Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 11 – “Premium Seat (No Extra Charge)”

There were two vignettes included in this episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S. The first vignette sees Kobayashi dealing with back pain, and buying a bunch of products to help. Tohru, meanwhile, keeps trying to get Kobayashi to eat some of her tail, and Kobayashi keeps refusing. Tohru thinks eating some of her tail is the way to help Kobayashi with her back pain. Tohru meets up with Elma and Takiya, since they both work with Kobayashi to ask them some questions. But what comes out of this is that Takiya uses logic to make Tohru realize that perhaps she’s trying to push things onto Kobayashi without taking her feelings into consideration. There’s a good scene of Tohru walking through a park as she contemplates over what Takiya has told her. In the end, Tohru finds a way to use her tail (without making her eat it) to help Kobayashi with her back pain. I liked seeing how this vignette ended. While Tohru found a way to use her tail to help Kobayashi (without making her eat it), and this method respected Kobayashi’s feelings while allowing Tohru to do something to help.

The second vignette takes up a lot of the episode’s runtime, but it needed to be this long due to its subject matter. Kobayashi gets a call from Shota’s father (her boss) and discovers that Tohru’s father is meeting with Shota’s father in his office because the two of them are friends. Tohru’s father talks about Tohru’s life growing up, and it was so cute to see Tohru in her small dragon form as a child. We get a lot of backstory for Tohru and her growing up, which is told from her father’s perspective. Kobayashi listens to what he has to say, but also makes it clear that she also intends to hear Tohru’s side of the story. There was a nice touch in this section, when after talking with Tohru’s father, we see Kobayashi going through the same park that Tohru went through in the first vignette.

When Kobayashi makes it home, she tells Tohru about seeing her father and hearing his side of her story. She tells Tohru that she’ll listen to Tohru’s side when she’s ready. It turns out Tohru is ready to tell her side of the story. One of the best shots in this section was seeing a younger Kanna in her human form talking to a younger Tohru in her human form. But this vignette took on a more serious tone than is normally seen in the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid franchise. However, it needed to be more on the serious side since it was providing important backstory for a major character. That’s not to say that there isn’t any humor at all in this vignette, it’s just that it’s scaled back more than normal.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S. I can’t believe that the final episode of the season is coming up next week already. Where has the Summer 2021 anime season gone?

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 10 – “Kanna’s Summer Break (Broadcast In Two Languages!?)”

This episode only had two vignettes in it, and they both focused on Kanna. Not only that, it was nice to see Saikawa at all, which allowed the audience to have time to get to know Kanna a little bit better.

The first vignette sees Kanna getting into a fight with Kobayashi and running away from home. She takes on her dragon form and ends up flying all the way to New York City. At first, she doesn’t understand what anyone is saying, because they’re obviously speaking in English and she’s speaking Japanese. Apparently, though, she has a way to make understandable to her, because after doing this, she hears everyone talking in Japanese. Poor Kanna, though, is hungry and only has Japanese yen. A hot dog vendor can’t take her money, so she wanders away, dejected. Kanna comes across a girl around her age being chased by three burly guys. Kanna dispatches the three of them easily, much to the surprise of the girl and her pursuers.

Kanna meets the girl and learns her name is Chloe. Chloe’s dad is the CEO of a big company and is fighting against the mafia. The three guys trying to kidnap Chloe are from the mafia. Kanna and Chloe become friends, and we get a scene of Chloe going to the same hot dog stand Kanna went to earlier and trying to use a credit card. The vendor can’t take that, either, but fortunately, she has just enough cash on her to buy two hot dogs.

We get to see Kanna and Chloe having a great time playing together. But as it starts getting dark, Kanna says she needs to go home. But before they can part, the three mafia guys kidnap Chloe right in front of Kanna and drive off. Kanna becomes very upset and changes into her dragon form to save Chloe. Everyone is shocked, since Kanna is still in her dragon form. After Chloe is rescued, she admits to Kanna that she also ran away from home… and also seems pretty cool with the idea of Kanna being a dragon. It appears that Kanna has made a new friend in America… and I’m sure Saikawa is going to be jealous if she ever finds out. At the end of the vignette, Kanna returns home to apologize to Kobayashi.

