VIZ Media Announces New Publishing Acquisitions Set for Release in Summer 2018

VIZ Media announced new publishing acquisitions during its official panel held at Anime NYC.

The manga titles announced are scheduled for release beginning in Summer 2018 and include My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, an edgy spin-off set in the world of the hit Shonen Jump series My Hero Academia. Also announced was the tender LGBT coming-of-age drama, That Blue Sky Feeling.

Rated “T” for Teens · Debuts Summer 2018

In a superpowered society, there is nothing ordinary about evil anymore. Heroes, trained and licensed to protect and defend the public against supervillains, stand above all the rest. However, not everyone can be an official hero, and there are those who would use their powers to serve the people without legal sanction. But do they fight for justice in the shadows or for reasons known only to themselves? Whatever they fight for, they are called vigilantes.

Rated “T” for Teens · Debuts Summer 2018

Outgoing high school student Noshiro finds himself drawn to Sanada, the school outcast, who is rumored to be gay. Rather than deter Noshiro, the rumor makes him even more determined to get close to Sanada, setting in motion a tale of first love.

VIZ Media’s Announcements at Anime NYC

This is what VIZ Media announced during their panel at the Anime NYC convention:

  • The company has licensed Okura and Coma Hashii’s That Blue Sky Feeling (Sorairo Flutter) manga, and will begin releasing the series in Summer 2018.
  • VIZ announced that it will begin publishing physical volumes of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court’s My Hero Academia: Vigilantes (Vigilante -Boku no Hero Academia ILLEGALS-) manga in Summer 2018.
  • The company also announced that it has licensed the forthcoming Gekijōban Mazinger Z / Infinity (Movie Version Mazinger Z: Infinity) film. VIZ said it will release the film in North America in 2018, but didn’t state if it plans to screen the film in theaters.

Source: ANN
Source: ANN

VIZ Media Releases New Studio Ghibli Picture Books for Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke

VIZ Media delivers the timeless allure of two of Studio Ghibli’s most acclaimed films with the release of the Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke Picture Books on December 5, 2017.

Castle in the Sky, Studio Ghibli’s first feature film, celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2016. This year also marks the 20th Anniversary of Princess Mononoke, which has gone on to become one of the studio’s most popular films. VIZ Media’s releases capture the magic of the legendary studio’s animated films with easy-to-read text and full-color pictures taken direct from the films, presented in a family-friendly oversized hardcover format.

MSRP: $19.99 U.S. / 26.99 CAN · Debuts December 5, 2017

The legends were true. Somewhere high in the clouds, human beings have again set foot on the floating island of Laputa, for centuries a peaceful, parklike ruin, tended only by its silent, faithful robots. But just behind Pazu and Sheeta are soldiers from the aerial dreadnought Goliath—who have captured Dola and her pirate crew, and are now looting the gold and jewels of the Castle in the Sky for themselves. But the man who guided them there, Muska, has his eyes on power, not money—and he alone knows how to activate the castle’s ancient superweapons that could make him master of the world. Can Pazu and Sheeta stop his sinister plan? Includes scene-by-scene illustrations and character dialogue from the film.

MSRP: $29.99 U.S. / 39.99 CAN · Debuts December 5, 2017

Marked with the curse of a rampaging boar god, young Ashitaka sets off on a journey to cure his mysterious affliction. From behind the walls of an iron-mining town, Lady Eboshi arises to smash all obstacles to technological development. And from out of the forest comes Princess Mononoke, driven by a hatred of all humans. Can she and Ashitaka ally in time to stop the wild lands from being destroyed?

VIZ Media’s catalog of Studio Ghibli Picture Books also includes editions for The Cat Returns, Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, The Secret World of Arrietty, and Spirited Away.

VIZ Media Launches the Splatoon Manga Series

VIZ Media expands its catalog of manga titles based on popular Nintendo video game properties with the launch of Splatoon on December 12, 2017.

The new series will be released exclusively in print and was created by Sankichi Hinodeya. Splatoon is rated “A” for All Ages and Volume 1 carries an MSRP of $9.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN. Future volumes will be published by VIZ Media on a quarterly basis.

In Splatoon, the Turf Wars have started in Inkopolis, and the team that inks the most ground will be crowned the winner. Goggles and Team Blue are ranked lower than their competitors. But with some teamwork and a touch of creativity, they might just leave their mark.

“The Splatoon manga is super fun and expands the video game’s wacky world and storyline into a series that readers of all ages can enjoy,” says Joel Enos, Editor. “Whether you’ve played the Splatoon games or are new to the series, you can can join the adventure in Inkopolis this December!”

Splatoon is a third-person shooter video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii U and was released worldwide in 2015. The game centers around characters known as Inklings who can transform between humanoid and squid-like forms. Inklings can hide or swim through colored ink sprayed on surfaces using shooters, blasters, chargers and sloshers, or brush-based weaponry. Splatoon has won multiple awards including a 2015 British Academy Children’s Award, IGN’s Best of 2015, and a SXSW Gaming Award in 2016.

