VIZ Media and Anime NYC Welcome the Creators of the Dr. Stone Manga

Anime NYC powered by Crunchyroll and VIZ Media have announced that Dr. Stone manga creators Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi will participate in Anime NYC 2019 as Official Guests and that the prominent manga and recently debuted anime series will play a major role in New York’s largest anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture convention.

Inagaki and Boichi will join over 40,000 fans, guests, and publishers from across the U.S. and Japan at Anime NYC, November 15-17, 2019 inside the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan.

Dr. Stone is an ongoing manga series spanning over 10 volumes and 100 chapters in Japan. In the series, all of humanity is turned to stone. Many millennia after that cataclysmic event, high school student Taiju frees himself from the petrification and finds himself surrounded by statues. The situation looks grim—until he runs into his science-loving friend Senku. Together they plan to restart civilization with the power of science. Dr. Stone is published in the popular Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan, with VIZ Media releasing the book in the U.S. A hotly-anticipated anime adaption featuring the voices of Yusuke Kobayashi, Makoto Furukawa, and Kana Ichinose debuted on July 5, 2019 and is available in the U.S. now on Crunchyroll.

Dr. Stone writer Riichiro Inagaki is also the author of the sports drama Eyeshield 21, and Dr. Stone artist Boichi is the prolific Korean illustrator behind Sun-Ken Rock. Both will participate in panels, autograph signings, and special events at Anime NYC to celebrate Dr. Stone‘s success. More details about their schedules will be revealed in Fall 2019.

“We’re deeply excited to welcome Mr. Inagaki and Boichi to Anime NYC,” said Anime NYC Show Director Peter Tatara. “Dr. Stone has taken the world by storm, and we’re privileged to welcome the creators of one of the year’s biggest manga to the biggest city in America!”

Dr. Stone is a smart new series that imagines a post-apocalyptic world and the role science will play in a budding human civilization,” says John Bae, VIZ Media Editor. “With Inagaki’s sharp storytelling and Boichi’s clean art style, we’re honored to welcome Dr. Stone‘s duo to Anime NYC.”

Anime NYC will continue to announce more guests from both America and Japan throughout Summer and Fall 2019, and attendees can look forward to the latest from sponsors, partners, and publishers including Crunchyroll, Animate, Aniplex of America, BANDAI NAMCO Arts, Funimation, GKIDS, HIDIVE, Kodansha Comics, Sentai Filmworks, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Vertical, Inc, VIZ Media, and Yen Press. Fans wanting to learn the latest can follow Anime NYC on Facebook and Twitter. Tickets to this year’s Anime NYC are available now.

VIZ Media Announces Panels, Special Guests and Retail Exclusives for Comic-Con 2019

VIZ Media prepares for one of the nation’s biggest annual pop culture events with panels and signings for SHONEN JUMP and Seis Manos at Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

Check out the Seis Manos panel, an upcoming Netflix Original Anime Series and VIZ Media’s first original animated property. The panel features a star-studded cast and crew including Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Jonny Cruz (Overwatch), Angelica Vale (Jane the Virgin) and Danny Trejo (Machete) alongside creators and series’ writers. Panel guests will also participate in an official autograph session in the Sails Pavilion.

Additional events planned for the show include the SHONEN JUMP panel where voice actor guest Robbie Daymond will share insights on his role as Mitsuki in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime series. Fans will have the opportunity to meet Robbie during a signing session at the VIZ Media booth post-panel. Meanwhile the VIZ Originals imprint will participate in the official Comic-Con portfolio review sessions. Reviews will be conducted by Fawn Lau, Executive Editor for VIZ Originals, at the Portfolio Review Area located inside the Sails Pavilion. For more details please visit:

There’s even more excitement at VIZ Media Booth #2813. Fans can participate in a Sailor Moon photo opportunity. Attendees pose with Sailor Moon, share their experience directly via social media, and get entered in a sweepstakes to win Sailor Moon-themed prizes. In addition, the VIZ retail shop is the destination for a wide array of convention specials and exclusive products, and each purchase comes with an exclusive 2019 tote bag featuring Pokemon or Sailor Moon (while supplies last).

Notable VIZ Media Comic-Con 2019 exclusives include:

  • ONE-PUNCH MAN Volume 1 with Variant Cover $10
  • ONE-PUNCH MAN Pin Set $18
  • MY HERO ACADEMIA & ONE-PUNCH MAN Manga Replicas $15 each

VIZ Media Comic-Con 2019 Panels & Signings:

Friday, July 19, 2019

1:00pm – 2:00pm SHONEN JUMP Panel
Room 6A

Hang out with Team SHONEN JUMP for the latest developments on new series from Japan, all-time fan favorites and what we’re doing to bring you the world’s best manga. We’ll also be chatting up prolific voice acting star Robbie Daymond (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, One-Punch Man and more).

