The Second Season of the BEASTARS Anime to Premiere on Netflix on July 15, 2021

It has been announced that the second season of the BEASTARS anime is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on July 15, 2021. The season aired on Japanese television from January through March 2021.

The first season of BEASTARS aired on Japanese television from October to December 2019. Netflix released the first season worldwide in March 2020.

Source: Crunchyroll

Netflix Announces the Bright: Samurai Soul Anime Film Spin-off of Will Smith’s Bright Movie

Netflix has announced during its Geeked Week livestream that it will stream a new anime film titled Bright: Samurai Soul. The film will be a spin-off of the 2017 Bright live-action film that starred Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

The story of Bright: Samurai Soul is described as:

Izo, a Ronin, and Raiden, an orc, work to bring a young elf girl and the wand she carries to the land of the elves in the north.

Kyōhei Ishiguro is directing the film.

Source: ANN

Netflix Announces the Make My Day Anime Film

Netflix has announced during its Geeked Week livestream that it will stream a new anime film titled Make My Day. The film is an adaptation of an original story by manga creator Yasuo Ohtagaki. Makoto Honda is directing the film, and 5 Inc. is animating and providing character designs.

Netflix describes the story as:

On a cold planet of ice and snow, mysterious creatures suddenly have appeared from the dark underground and have begun to attack the inhabitants. Can humanity survive the terror lurking beyond the horizon?

Source: ANN

Netflix Announces Exception Anime

Netflix has announced during its Geeked Week livestream that it will stream a new space horror anime series titled Exception. The series is based on a new story by novelist and film director Hirotaka Adachi (also known as “Otsuichi”), and it will feature character designs by Final Fantasy‘s Yoshitaka Amano. Yūzō is directing the series.

Netflix describes the story as:

In the distant future, human beings have been forced to leave earth and migrate to another galaxy. An advanced team of spacecraft arrives at a planet that is to be terraformed. Each member of the team is output by a biological 3D printer.

Source: ANN

Netflix to Begin Streaming the Edens Zero Anime Outside of Japan on August 26, 2021

Netflix has announced during its Geeked Week livestream that it will begin streaming the television anime of Hiro Mashima’s Edens Zero manga worldwide outiside of Japan on August 26, 2021.

Shinji Ishihara is the chief director of the anime at J.C. Staff, and Yūshi Suzuki is directing the anime. Mitsutaka Hirota is overseeing and writing the series scripts, and Yurika Sako is designing the characters for animation.

The story of Edens Zero is described as:

At Granbell Kingdom, an abandoned amusement park, Shiki has lived his entire life among machines. But one day, Rebecca and her cat companion Happy appear at the park’s front gates. Little do these newcomers know that this is the first human contact Granbell has had in a hundred years. As Shiki stumbles his way into making new friends, his former neighbors stir at an opportunity for a robo-rebellion. And when his old homeland becomes too dangerous, Shiki must join Rebecca and Happy on their spaceship and escape into the boundless cosmos.

Edens Zero premiered on Japanese television on April 10, 2021.

Source: ANN

Netflix to Begin Streaming the New Shaman King Anime on August 9, 2021

Netflix has announced during its Geeked Week livestream that it will begin streaming the new television anime of Hiroyuki Takei’s Shaman King manga on August 9, 2021.

Joji Furuta is directing the new anime at Bridge. Shoji Yonemura is in charge of the series scripts. Satohiko Sano is designing the characters. Yuki Hayashi is composing the music, with King Record as the music producer. Masafumi Mima is the audio director.

The anime premiered in Japan on April 1, 2021 and is ongoing. The anime will have 52 episodes.

Source: ANN

Netflix to Add Four Mobile Suit Gundam Anime Films to Its Service

The Fandom Post is reporting that Netflix will add four Mobile Suit Gundam anime films to its service on June 18, 2021.

The four films being added to Netflix are:

  • Mobile Suit Gundam I
  • Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow
  • Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack

The overarching concept of the original Mobile Suit Gundam is described as:

Universal Century 0079. The rebel space colonies of the Principality of Zeon launch a war of independence against the Earth Federation, using humanoid fighting vehicles called mobile suits to overwhelm the Federation Forces and conquer half of Earth’s surface. Months later, the Federation has finally developed its own prototype mobile suits at a remote space colony. But when the colony suffers a Zeon surprise attack, these new weapons fall into the hands of a motley crew of civilians and cadets. Fate places a youth named Amuro Ray at the controls of the white mobile suit Gundam…

Source: The Fandom Post

Record of Ragnarok Anime to Debut Worldwide on Netflix on June 17, 2021

The staff of the Record of Ragnarok (Shūmatsu no Walküre) anime has announced that Netflix will debut the anime exclusively worldwide on June 17, 2021.

Masao Ookubo is directing the series at Graphinica. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu is handling the series composition. Masaki Sato is designing the characters, and Yasuharu Takanashi is composing the music.

The story of Record of Ragnarok is described as:

7 million Years of Human Civilization is coming to an end…

Every 1000 years, all the Gods of the world gather in heaven to attend the “Conference of Mankind Survival.:
All the Gods agree to bring an ultimate end to the mankind due to their past foolish acts but before the final verdict is made, Brunhild, the eldest of the 13 Valkyrie sisters makes an objection.

“To spice things up, why don’t you test humans?”

Her proposal was to have God vs Humanity’s final struggle also known as the “Ragnarok,” where all the Gods from the world and champions from the entire human history enters 1 on 1 battle. The first team to win 7 battles out of 13 will be the winner.

It seems almost impossible for the humans to win against the Gods.
Although Gods sneer at them, Brunhild makes further provocation;

“Are you chickening out?”

