Eleven Arts and Right Stuf, Inc. Announce Trade-In Program for A Silent Voice and Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

Anime distributors Eleven Arts Anime Studio and Right Stuf, Inc. announced a trade-in program for the home video release of A Silent Voice and Maquia – When the Promised Flower Blooms. Customers can trade-in their standard edition copy of A Silent Voice or Maquia – When the Promised Flower Blooms by sending it in to Right Stuf Anime and receive a $35 discount on A Silent Voice Limited Edition and Maquia – When the Promised Flower Blooms Limited Edition.

To learn more about this program, please visit www.rightstufanime.com/TradeIn

Directed by Naoko Yamada and based on the critically acclaimed manga by Yoshitoki Ōima, A Silent Voice Limited Edition was released in November 2019. The Limited Edition comes in a chipboard box packaging featuring the original Japanese box set artwork, raised UV design, and a holographic title. Additional features exclusive to the Limited Edition include: 8 art cards featuring scenes from the film; a 60 page Art and Storyboard Booklet containing storyboards from the Koi Wo Shita No Wa music video and Speed of Youth short; individual interviews with the Director, Composer, Art Director, and Character Designer of A Silent Voice; Real Life Locations of A Silent Voice featurette; and full film commentary by the Production Staff.

About A Silent Voice
A deaf elementary school girl named Shoko Nishimiya transfers to a new school and meets a boy named Shoya Ishida. Shoya leads the school in bullying Shoko over her disability until she transfers to another school. Immediately, the class bully Shoya for having bullied Shoko. Shoya loses contact with Shoko, and for years he suffers the consequences of his guilt. Upon entering high school, Shoya finally decides he must find Shoko, determined to make amends for what he did in elementary school and to become Shoko’s friend. Along the way, he meets new and old faces, and struggles with many complicated relationships and feelings.

A Silent Voice Limited Edition retails for $89.99 and is available at RightStufAnime.com.

The directorial debut of anime screenwriter Mari Okada, Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms Limited Edition was released in May 2019. The Limited Edition comes in a special box illustrated by Original Character Designer Akihiko Yoshida, a digitray with illustration by Character Designer Yuriko Ishii, a 32 page “Special Story” by Director Mari Okada, an 84 page Special Booklet featuring character information, plus artwork.

About Maquia – When the Promised Flower Blooms
The people of Iorph live far away from the lands of men, weaving the happenings of each day into a fabric called Hibiol. They live for centuries while maintaining their youthful appearance. Maquia, an orphaned Iorph girl, lives in an oasis surrounded by friends, yet somehow feels alone. But the tranquil lives of the Iorph are shattered in an instant when the Mezarte army invades their territory on a dragon fleet, seeking the blood that grants the Iorph long life. Maquia manages to escape, but loses her friends and her home in the chaos. She then encounters an orphaned baby who is also alone. Maquia raises this boy, Ariel, with the help of some new friends. But as the era changes, the bond between Maquia and Ariel changes too, amidst a backdrop of racial tensions between the Iorph and the Mezarte. This is a story of irreplaceable time, woven by two lonely people who can only find solace in each other.

Maquia – When the Promised Flower Blooms Limited Edition retails for $89.99 and is available at RightStufAnime.com.

Right Stuf to Release the Mai Mai Miracle Anime Film on Blu-ray Disc in December 2019

Right Stuf has announced that it and Nozomi Entertainment will release the Mai Mai Miracle anime film on Blu-ray Disc on December 3, 2019. The release will include Japanese and English audio tracks with English subtitles. The release will include the film’s original Japanese trailer and a “Dubbing Mai Mai Miracle” interview with Michael Sinterniklaas.

Anime Limited will also release the film in the United Kingdom on December 9, 2019.

Mai Mai Miracle opened in Japan in 2009 and premiered in the United States in 2010. The film won the Audience Award for the Best Animated Feature for adults at Belgium’s Brussels Animation Film Festival, Best Animated Feature Film at Montreal’s Fantasia Festival, and the Excellence Prize at the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards in 2010.

Source: ANN

Right Stuf to Release the After War Gundam X and Mobile Suit Gundam NT Anime in 2020

Right Stuf announced at its Crunchyroll Expo panel that it will release the After War Gundam X anime on Blu-ray Disc in 2020. The company also stated it will release Mobile Suit Gundam NT on home video in 2020.

Sunrise and Right Stuf previously released After War Gundam X in two DVD sets in 2016. The 39-episode series originally aired in 1996.

Mobile Suit Gundam NT anime film opened in Japan in November 2018. Fathom Events and Sunrise screened the film in the United States with an English dub on February 19, 2019. Sunrise worked with NYAV Post to produce the English dub for the anime.

Source: ANN

Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment License the Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, A.D. Police, and El-Hazard Anime

Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment announced at their Anime Expo panel that it has licensed the Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, A.D. Police, El Hazard – The Magnificent World, El Hazard 2 – The Magnificent World, and El Hazard: The Alternative World anime.

The companies will release Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei on Blu-ray Disc in 2020, and the release will be the anime’s first in North America. Nozomi Entertainment stated that it remains undetermined if the company will release all the seasons of the anime.

The other titles will also ship “soon” on Blu-ray Disc with both an English dub and subtitles.

Source: ANN

FUNimation Entertainment and Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment Announce Partnership for Anime Streaming

FUNimation Entertainment announced at its Anime Expo panel that it has partnered with Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment. FUNimation will begin streaming the following titles on its FunimationNOW service (Funimation did not announce debut dates for the titles):

  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Gravitation
  • Boogiepop Phantom
  • Junjō Romantica
  • Yakitate!! Japan
  • Sweet Blue Flowers

Source: ANN

Right Stuf’s License for the Cat’s Eye Anime Expires

Anime retailer and distributor Right Stuf has announced that its license to the Cat’s Eye anime has expired. The anime’s home video release is going out of print, and Right Stuf is offering the anime at 60% off, although the complete collection set featuring both seasons is no longer available.

The Cat’s Eye television anime series is based on Tsukasa Hojo’s manga of the same name. The first 36-episode season aired between 1983-1984, and the second 37-episode season aired from 1984-1985. Yoshio Takeuchi directed the first season and Kenji Kodama directed the second season. Tokyo Movie Shinsha animated the series.

Source: ANN

The Emma: A Victorian Romance English Dub Kickstarter Campaign Ends With US$253,834

Right Stuf’s Kickstarter campaign to create an English-dubbed HD production of Emma: A Victorian Romance ended on Octobrt 18, 2018 with US$253,834 from 1,615 backers. The project already met its initial US$110,000 goal for an English dub of the first season as well as its US$180,000 stretch goal for an English dub of the second season.

Right Stuf’s Shawne Kleckner explained in a live stream video that anyone who has backed the project in any way will still be able to add items through its slacker backer period, which will begin after Kickstarter sends out surveys. Right Stuf will add the items to its retail website at high prices and distribute coupons only to those who backed the project. Backers will still be able to pre-order season one, season two, and the artbook in this way until the items are ready to ship. The art box will not be available through slacker backer.

The company will hold back the regular edition retail release for six months or longer after the rewards ship.

The release will be the first time the Emma: A Victorian Romance will be on Blu-ray Disc, as it has not had a Blu-ray Disc release in Japan.

Source: ANN