Tokyopop Licenses the Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry Manga

Tokyopop has licensed author Kо̄ Yatsuhashi, character designer Mito Nagishiro, and artist Neko Yotsuba’s Her Royal Highness Seems to Be Angry (Ōjo Denka wa Oikari no Yо̄ Desu) manga. The company will release the manga’s first volume on July 6, 2021.

The manga’s Amazon listing describes the story as:

In a remote kingdom, there lived a princess, adored by her subjects and wielding powerful magic. But as her land was ravaged by an endless war, she lost everything: her people, her family, her loved ones, and eventually, her own life. Until she opened her eyes and awoke in a place she’d never seen before.

A thousand years have passed, and she finds herself reincarnated into someone else’s body. Realizing the person she’s now living as is despised by her own family and even her fiancé, the former princess struggles to understand this new world and the events that have transpired since her death. There’s a lot to be upset about, but first on the list: how in the world did future magic turn out so lame?

Her Royal Highness Seems to Be Angry debuted on Overlap’s Comic Gardo web manga site in August 2019.

Source: ANN

Tokyopop Expands Trade Distribution with IPG

Independent Publishers Group (IPG) is pleased to announce their partnership with TOKYOPOP, the publishing arm of POP Media Holdings and the company that established the market for manga in North America, introducing the term to the English language.

“IPG is one of the leading book distribution companies, which not only boasts a rich 50 year history, but at the same time is very innovative, utilizing advanced data collection and reporting methodology,” said TOKYOPOP CEO Stu Levy. “We expect to expand not only our retail network, but also direct-to-consumer initiatives, digital publishing, and print-on-demand services. Coming out of 2020 and the repercussions of the global COVID pandemic, we believe 2021 is going to be an exciting year!”

Over its history, TOKYOPOP has published thousands of books, distributed anime and Asian films on home video and television, licensed merchandise to consumer goods companies, created graphic novels of major brands, and led the way digitally in social media, e-commerce, and user-generated content.

A part of this joint distribution includes TOKYOPOP’s 2021 launch of the new Resident Evil manga and graphic novels line, both digitally and in print, across multiple formats. Laughing Under the Clouds, a highly rated fantasy manga series set in ancient Japan, will also release in early 2021. Additionally, new Disney Manga titles with TOKYOPOP include an upcoming original The Nightmare Before Christmas story to follow up with its The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey series; a brand-new Descendants story; Stitch and the Samurai, a crossover between an ancient Japanese samurai story and the popular Disney character Stitch; and a color version of its classic Beauty and the Beast manga series. Its LOVE x LOVE imprint will feature the following new highlights: This Wonderful Season With You, from the author of Dekoboko Sugar Days, now on its third printing; Still Sick, the final volume of TOKYOPOP’s bestselling Girls Love series; and Our Not-So-Lonely Planet Travel Guide, an LGBTQ+ Boys Love title about traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures.

TOKYOPOP has global recognition with a network of over 160 partners in more than 50 countries and 30 languages. Its production arm has produced live-action and animated film and television content based on its extensive intellectual property library, including Priest, America’s Greatest Otaku, Van Von Hunter, Riding Shotgun, and a slate of projects currently in development.

“IPG is thrilled to have the opportunity to represent a long established and well-respected publisher such as TOKYOPOP,” said Alex Kampmann, VP, Business Development. “Through this exciting new partnership we expect to significantly increase TOKYOPOP’s reach in the global marketplace and that more TOKYOPOP books will find their way into the hands of more readers.”

Tokyopop Announces Two New Manga Licenses

Tokyopop has announced that it has licensed the This Wonderful Season With You and Katakoi Lamp manga for its new Love x Love romance imprint. The company will publish the manga physically and digitally.

Title: This Wonderful Season With You (Subarashii Kisetsu Yasashi Kimi to)
Creator: Atsuko Yusen
Debut Date: February 2, 2021
Summary: Enoki is practically the poster-boy for what a typical nerd looks like: short and slight, complete with big round glasses and social awkwardness. His main hobby is playing video games, and he’s used to not having many friends at school. Then, he meets Shirataki, a former member of the baseball club and his exact opposite; tall, muscular and sporty. Despite their many differences, the spark of friendship between the two boys begins to grow into something more…

Title: Katakoi Lamp
Creator: Azumi Kyohei
Debut Date: March 2, 2021
Summary: Kazuto Muronoi runs a cute little coffee shop, where many people enjoy doing some work or writing papers for school. Among his coffee shop’s regulars is a college student named Jun, who often studies there. It was love at first sight for Kazuto. Will Kazuto be able to find the courage to confess his crush before Jun graduates college and stops frequenting the shop? And to make matters even more complicated… it seems Jun has his sights set on another worker at the café.

The company also revealed debut release dates for three previously announced manga:

  • Hagi’s The God and the Flightless Messenger: December 8, 2020
  • Mimu Oyamada’s BL Fans LOVE My Brother?!: January 12, 2021
  • Hayane Dento’s The Cat Proposed: February 16, 2020

Source: ANN

Tokyopop Reveals New Release Dates for Delayed Manga

Tokyopop has announced the release dates for several manga titles that had been delayed due to the effects of COVID-19. The company had announced in April 2020 that it was delaying the release of 14 titles.