That touches the Gods’ nerves and they accept her proposal in anger.

Therefore, Brunhild and her sisters must choose 13 of the strongest champions throughout the human history.

Will humans surpass Gods and make an stop to the ultimate end?

The eschatological battles between heaven and earth finally begin.

Source: ANN

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement Anime to Release on Netflix U.S. on June 28, 2021

Netflix has streamed a video on YouTube that reveals that it will release The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement (Nanatsu no Taizai: Fundo no Shinpan), The Seven Deadly Sins franchise’s new television anime series, in the United States on June 28, 2021.

The staff of the previous The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of The Gods series returned for the anime. Susumu Nishizawa returns to direct the anime at Studio DEEN, with Marvy Jack collaborating on the animation production. Rintarou Ikeda is back to supervise the series scripts. Rie Nishino is the animation character designer. Hiroyuki Sawano, Kohta Yamamoto, and Takafumi Wada are again composing the music.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement premiered on Japanese television on January 6, 2021. The series was delayed from its previously scheduled October 2020 premiere date due to the spread of COVID-19. The second cour (quarter of a year) of the anime debuted in Japan in April 2021.

Source: ANN

Netflix Reveals Details for the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Anime

Known as the gold standard of survival horror games with over 110 million units shipped worldwide, Resident Evil is continuing its 25th anniversary celebration with the upcoming premiere of the original CG anime series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, launching exclusively on Netflix on July 8, 2021.

Six years ago (2000), the helicopter belonging to the U.S. special forces who were intervening in the Penamstan civil war fell from the sky. The U.S. Army Mad Dogs, who were in the same battleground, refused orders from the command center to stand their ground and instead went to save survivors of the crash. However, the special forces were already annihilated. The Mad Dogs, led by their captain Jason, were also forced to escape in order to survive.

However, in that place, Jason and his unit saw the supposedly dead special forces moving in strange ways…

In the present (2006), a hacking incident occurs on a top secret White House file. Four agents, including Leon S. Kennedy and Jason, the “Hero of Penamstan,” are invited to the White House to investigate this incident. However, when the lights suddenly go out, they are forced to take down a horde of mysterious zombies alongside the SWAT team. Afterward, the top secret file is found to be related to a biology laboratory in Shanghai, which Leon and the other three agents decide to investigate for clues. As they head to Shanghai in a cutting-edge submarine, a swarm of rat-like Bio Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) suddenly attacks, pushing them into a life-or-death situation.

Meanwhile, while staying in Penamstan to provide support for refugees, Terra Save staff member Claire Redfield encounters a strange image drawn by a nonverbal boy. Haunted by this drawing, which appears to depict a victim of viral infection, Claire starts her own investigation. She eventually finds a terrifying experiment that was conducted during the Penamstan civil war. Leon and Claire draw closer to an unimaginable truth that all began in Penamstan. They also discover that a terror that can shatter peace is slowly approaching…


Leon S. Kennedy (CV: Nick Apostolides)
Leon is a former officer of the Raccoon Police Department who became embroiled in a zombie outbreak during his first day on the job and worked bravely to save the survivors. Following this, he was scouted by government intelligence officers and carried out top-secret missions as an agent under the direct command of the U.S. president. Leon possesses excellent survival skills, as well as top-notch physical and decision-making abilities. He succeeds in his mission to save Ashley, the president’s kidnapped daughter, and gains the ultimate trust of the president.

Claire Redfield (CV: Stephanie Panisello)
Claire is an employee of the nongovernmental organization Terra Save, which rescues victims of bio-terrorism and chemical attacks. When she encountered the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City, she was a motorcycle-loving university student. Since she learned self-defense from her older brother Chris, who was a member of special forces, she does have assorted combat skills despite being a civilian. Leon and she are like old war buddies who both escaped Raccoon City together.

Jason (CV: Ray Chase)
Jason is the former captain of the U.S. Army special forces team Mad Dogs and is currently a federal agent. Six years ago (2000), he saved his unit that had become isolated in civil war-ravaged Penamstan. He is now called the “Hero of Penamstan.” He has a cool-headed attitude and is able to manage many different situations.

Shen May (CV: Jona Xiao)
Shen May is a federal agent who is skilled in computer science. She travels to Shanghai with Leon and Jason to find the cause of the White House hacking incident.

Patrick (CV: Billy Kametz)
Patrick is a rookie U.S. agent who has little intelligence experience. He thinks that Leon is just a lucky guy. He looks up to Jason as a hero.

Graham (CV: Joe J. Thomas)
President of the United States. He trusts Leon, who once went to Europe and saved his daughter Ashley, who had been kidnapped by a cult called Los Iluminados.

Wilson (CV: Doug Stone)
Hard-line politician who managed to climb up from being a former soldier to Secretary of Defense. He is ambitious and will do anything it takes to achieve his goals.

Ryan (CV: Brad Venable)
President Graham’s close adviser. His opinions often clash with hard-line Secretary of Defense Wilson.

Netflix Original Anime Series
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (Netflix global launch on July 8, 2021)

Original Work/Production/Supervision: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.
Director: Eiichirō Hasumi
Story: Shōgo Mutōh, Eiichirō Hasumi
Executive Producer: Hiroyuki Kobayashi (CAPCOM)
Producer: Hiroyasu Shinohara (TMS Entertainment), Atsushi Furuya (ROBOT)
CG Producer: Kei Miyamoto (Quebico)
Full 3DCG Animation Production: Quebico
Production: TMS Entertainment
Creative Advisor: Tony Ishizuka (Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions)
Music Composer: Yūgo Kanno