Ah, the paradoxes of time travel…

Anyway, we see Towa in school and Setsuna has become a prodigy in playing the violin. Even though Moroha and Setsuna seem to be adapting to modern day Japan, Towa wants to return so she can find the dream butterfly and restore Setsuna’s memories and her ability to dream. But after Moroha discovers Root Head and finds out how they can return, Towa is conflicted because she loves Sota and his family and doesn’t want to hurt them.

We get a wonderful scene of Sota and Towa looking at a photo album that has pictures of Kagome in it. Towa gets to learn about Kagome, and finds out that Kagome traveled to the feudal era. In this scene, Sota gives his blessing to Towa to return to the feudal era.

When the time comes to return to the feudal era, the three girls encounter the spirit of the Tree of Ages, which has taken on the form of Kikyo. As it’s explained in the episode, the image is an imprint from the arrow that had sealed Inuyasha to the tree. The spirit asks the girls to take on a quest to Beast King Kirinmaru, who is attempting to twist time and return the world to nothingness. She asks these three, because they are the granddaughters of the Great Dog-Demon, and specifically the fact that Towa and Setsuna are the daughters of Sesshomaru. Moroha is all for it, but Towa and Setsuna are not. This makes the spirit of the Tree of Ages angry, and it unleashes Root Head on them. This is where the lucky water kappa foot comes in, and I loved how it was what ultimately gave them the ability to defeat Root Head. Unfortunately, defeating Root Head means that Towa might never be able to return to modern day Japan.

This episode seems to show us what happened to Rin, and I’m curious to see how she ended up in this situation. Hopefully we’ll get backstory for this at some point. We also see that the Dream Butterfly is in the same location as Rin and the spirit of the Tree of Ages. And it appears we also got a brief glimpse of Sesshomaru’s feet during this scene as well, and the spirit seems to be talking to him.

So far with this series, it seems as questions are answered, more questions arise. But I think that’s a good thing, because it means there’s more for this series to cover as it progresses. Just as long as there aren’t a lot of loose ends at the end of the series, then it should be fine.

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 3 – “The Dream Butterfly”

This episode opens right where the previous one left off, although we get a brief bit of backtracking to show Mistress Three Eyes, Setsuna, and Moroha appearing in modern day Tokyo and Towa’s sword being broken when she attacks the demon. However, everyone is surprised when the pearl in Towa’s eye (which she didn’t know she had) is activated when Mistress Three Eyes turns toward her, and Towa manifests her demon powers. The energy sword that forms with the handle of the broken sword is actually rather impressive. However, it takes both Towa and Setsuna to take down the demon. Moroha and Setsuna recover their pearls, and it seems like everything is going to be OK.

But, when Towa tells Setsuna that they’re twins and tries to get close, Setsuna starts attacking her. Moroha, though, has the ability to determine what demon someone came from by sniffing them, and she says that Setsuna and Towa have the same demon energy, and both smell like Sesshomaru. Setsuna still doesn’t believe it, though. Things get intense when the grass root demon, Hitokon, takes control of Towa and her power. Unfortunately, Mei approaches the battle, and Hitokon decides to possess her instead. Of course, since Mei has no demon power, the best she can do is pick up a rock and try to hit people with it. This was kind of amusing, even though it was happening in a serious scene. But it’s here where we see Setsuna using her demon slayer ability by using a medicine to put everyone there to sleep and forcing Hitokon out of Mei.

Before this takes place, though, Kagome’s mother really gets a good look at Moroha and realizes that Moroha’s eyes look just like Kagome’s. I’m glad to see that Kagome’s mother seemed to realize that Moroha was her granddaughter. I would have been sad if, after Moroha appeared in modern day Tokyo, that no one in the Higurashi family realized that they were related.

I really liked the scene afterward when Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha go to Sota’s house. First, because we finally get to see Sota’s wife. It’s a good thing he married a woman who’s so understanding and believed Sota when he said that demons actually exist. It’s also revealed here that Kagome’s mother told Sota about her suspicions about Moroha, so Sota and his wife have an idea that one of the girls now living under their roof is their niece.