3:00pm Robbie Daymond Signing
VIZ Media Booth #2813

Voice actor Robbie Daymond (voice of Mitsuki in Boruto) will visit the booth to sign posters for attendees. Signing is first come, first served, at the time of the event.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

10:30am – 11:30am VIZ Media Presents SEIS MANOS Panel
Room 6BCF

Meet the incredible lineup of voice cast and creative talent behind Seis Manos, an upcoming Netflix Original Anime Series. Join lead cast members Mike Colter, Jonny Cruz, Angelica Vale and Danny Trejo alongside creator and showrunner Brad Graeber, writer and co-creator Alvaro Rodriguez, and writer Daniel Dominguez, as we dive into the action-packed world of Seis Manos.

12:30pm SEIS MANOS Cast & Staff Signing
Autograph Area, Sails Pavilion

Meet the cast and crew of the upcoming Netflix series Seis Manos and receive a poster. This is a pre-ticketed event; the drawing for tickets will be held Saturday at 9:00am in the Sails Pavilion Autograph Area.

VIZ Media Announces New Manga Titles Set for 2020 Release

VIZ Media offered an exciting look at new manga publishing acquisitions during its panel held at Anime Expo 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

The titles are scheduled for publication beginning in early 2020 and include Downfall, the newest work by creator Inio Asano. Downfall uses the manga industry as the setting for a dark look at when living the life of one’s dreams ultimately becomes one’s undoing. Under license from The Pokemon Company International, the Pokemon Adventures Collector’s Edition reintroduces the classic manga series in an upscale, omnibus format. The video game-inspired fun continues with Kirby: Art and Style Collection, a stylish hardcover edition that celebrates the iconic pink character. Prince Freya rounds out the new acquisitions with a fantasy adventure about a young woman who impersonates a prince in order to save her country from invasion.

Additional information on each of these titles will be announced in the near future.

DOWNFALL by Inio Asano

The latest title from the Eisner-nominated, bestselling author of Goodnight Punpun. In this realistic view into the manga industry, selling copies is the only thing that matters. So what if your first series just ended and you have no idea how to start the next one, your marriage is breaking up, your pure love of manga has been destroyed by the cruel reality of the industry and nothing seems to fill the sucking void inside you. Find the secret combo for a new hit manga series and everything will be okay. Right?


A stylish new hardcover book featuring the history of Kirby, the hero of the best-selling video games. Includes 25 years’ worth of sketches, artwork, Japanese video game box art, and merchandise, as well as exclusive notes from creators and artists who’ve brought Kirby to life throughout the years.

POKEMON ADVENTURES COLLECTOR’S EDITION Story By Hidenori Kusaka and Art By Mato and Satoshi Yamamoto

When Pokemon Trainer Red encounters a challenger he can’t fight alone, he must overcome his rivalries and join up with Blue, his former nemesis, and Green, a thief. Together, this unlikely trio and their Pokemon will need to learn the power of teamwork if they’re going to defeat their mutual enemy.

PRINCE FREYA by Keiko Ishihara

The powerful kingdom of Sigurd has slowly been conquering all the lands that share its borders, and now it has turned its voracious attention to the small, resource-rich kingdom of Tyr. Tyr cannot hope to match Sigurd in strength, so in order to survive it must rely on the intelligence, skill, and cunning of its prince and his loyal knights. But when the prince is poisoned, a young village maiden named Freya, who bears a shocking resemblance to the fallen prince, must step into his place to save them all.

VIZ Media Announces New Manga Licenses

VIZ Media announced new manga licenses and releases at its Anime Expo panel:

  • Downfall (Reiraku) by Inio Asano is scheduled to be released in Winter 2020
  • Prince Freya (Itsuwari no Freya) by Keiko Ishihara is scheduled to be released in Winter 2020
  • Pokemon Adventures Collector’s Edition (Pocket Monsters Special) by Hidenori Kusaka, Mato, and Satoshi is scheduled to be released in 2020
  • Kirby: Art and Style Collection is scheduled to be released in Spring 2020
  • The Art of Junji Ito: Twisted Visions is scheduled to be released in Spring 2020
  • Love Me, Love Me Not (Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare) by Io Sakisaka is scheduled to be released in Spring 2020
  • Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku by Yūji Kaku is scheduled to be released in Spring 2020
  • Blue Flag (Ao no Flag) by Kaito is scheduled to be released in Spring 2020
  • Transformers: The Manga by Masumi Kaneda and Ban Magami is scheduled to be released in Winter 2020

The company also revealed that it will release the second season of the Castlevania animated series in Fall 2019.