The second vignette sees Kobayashi having a day off, while Tohru and Ilulu have to work. This vignette sees Kobayashi and Kanna spending the day together. First, they’re hanging out at the apartment, but when they run out of tea, they make a run out to get more. Kanna, being an inquisitive child, starts asking a lot of questions while they’re out and she learns about manhole covers. She decides to find as many manhole covers as she can and take notes on them for an independent research project for school. What I really enjoyed about this vignette is seeing how Kobayashi has really become a mother figure to the dragons in her care. She really had a patient nature with Kanna in this vignette, and I thought this was a good story to follow up the previous vignette. I especially liked one of the shots near the end of this one, where we see Kobayashi holding Kanna’s hand, much like a mother holding her child’s hand as they walk down the street.

Honestly, I thought this entire episode was really sweet. At this point, this is my favorite episode of this season. It was a nice change of pace from the usual storylines and tone of storytelling that is seen in the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid franchise. I’m sure this won’t last, but it was a nice change of pace.

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 9 – “There Are Various Reasons Behind It (It’s Full of Elma)”

Just in case it wasn’t clear from the title, this episode focuses on Elma.

In the first vignette, Elma is complaining about working conditions, but finds that she’s working around enough people who have been worn down by the expectations of the workforce and are jaded about her cause. She draws up a proposal, which she shows to Kobayashi. Kobayashi points out flaws with the first draft, so Elma brings her a second draft. Elma takes this to the department head, but it’s shot down immediately. But Elma doesn’t give up, and comes up with a third draft… where she uses her clairvoyance to figure out how everyone is wasting time with bathroom breaks, resting their head on their elbows, etc.

One of the most important things to come out of this vignette, though, is the revelation of who the boss of the company is… Shouta’s father. This is revealed when he summons Kobayashi, Elma, and Takiya to his office. He knows Elma’s true identity, since he is a mage, after all. He wanted to meet the three of them because they’ve been friends with Shouta. While we saw Shouta go see his father at an office in the previous episode to deliver his Father’s Day present, I hadn’t realized that it was the office building where Kobayashi works. What an interesting twist. But I can’t forget to mention that it ends up being a humorous reason why Elma was wanting to unionize the staff in the first place.

The second vignette sees Elma accompanying Kanna, Saikawa, and Shouta on a trip to the mountains. Unfortunately, Elma gets so into relaxing by the water that she doesn’t pay attention to the kids, who wander off when Shouta wants to explore the ley lines of the mountain. Of course, Elma panics when she realizes the kids are gone, and starts to frantically run around to find them. Elma doesn’t want to be taunted by Tohru for failing to do something as simple as keeping an eye on kids. There’s a great scene, though, when Elma encounters a bear in the woods. She uses her power to subdue the bear, and actually makes it quake in fear and cry. That’s not something you expect a bear to do. But Elma panics so much about the kids that she transforms into her dragon form so she can get a better view of the area. Saikawa notices and says it’s the same creature she saw at the river in a previous episode. Fortunately, Shouta is able to use a spell to go unconscious so Kanna can communicate with Elma. I don’t know if Shouta’s spell will make her forget about seeing Elma in this form. But, since Saikawa has now seen Elma in this form for a second time, this could be setting the stage for a running gag. It’ll be interesting to see if this becomes one or not.

