Voice Actresses from The Promised Neverland and Made in Abyss to Appear at Anime Expo

The official website for Anime Expo has announced that The Promised Neverland anime’s director Mamoru Kanbe and voice actresses Sumire Morohoshi, Maaya Uchida, and Mariya Ise will attend the convention as guests. They will participate in a panel alongside English dub voice actresses Erica Mendez, Jeannie Tirado, and Laura Stahl.

Sentai Filmworks has also announced that it will host a “Voices of the Abyss: Meet the Made in Abyss Seiyuus” panel at Anime Expo, and will host voice actresses Miyu Tomita (Riko), Mariya Ise (Reg), and Shiori Izawa (Nanachi) as guests at the panel. The voice actresses’ appearances at the event will include fan interactions, autograph signings, and a behind-the-scenes look at their performances in the Made in Abyss anime franchise.

Anime Expo will be taking place July 4-7, 2019 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.

Source: ANN

The Promised Neverland Manga to Take a One-Week Break

This year’s 24th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has announced that Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s The Promised Neverland manga will take a one-week break and will not appear in the magazine’s next issue on May 20, 2019, and will return in the 26th issue on May 27, 2019. The manga will take the break so that Shirai can recover from health issues.

Shirai and Demizu launched The Promised Neverland manga in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in August 2016.

Source: ANN

English Cast Announced for The Promised Neverland Anime

The English cast has been announced for The Promised Neverland anime:

  • Erica Mendez is Emma
  • Jeannie Tirado is Norman
  • Laura Stahl is Ray
  • Laura Post is Isabella
  • Rebeka Thomas is Krone
  • Cedric Williams is Don
  • Ryan Bartley is Gilda
  • Amber Connor is Phil
  • Michelle Ruff is Nat
  • Brianna Knickerbocker is Anna
  • Cristina Vee is Thomas
  • Dana Hayes is Lannion
  • Jackie Lastra is Conny

Steve Staley is directing.

The English dub of The Promised Neverland is scheduled to premiere on Toonami on April 13, 2019.

Source: ANN

Toonami to Premiere The Promised Neverland Anime on April 13, 2019

The official Facebook page for Adult Swim’s Toonami block has announced that the block will premiere The Promised Neverland anime on April 13, 2019.

The Promised Neverland anime premiered on January 10, 2019, and ended in Japan on March 29, 2019. Aniplex of America streamed the anime on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Funimation, and HIDIVE as it aired in Japan. The anime will have a second season in 2020.

The block will also run two episodes of Sword Art Online: Alicization on April 6, 2019 from 12:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.

Source: ANN

The Promised Neverland’s Comedy Spin-off Manga Ends

Shūhei Miyazaki’s Oyakusoku no Neverland, a comedy spin-off manga based on Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s The Promised Neverland manga, has ended with its 12th chapter in the Shonen Jump+ app. The series’ compiled book volume will ship on June 4, 2019.

Miyazaki launched the manga in the app on January 11, 2019.

Source: ANN

Nominees Announced for the 23rd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize

The Asahi Shimbun paper announced the 11 nominees for the 23rd Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, which commemorate the contributions of the manga pioneer Osamu Tezuka by recognizing the manga that best follow his tradition:

  • Areyo Hoshikuzu by Sansuke Yamada
  • Umimachi Diary by Akimi Yoshida
  • Astra Lost in Space by Kenta Shinohara
  • Kenkō de Bunkateki na Saitei Gendo no Seikatsu (A Minimum Healthy and Cultural Life) by Haruko Kashiwagi
  • Sayonara Miniskirt (Good-Bye My Mini Skirt) by Aoi Makino
  • Sono Ko, Jiruba (Jitterbug The Forties) by Shinobu Arima
  • Daru-chan by Remon Haruna
  • Nagi no Oitoma (Nagi’s Long Vacation) by Misato Konari
  • Fragile – Byōrii Kishi Keiichirō no Shoken (Fragile – The Finds of Pathologist Keiichirō Kishi) by Bin Kusamizu and Saburō Megumi
  • Mashiro no Oto by Marimo Ragawa
  • The Promised Neverland by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu

This year’s committee – consisting of actress Anne Watanabe; author Kazuki Sakuraba; manga creators Osamu Akimoto, Machiko Satonaka, and Tarō Minamoto; professor and scholar Shōhei Chūjō; manga critic Nobunaga Shinbo; and author and manga researcher Tomoko Yamada – selected the nominees from titles recommended by specialists and bookstore employees. To be eligible, the manga had to have had a compiled volume published in 2018. This is the fourth nomination for Yoshida’s Umimachi Diary (the manga was previously nominated in 2008, 2009, and 2011, and the second consecutive nomination for Shirai and Demizu’s The Promised Neverland.

Asahi Shimbun will announce the winners in late April 2019, and will host an awards ceremony in Tokyo on June 6, 2019.

Source: ANN

19 Manga Rank on Young Adult Library Services Association’s 2019 List of Graphic Novels for Teens

The American Library Association’s (ALA’s) Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has released its 2019 list of Great Graphic Novels for Teens. Gengoroh Tagame’s My Brother’s Husband and Hiromu Arakawa’s Silver Spoon ranked in the Top Ten graphic novels this year.

The 19 manga included on the list are:

  • My Brother’s Husband GN 2 by Gengoroh Tagame
  • Silver Spoon GN 1-4 by Hiromu Arakawa
  • The Bride Was a Boy GN by Chii
  • Again!! GN 1-5 by Mitsurou Kubo
  • Ao Haru Ride GN 1-2 by Io Sakisaka
  • Black Torch GN 1-2 by Tsuyoshi Takaki
  • Flying Witch GN 3-6 by Chihiro Ishizuka
  • Frau Faust GN 1-3 by Kore Yamazaki
  • The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún GN 3-5 by Nagabe
  • I Hear the Sunspot: Theory of Happiness GN by Yuki Fumino
  • Laid-Back Camp GN 1-3 by Afro
  • Nameless Asterism GN 1-2 by Kina Kobayashi
  • The Promised Neverland GN 2-6 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu
  • Spirit Circle GN 1-5 by Satoshi Mizukami
  • Star Wars: Lost Stars GN 1 by Claudia Gray and Yūsaku Komiyama
  • Sweet Blue Flowers GN 1-4 by Takako Shimura
  • To Your Eternity GN 1-5 by Yoshitoki Ōima
  • Waiting for Spring GN 3-8 by Anashin
  • your name. GN 2-3 by Makoto Shinkai and Ranmaru Kotone

Source: ANN