Yaoi Publisher SuBLime Releases A Strange and Mystifying Story

Yaoi manga publisher SuBLime delivers the launch of new series A Strange and Mystifying Story, available now after being previously out of print.

The series, by creator Tsuta Suzuki, is rated “M” for Mature Readers. Print editions carry an MSRP of $12.99 U.S. / $17.99 CAN each. The digital versions carry an MSRP of $6.99 U.S. Readers have two methods of digital access to the series on – via a DRM-free downloadable PDF, viewable on any enabled eReader device and computer, as well as via the online manga viewer. Readers can also purchase a digital version through the NOOK, Kindle and Kobo eReaders as well as on Google Play. SuBLime will publish subsequent volumes of the seven-volume series on a quarterly basis.

In A Strange and Mystifying Story, a man named Akio Yamane falls terminally ill, presumably from his family’s curse. Remembering his grandfather’s final words about their family protector, he looks to where his grandfather pointed and finds a tooth. Upon holding it, he accidentally summons a god who promises to cure him, albeit in a rather odd and intimate manner.

“Fans have requested that SuBLime pick up and finish releasing all volumes of this series, and we are excited to add A Strange and Mystifying Story to the SuBLime catalog. We will make the series available in its entirety,” says Hope Donovan, Managing Editor. “Readers will not want to miss what happens as the relationship heats up between a deity and this seemingly cursed, but decidedly handsome, man.”

A Strange and Mystifying Story is Tsuta Suzuki’s second English-language release, with her first being Your Story I’ve Known. Formerly working under the penname, “Yogore,” she has also published doujinshi (independent comics) under the circle name “Muddy Pool.”

VIZ Media Launches the SP Baby Manga

VIZ Media delivers a fun mix of action, comedy, drama and romance with the launch of the SP Baby manga series on November 28, 2017.

The new series from the creator of Happy Marriage?!, Maki Enjoji, is rated “T+” for Older Teens and will be published in print under the Shojo Beat imprint. Volume 1 will carry a print MSRP of $9.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN. The series also launches digitally via and the VIZ Manga App, as well as from the NOOK, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, comiXology, and Google Play stores. SP Baby will conclude with the release of Volume 2 in February 2018.

As the series opens, Tamaki Hasegawa misses an interview for a much-needed job in order to stop an assault on a man running for his life. The man – Kagetora Sugo, the prime minister’s nephew – then asks Tamaki to become his bodyguard. Tamaki isn’t sure she’s cut out to be a bodyguard, but Kagetora has another reason for wanting to hire her. Unbeknownst to her, they’ve met before…

“An adult woman looking for employment ends up becoming a bodyguard to a happy-go-lucky rich guy who is impervious to pain,” says Nancy Thistlethwaite, Senior Editor. “Maki Enjoji is known for her mastery of the romantic comedy genre and fans of Happy Marriage?! will definitely enjoy her latest series this coming this fall.”

SP Baby creator Maki Enjoji made her professional debut with Fu Junai (Wicked Pure Love). Her shojo manga series, Happy Marriage?!, also currently published by VIZ Media, was adapted into a live-action drama in Japan.

VIZ Media Launches the Astra Lost in Space Manga Series

VIZ Media delivers the sci-fi survival epic Astra Lost in Space on December 5, 2017.

The new manga series, by Kenta Shinohara, will be released in print under the Shonen Jump imprint and is rated “T” for Teens. Series volumes will carry an MSRP of $9.99 U.S. / $12.99 each. Volume 1 is available now as a digital-first release via and the VIZ Manga App, as well as from the NOOK, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, comiXology, and Google Play stores. Future print and digital editions of Astra Lost in Space will be released in English on a quarterly basis.

As Astra Lost in Space opens, it’s the first day of Planet Camp, and Aries Spring could’t be more excited. Aries, along with eight other strangers, leave for Planet McPa for a weeklong excursion. Soon after they arrive, however, a mysterious orb appears and transports them into the depths of space, where they find an empty floating spaceship…

Astra Lost in Space has thrilled readers of the Weekly Shonen Jump free section with its engaging characters, unpredictable plot twists and next-level storytelling,” says Marlene First, Editor. “We’re proud to present readers with the series’ print release and invite them to experience a fantastic sci-fi survival epic this winter!”

Creator Kenta Shinohara began his manga career as an assistant to the legendary creator, Hideaki Sorachi, of Gintama. In 2006, he wrote and published a manga one-shot, Sket Dance, that began serialization in 2007 in Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan. Sket Dance went on to win the 55th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shonen manga category and inspired an anime adaptation in 2011. Shinohara began Astra Lost in Space in 2016 for Jump+.