19 Manga Rank on Young Adult Library Services Association’s 2019 List of Graphic Novels for Teens

The American Library Association’s (ALA’s) Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has released its 2019 list of Great Graphic Novels for Teens. Gengoroh Tagame’s My Brother’s Husband and Hiromu Arakawa’s Silver Spoon ranked in the Top Ten graphic novels this year.

The 19 manga included on the list are:

  • My Brother’s Husband GN 2 by Gengoroh Tagame
  • Silver Spoon GN 1-4 by Hiromu Arakawa
  • The Bride Was a Boy GN by Chii
  • Again!! GN 1-5 by Mitsurou Kubo
  • Ao Haru Ride GN 1-2 by Io Sakisaka
  • Black Torch GN 1-2 by Tsuyoshi Takaki
  • Flying Witch GN 3-6 by Chihiro Ishizuka
  • Frau Faust GN 1-3 by Kore Yamazaki
  • The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún GN 3-5 by Nagabe
  • I Hear the Sunspot: Theory of Happiness GN by Yuki Fumino
  • Laid-Back Camp GN 1-3 by Afro
  • Nameless Asterism GN 1-2 by Kina Kobayashi
  • The Promised Neverland GN 2-6 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu
  • Spirit Circle GN 1-5 by Satoshi Mizukami
  • Star Wars: Lost Stars GN 1 by Claudia Gray and Yūsaku Komiyama
  • Sweet Blue Flowers GN 1-4 by Takako Shimura
  • To Your Eternity GN 1-5 by Yoshitoki Ōima
  • Waiting for Spring GN 3-8 by Anashin
  • your name. GN 2-3 by Makoto Shinkai and Ranmaru Kotone

Source: ANN

FUNimation Entertainment to Simulcast The Promised Neverland Anime

FUNimation Entertainment has announced that it will simulcast The Promised Neverland anime in Winter 2019. The company did not specify whether the series will be subtitled or dubbed, though previous simulcasts from Aniplex of America have been subtitle-only on FUNimation and other platforms.

Aniplex of America will also simulcast the anime on Crunchyroll and Hulu starting on January 9, 2019.

Source: ANN

Aniplex USA to Stream The Promised Neverland Anime on Crunchyroll and Hulu

Aniplex of America has announced on Twitter that it will stream the television anime adaptation of Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland) manga on Crunchyroll and Hulu starting on January 9, 2019.

The Promised Neverland is scheduled to premiere on Japanese television on January 11, 2019.

Source: ANN

The Promised Neverland to Get Comedy Spin-off Manga in January 2019

The official website for Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has announced that Shūhei Miyazaki will launch Oyakusoku no Neverland, a comedy spin-off manga based on Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s The Promised Neverland manga, in the Shonen Jump+ app on January 11, 2019.

In addition, novelist and writer Otaro Maijo and artist Arata Momose are launching a manga titled Kono Koi wa Kore Ijō Kirei ni Naranai (This Love Isn’t Going to Get Any Cleaner) in the app on December 25, 2018.

Source: ANN

VIZ Media Makes Top Shonen Jump Manga Chapters Available for Free and Simultaneous With Japanese Debut

VIZ Media proudly announces a major new development for the company’s flagship imprint, SHONEN JUMP, and the world’s most popular digital manga magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump.

Beginning December 17, 2018, the current Weekly Shonen Jump magazine lineup of 13 series will be available to readers for free, including Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and more. Additional series join the simultaneous lineup, including Jujutsu Kaisen, Act-Age, Haikyu!!, and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Combined with the current lineup, there will be a total of 25 free series, with all-new chapters published in English simultaneously with Japan. Fans can dive into the three latest chapters for hit series such as Dragon Ball Super, The Promised Neverland, Dr. Stone and more, with new series coming soon. For the upcoming simultaneous chapter release schedule, please visit https://viz.com/shonen-jump-chapter-schedule.

As a part of this evolution, Weekly Shonen Jump published its final digital magazine issue on December 10, 2018 and launched the SHONEN JUMP digital vault membership on December 17, 2018. This new SHONEN JUMP membership ($1.99 per month) grants readers seamless access to a substantial and continually updated digital vault that currently features more than 10,000 manga chapters from nearly 100 series – almost every ongoing and completed series SHONEN JUMP has published in English.

“We are extremely excited and proud to announce this bold evolution for SHONEN JUMP,” says Hisashi Sasaki, Global Vice President, SHONEN JUMP. “Fans want to catch their favorite stories the same day they debut in Japan for free, and accessing back chapters of popular SHONEN JUMP series has been one of the most requested features from our online readers. Our new model will make SHONEN JUMP the premiere showcase for manga content.”

Current Weekly Shonen Jump subscribers have been converted to the new membership and can now catch up with the latest series at any point, revisit classic favorites like Naruto, Bleach, Death Note and Nisekoi, as well as explore additional new titles that will be added on a regular basis.

A 7-day free trial membership is currently available at viz.com/sj-offer.