Source: ANN

Crunchyroll and VIZ Media Partner for Home Video and Digital Distribution in North America

Crunchyroll and VIZ Media have announced that they are partnering for a home video and electronic sell-through (EST) distribution deal to release anime in the United States and Canada. VIZ Media will distribute some Crunchyroll titles on home video and through EST.

Crunchyroll currently has 50 million registered users with 2 million streaming subscribers. The company offers more than 1,000 titles and 30,000 episodes.

Source: ANN

VIZ Media Delivers New Anime and Manga Releases for July 2019

The home media debut of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Set 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable will be available as a special Limited Edition Blu-ray set and DVD set. Diamond Is Unbreakable continues the multi-generational tale of the Joestar family with Josuke Higashikata. In partnership with The Pokemon Company International, Pokemon The Series: Diamond and Pearl Complete Season also arrives on DVD and includes all 51 episodes of Ash’s adventures in the Sinnoh region.

New manga publishing debuts for July 2019 include the indie darling Beastars, a high school drama in which animal students grapple with the very human issues of prejudice and discrimination. The new Shojo Beat series Daytime Shooting Star centers around a love triangle that develops when a high school girl is torn between a boy in her class and her teacher.

New Home Media Releases for July 2019:

Limited Edition Blu-ray & Standard Edition DVD Sets

Blu-ray MSRP: $69.99 U.S. / $81.99 CAN · DVD MSRP: $39.99 U.S. / $51.99 CAN
Available July 2, 2019

It’s 1999, and Jotaro Kujo has just arrived in the idyllic Japanese town of Morioh—only this time, he’s not hunting DIO and his henchmen. His search for the illegitimate child of Joseph Joestar has brought him face-to-face with Josuke Higashikata, a Stand-wielding, butt-kicking high schooler who happens to be afraid of turtles. But behind Morioh’s tranquil facade is an invisible evil slowly eating away at the peace and well-being of its residents. Bizarre happenings are becoming commonplace, and the Joestar clan must rise to the occasion if they and the town of Morioh are to survive.

DVD MSRP: $44.98 U.S. / $52.99 CAN · Available July 30th, 2019

If Gary Oak is headed for the Sinnoh region, then Ash Ketchum won’t be far behind. Ready to take on the Sinnoh League, Ash brings along Pikachu and meets up with Brock in Sinnoh, where the pair of Trainers are soon joined by a third—Dawn, a novice Pokemon Coordinator determined to follow in the footsteps of her mother. Both Ash and Dawn struggle with their respective paths, but it’s easy for them to make new friends, gaining new Pokemon like Turtwig and Piplup.

New Publishing Releases for July 2019:

BEASTARS by Paru Itagaki
MSRP: $12.99 U.S. / $17.99 CAN / $8.99 Digital · Rated “T+” for Older Teens
Available July 16, 2019

At a high school where the students are literally divided into predators and prey, friendships maintain the fragile peace. Who among them will become a Beastar—a hero destined to lead in a society naturally rife with mistrust?

MSRP: $9.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN / $6.99 Digital · Rated “T” for Teens
Available July 2, 2019

After arriving in Tokyo to live with her uncle, Suzume collapses in a nearby park when she remembers once seeing a shooting star during the day. A handsome stranger brings her to her new home and tells her they’ll meet again. Suzume starts her first day at her new high school sitting next to a boy who blushes furiously at her touch. And her homeroom teacher is none other than the handsome stranger.

VIZ Media Responds to Sailor Moon Sailor Star Anime’s Booklet Errors

VIZ Media revealed in a statement that a booklet bundled with the limited edition of the first Sailor Moon Sailor Stars home video release contains text errors. The company said, “The erroneous text is in the romaji provided with the song lyrics. The booklet is the only item affected and the issue does not affect the rest of the Limited Edition set or the Standard BD or DVD releases.”

The company also stated that it is working on a “replacement solution” for people who already purchased the set. The set shipped with 17 episodes on June 18, 2019. VIZ Media’s release marks the first time Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, which is the fifth and final season of the original Sailor Moon television anime series, is getting a home video release in North America.

Source: ANN