Near the end of the episode, we learn something about Setsuna: she isn’t able to sleep or to have dreams because they were taken by a Dream Butterfly. Apparently, the Dream Butterfly also took her memories, which would explain why Setsuna can’t remember her childhood or Towa. Poor Towa feels so guilty when she overhears this conversation between Setsuna and Moroha.

It should also be mentioned that in this episode, we do get two scenes in feudal Japan, where Kohaku and Hisui are talking with Kaede, and they learn a little bit about Setsuna and how she has a twin sister. Kaede reveals that shortly after the twins were born, Sesshomaru came and took them from the village. So we have confirmation that the girls were born in the village, but we still have no concrete information on who their mother is. We also learn that Setsuna came back to the village when she was older for a “rite of courage and cowardice.” At this point, these characters assume that Sesshomaru put her up to this, but there’s no concrete evidence. And since it was revealed that Setsuna has no memory of Sesshomaru during the battle earlier in the episode, we either have to assume that the characters have made a wrong assumption, or Setsuna’s encounter with the Dream Butterfly happened during the rite of courage and cowardice.

We also learn about Root Head’s root being attached to the Tree of Ages, and Kohaku and Hisui learn the truth about the Bone Eater’s Well and about how Kagome and Inuyasha would travel through time when it still worked. But the audience learns that Root Head’s root being attached to the Tree of Ages is very problematic. From the preview, we see that this is going to play a part in the next episode. Someone the audience knows from Inuyasha also shows up in the preview, but I’m not going to say who it is in order to avoid spoiling the surprise.

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 2 – “The Three Princesses”

This second outing for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon sets the story by showing Towa and her younger twin sister, Setsuna, being separated during a forest fire when they’re four years old. It was nostalgic to see Towa reappear in modern-day Japan and seeing the Tree of Ages at the Higurashi shrine. But seeing the grown up Sota and reconciling that this was Kagome’s little brother from Inuyasha was kind of hard at first. But seeing him interact with the young Towa was sweet.

Before I move on to the time skip, though, I have to say that from the bit we saw of Towa and Setsuna as children, that Sesshomaru was an absentee father. And since we see these two young half-demons sleeping in the forest on their own, it gives the impression that their mother (whoever she is) isn’t in the picture, either.

Anyway, we learn through narration that Sota adopts Towa and she becomes Towa Higurashi. We jump ahead in time 10 years, so Towa is now 14 years old. Back in elementary school she stopped a bully, and has become the target of delinquents since then. Since she keeps getting into fights, Towa keeps being transferred to different schools. Towa is starting her first day at yet another school (an all-girls’ school this time), and we meet Mei, Sota’s biological daughter. Mei is incredibly cute and adorable, and it’s not surprising that Towa is protective of her little stepsister. It’s interesting to note that we see Sota at this point, but we have yet to see Mei’s mother. However, right at the beginning of the time skip, there is a sign showing the names of the family members, and the only name I don’t recognize is “Moe.” I’m assuming this is Sota’s wife, and we just haven’t met her yet.

Unfortunately, the delinquents find Towa as she’s headed for her first day at her new school and challenge her to a fight. She easily wins, but ends up late on her first day. It was kind of amusing to see her homeroom teacher chiding her about “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” and scolding her for being late because she got in a fight, but then almost cheerfully tells her they’ll overlook it this time but to not do it again. Poor Towa thought she was going to be expelled for sure.

We then get a scene in feudal Japan, and we are formally introduced to Moroha (the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome) and Hisui (the son of Sango and Miroku). We get to see a grown up Kohaku, who is now in charge of the demon slayers. Not surprisingly, Hisui is a demon slayer. And it shouldn’t have been surprising that Kirara is being used by Hisui now. It’s also revealed that Setsuna, Towa’s sister, is also a demon slayer. It’s interesting that even though Setsuna is a half-demon, she has become a demon slayer. It should also be noted that when Moroha and Setsuna encounter each other, they have no idea who the other is. Which means, they have no idea yet that they’re cousins. Well, it seems that not only was Sesshomaru and absentee father, he also didn’t exactly keep up any kind of contact with Inuyasha over the time that has elapsed since the end of Inuyasha: The Final Act. Moroha and Setsuna start fighting each other, since it’s thought that Moroha was the demon terrorizing the nearby village. It’s cool to see that Moroha is capable of using both a sword and bow and arrows… and with the arrows, we see that they are sacred arrows. Looks like Moroha inherited traits from both of her parents in this regard.