The following titles are now set to debut between June 2020 and November 2020:

  • Don’t Call Me Daddy [scheduled to be released on June 23, 2020]
  • No Vampire, No Happy Ending Volume 1 [scheduled to be released on June 23, 2020]
  • Konohana Kitan Volume 8 [scheduled to be released on June 30, 2020]
  • Koimonogatari: Love Stories Volume 1 [scheduled to be released on June 30, 2020]
  • Disney Manga: The Nightmare Before Christmas – Zero’s Journey Book 4 [scheduled to be released on July 28, 2020]
  • Aria: The Masterpiece Volume 6 [scheduled to be released on September 8, 2020]
  • Undead Messiah Volume 3 [scheduled to be released on September 22, 2020]
  • Ocean of Secrets Volume 3 [scheduled to be released on October 20, 2020]
  • Futaribeya: A Room for Two Volume 7 [scheduled to be released on November 24, 2020]

The company stated, “As the industry begins to adapt and resume business, we have worked closely with our industry partners to create an adjusted release schedule for the remainder of 2020. In April, Tokyopop had said its “printer, lettering team, distributor and other vitally important parts of the publishing process” are closed because they are deemed “non-essential businesses.”

Source: ANN

Update to Tokyopop’s Adjusted Release Schedule

TOKYOPOP®, a POP Media Holdings company and global manga leader, previously announced their adjusted release schedule during the COVID-19 pandemic and have revealed an adjusted schedule for their 2020 titles.

The outbreak of novel coronavirus around the world has resulted in non-essential businesses closing down temporarily, including our printer, lettering team, distributor and other vitally important parts of the publishing process. As the industry begins to adapt and resume business, we have worked closely with our industry partners to create an adjusted release schedule for the remainder of 2020.

“We are grateful as always for the patience and consideration of our fans, who’ve been incredibly supportive over the last few weeks,” says Kae Winters, Marketing Associate. “This is such a strange time for everyone, and we hope to be able to support our retailer and librarian friends, along with bringing new, exciting content to fans once more.”

TOKYOPOP will also be revealing more community projects to engage and support fans through the rest of the year, with details to follow in a future press release.


Tokyopop Delays Manga Print Releases for April 2020 and May 2020

Tokyopop has announced that it is delaying the releases of its upcoming titles slated for April 2020 and May 2020 due to the effects of COVID-19. The publisher currently does not anticipate delays of its releases scheduled for June 2020 or later.

The delayed manga print titles are:

  • Aria: The Masterpiece Volume 6
  • Futaribeya: A Room for Two Volume 7
  • Koimonogatari: Love Stories Volume 1
  • Konohana Kitan Volume 8
  • No Vampire, No Happy Ending Volume 1
  • Ocean of Secrets Volume 3
  • Undead Messiah Volume 3

Tokyopop said that its “printer, lettering team, distributor and other vitally important parts of the publishing process” are closed because they are deemed “non-essential businesses.” The publisher said that it is aiming for accelerated e-book releases and considering outsourcing work to freelancers. The company is discussing the situation with its partners to decide when it can resume printing and releasing titles.

The company recently announced that it is offering chapters or entire volumes of some of its works for free as digital downloads until the end of April 2020.

Source: ANN

Tokyopop Announces Two New Manga Licenses

Tokyopop has announced that it has licensed Dr. Pepperco, Craft Egg, and Bushiroad’s BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Roselia Stage manga and Ichika Kino’s Ossan Idol?! manga for release in North America in 2020.

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Roselia Stage launched as part of the BanG Dream! franchise in Overlap’s web manga magazine Comic Gardo in February 2017. The manga ended in September 2017.

Kino’s manga adaptation of the Ossan Idol?! light novel series launched on Shufu to Seikatsu Sha’s Comic PASH! manga website in July 2018.

Source: ANN

Tokyopop Announces Love x Love Romance Imprint

Comics industry news source ICv2 has reported that North American manga and graphic novel publisher Tokyopop is launching the new romance imprint Love x Love. The imprint will have new and existing works that include shojo, josei, yaoi, and yuri works with “an age range of 13+ to 18+.” The imprint will focus on short works, including one-shots, short stories, and series of up to several volumes in length.

The imprint will feature Japanese manga, as well as manga-inspired graphic novels from countries such as Korea and China. Love x Love will not differentiate its titles between those by Japanese and non-Japanese creators. The imprint will classify all its titles under the Japanese terms for stories aimed at teenage girls (shojo), more mature works for young women (josei), boys-love (yaoi), and girls-love (yuri).

Tokyopop editor Lena Atanassova explains:

“Rather than separating girls’ love and boys’ love into distinct genres traditionally considered more niche in the manga market, we want to elevate all romance. By including all of these different romances under one umbrella, we hope to encourage new readers and those familiar with manga alike to check out stories they might not have otherwise found because they were separated into a supposedly niche genre.”

The imprint will have print releases of manga and graphic novels, as well as a digital magazine. The first issue of the magazine will debut on March 14, 2020 (White Day), and it will be available for the publisher’s newsletter subscribers to download for free. The issue will include the first chapters of the Love x Love imprint titles Scarlet Soul, Dekoboko Sugar Days, RePlay, Still Sick, and Breath of Flowers. Additionally, the magazine will include a code to purchase the featured titles in a “very attractively priced limited-time bundle.”

Following the first issue, the magazine will launch with new content in Fall 2020, and each issue will have about 100 to 150 pages. The magazine will debut quarterly, but the publisher aims to increase frequency “depending on fans’ reactions.”

Source: ANN

Tokyopop Announces New Manga Licenses at New York Comic Con

Tokyopop has announced during its New York Comic Panel that it has licensed The Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation; The Fox and the Little Tanuki; Love Stories; and The Apple, the Rose, and the Vampire manga.

The company also begin offering new collector’s editions for the Aria: The Masterpiece, Tarot Cafe, Bizenghast, Dark Metro, and Grimms Manga Tales manga.

Source: ANN