Fans can access the free digital chapters and unlock the SHONEN JUMP digital vault at shonenjump.com or with the SHONEN JUMP app for iPhone, iPad and Android-based devices. Current app users should download the latest version of the SJ app.

For more information on Shonen Jump, please visit viz.com/company-faq#sj.

10 More Cast Members Announced for The Promised Neverland Anime

10 more cast members have been announced for the forthcoming anime adaptation of The Promised Neverland manga:

  • Nao Fujita is Sister Krone
  • Yuko Kaida is Isabella/Mom
  • Shinei Ueki is Don
  • Lynn is Gilda
  • Shizuka Ishigami is Nat
  • Ai Kayano is Anna
  • Mari Hino is Thoma
  • Yuuko Mori is Lani
  • Ari Ozawa is Conny
  • Hiyori Kono is Phil

Mamoru Kanbe is directing the anime at A-1 Pictures’ CloverWorks studio. Toshiya Ono is writing the series composition, Kazuaki Shimada is designing the characters for animation, and Takahiro Obata is composing the music.

The band UVERworld will perform the anime’s opening theme song.

The Promised Neverland is scheduled to premiere on Japanese television in January 2019.

Source: ANN

My Hero Academia Takes 11 of the Top 20 Spots on the U.S. Monthly Bookscan October 2018 Manga List

The top 20 selling manga in the United States for October 2018, according to NPD Bookscan, are:

1. My Hero Academia Volume 15 by Kōhei Horikoshi
2. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Volume 2 by Hideyuki Furuhashi and Kōhei Horikoshi
3. My Hero Academia Volume 1 by Kōhei Horikoshi
4. My Hero Academia Volume 14 by Kōhei Horikoshi
5. Tokyo Ghoul:re Volume 7 by Sui Ishida
6. Berserk Official Guidebook by Kentarou Miura
7. My Hero Academia Volume 2 by Kōhei Horikoshi
8. Frankeinstein: Junji Ito Story Collection by Junji Ito
9. Bleach Volume 74 by Tite Kubo
10. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Volume 4 by Akira Himekawa
11. My Hero Academia Volume 3 by Kōhei Horikoshi
12. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Volume 1 by Hideyuki Furuhashi and Kōhei Horikoshi
13. My Hero Academia Volume 4 by Kōhei Horikoshi
14. My Hero Academia Volume 5 by Kōhei Horikoshi
15. My Hero Academia Volume 13 by Kōhei Horikoshi
16. Blue Exorcist Volume 20 by Kazue Katō
17. My Hero Academia Volume 6 by Kōhei Horikoshi
18. Tokyo Ghoul Volume 1 by Sui Ishida
19. The Promised Neverland Volume 6 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu
20. Food Wars! Volume 26 by Yūto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki

Source: ANN

Staff and Main Cast Announcement for The Promised Neverland Anime

A staff and main cast announcement has been made for the forthcoming anime adaptation of The Promised Neverland manga.

Mamoru Kanbe is directing the anime at A-1 Pictures’ CloverWorks studio. Toshiya Ono is writing the series composition, Kazuaki Shimada is designing the characters for animation, and Takahiro Obata is composing the music.

The main cast includes:

  • Sumire Morohoshi is Emma
  • Maaya Uchida is Norman
  • Mariya Ise is Ray

Source: ANN

Nominees Announced for the 22nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize

The Asahi Shimbun paper has announced the 10 nominees for the 22nd Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. The awards commemorate the contributions of the manga pioneer Osamu Tezuka by recognizing the manga that best follow his tradition.

The 10 nominees are:

  • Arpeggio of Blue Steel by Ark Performance
  • “Utsunuke” Utsu Tunnel o Nuketa Hito-tachi by Keiichi Tanaka
  • At the Mountains of Madness (Kūki no Sanmyaku ni te) by Gou Tanabe and H.P. Lovecraft
  • Golden Kamuy by Satoru Noda
  • Sanju Mariko (Mariko at 80) by Yuki Ozawa
  • Sensei no Shiroi Uso (Teacher’s White Lies) by Akane Torikai
  • Sore de mo Machi wa Mawatteiru by Masakazu Ishiguro
  • Blue Giant by Shinichi Ishizuka
  • Matsumoto by Philippe Nicloux
  • The Promised Neverland by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu

This year’s committee – consisting of actress Anne Watanabe; author Kazuki Sakuraba; manga creators Osamu Akimoto, Machiko Satonaka and Tarō Minamoto; professor and scholar Shōhei Chūjō; manga editor Haruyuki Nakano; manga critic Nobunaga Shinbo; and author and manga researcher Tomoko Yamada – selected the nominees from titles recommended by specialists and bookstore employees. To be eligible, the manga had to have had a compiled volume published in 2017.

The winners will be announced in Asahi Shimbun in late April 2018, and Asahi Shimbun will host an awards ceremony in Tokyo on June 7, 2018.

Source: ANN