But their fight is interrupted by the arrival of a female three-eyed centipede-like demon who looks suspiciously like the first demon the audience saw in the original Inuyasha anime. It’s revealed that Moroha and Setsuna both have rainbow pearls, and that this demon has been looking for them. The demon manages to get Moroha’s red pearl and Setsuna’s gold pearl… right by the Tree of Ages.

In modern day Japan, the delinquents that Towa beat up earlier call on their “big bro,” and they take Mei, Kagome’s mother, and Kagome’s grandfather as hostages, tying them to the Tree of Ages. Towa comes to the rescue: she defeats the delinquents and saves her family. But just then, a portal opens… and Setsuna, Moroha, and the demon appear in modern day Japan. Towa recognizes Setsuna’s scent, but Setsuna doesn’t recognize her sister. The episode ends with Towa’s sword breaking as she tries to take on the demon.

This was a nice way to end of the episode, but I definitely had questions. What exactly are the rainbow pearls, and how did these three come to be in possession of them? Why has Setsuna forgotten about Towa? How did Setsuna become a demon slayer? Hopefully, at some point during the series, we’ll get the answers to these questions.

But those questions aside, I do have to say that this episode worked as a true introduction to the three main characters. While it took a little bit to get used to the older Sota and the older Kohaku, this series feels like a true extension of the original series. The writers for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon have done a good job of capturing the tone and feel of Inuyasha and letting it shine in this new series. I hope this quality will continue as the series progresses.

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 1 – “Inuyasha: Since Then”

The episode opens with Towa being taken captive by a shogunate and being interrogated. Apparently, the shogun and his right-hand man found a history book from the modern era, and try to pry information from Towa. They also present an old bicycle seat that was found, and the shogun and his right-hand man tell about a story about a priestess they heard about a decade ago who rode around the countryside on her iron wagon.

This transitions into a story that is set six months after the end of Inuyasha: The Final Act. From what I’ve read, this story is an anime adaptation of an Inuyasha chapter that had previously not been animated. It focuses on a demon known as Root Head, and this was a demon Kikyo sealed shortly before she met Inuyasha. There was a rockslide where the demon was sealed, and the arrow was loosened… which freed the demon. Inuyasha and Miroku are tasked with trying to take the demon down.

We see Kagome and Sango get caught up in this adventure as well. I loved seeing how, even though Sango is now a mother, she still goes into action when it’s needed. She ends up using Shippo and Kohaku as babysitters, though. We also get to see Kaede, Kirara, Sesshomaru, Jaken, and Rin during the course of this story. This story made me feel very nostalgic for the original Inuyasha anime. It really felt like I was reuniting with an old friend. This story felt like a very natural extension from the original Inuyasha series.

Right at the end of the episode, we return to Towa, and she is rescued by Moroha and Setsuna. The current time portions of the episodes feel like they’re trying to establish some of the basics of the new series, but that the next episode will be what truly gets the new series going.

Personally, I think it was the right decision to tell a story with the characters from the original series which was bookended by characters and events from the new series. To me, this worked perfectly to bridge the two series, and it was also a nice reminder for someone like me who hasn’t watched Inuyasha or Inuyasha: The Final Act in a while.

The preview for next week shows that the episode is going to establish the backstory for Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha, and hopefully this will be just as promising as what I saw in this episode. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon has to offer.

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Inuyasha Lead Cast Members Kappei Yamaguchi and Satsuki Yukino Indicate Return

Voice actors Kappei Yamaguchi (Inuyasha) and Satsuki Yukino (Kagome) have both indicated on their respective Twitter accounts that they have been confirmed to return to the Inuyasha franchise. Their posts did not specifically mention the title of the upcoming Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (Han’yō no Yasha Hime) anime spin-off, only that their participation in an unspecified Inuyasha project was “confirmed.”

Teruo Sato is directing the anime at Sunrise, and Katsuyuki Sumisawa is in charge of the series scripts. Takahashi herself is credited as the main character designer, with Yoshihito Hishinuma returning from Inuyasha to adapt her designs for animation. Kaoru Wada is also back to compose the music.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is scheduled to premiere in Fall 2020.

Source: ANN