The final vignette sees Elma asking Fafnir for a favor, and then asking Tohru to train with her because she’s gotten a little rusty. Fafnir and Kobayashi are witnesses to this sparring match. However, it turns out that Elma is going all out instead of simply training. Elma is upset about how Tohru has become so friendly with humans, and says that if Elma wins, Tohru has to return to their world. As they fight, the two of them share their emotions, and it climaxes with Elma tearfully explaining her views, and Tohru apologizing. However, we know that the rivalry between these two isn’t going to go away that easily, though. But it was amusing when Fafnir leaves because this has gotten so ridiculous to him, and Kobayashi’s just like, “OK, see you later.” I was amused by how nonplussed Kobayashi was to Fafnir’s leaving, especially after her initial emotional reaction with Elma and Tohru began fighting.

I appreciated getting an episode that focuses on one of the characters that isn’t focused on quite so much. Yes, the title of the franchise is “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid,” so there’s going to be a lot of focus on Tohru, but I appreciate getting the occasional episode where the focus is on someone other than Tohru or one of the dragons living with Kobayashi.

I still can’t believe we’re so far into the Summer 2021 anime season. From what I’m seeing, there’s only supposed to be 12 episodes for this season, so there’s only three more to go. It doesn’t feel like we’ve made it through nine weeks of the Summer 2021 anime season already. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S has to offer before it finishes its run.

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 8 – “The World’s Only (Insert Phrase You Like Here)”

This episode opens with Shouta trying to figure out what to do as a Father’s Day present for his father. Unfortunately, Lucoa keeps thinking he’s saying “Tits Day” (since the Japanese word for father and the Japanese word for tits sound very similar), and for a while, thinks the gift Shouta is working on is for her. We see Shouta trying to make a talisman, and it was nice to see some real emphasis being put on the fact that Shouta is a wizard in training (in this season, we’ve heard a couple of quick references, but his magic abilities hadn’t been delved into much beyond that before now). Shouta is having a hard time getting it right, even though he’s following the directions in the grimoire to the letter. He actually gets some surprising advice for Takiya, and the advice he gives (which ties in with trying to understand the feelings of game developers), and it works. That scene made me think of my son and how he connects a lot of things with video games. By the end of this vignette, Lucoa seems to understand that the present is for Shouta’s father, but she still thinks it’s “Tits Day.” Although, I wonder how an English dub is going to handle the misunderstanding portion of this vignette, since the English word for father can’t be mistaken for
breasts” or “tits.” It’s one of those cases where the difference in language makes it so this particular joke doesn’t work in English. This vignette ends with Kanna giving Kobayashi a present because it’s Father’s Day (apparently, Kanna sees Kobayashi as a father instead of a mother). That was kind of funny, but you also have to feel kind of bad for Kobayashi.

The second vignette sees Kobayashi getting sick with a cold. I couldn’t help but think, “Hope it’s not the ‘rona!” I’m never going to see a character getting a cold in anime the same way again, am I? Kobayashi is sick enough that she has to stay home from work, and Tohru frets over Kobayashi. She tries to get some advice, and it took her three different tries before she got something resembling a reasonable answer. Tohru thinks about how in her world, she has seen entire towns, even entire worlds, wiped out by an epidemic. With COVID still going, especially the Delta variant, these lines of dialogue hit a lot harder than they would have otherwise. Tohru decides to take it on herself to go back to her world to find medicine to help Kobayashi. Kobayashi takes what Tohru brings back, and tells her it’s working even though she doesn’t know if it is. She wants Tohru to feel better about the situation. The ending of this vignette brings about an unexpected side effect, and we learn that the medicine is meant for creatures, not humans. Oops!

The final vignette sees Ilulu and Take working at the candy shop, and Ilulu discovers that someone left a doll at the store. After abandoning a doll years ago when she developed her hatred for humans, Ilulu regrets what she did and is determined to find the doll’s owner. Take finally gets to meet Kobayashi, but ends up getting the wrong idea about her. Ilulu tries to use her enhanced sense of smell to find the owner, but it starts raining (which risks the doll getting wet and Ilulu is losing the scent). Take comes to the rescue with an umbrella, and Kobayashi is able to use a photo of the doll to track down its owner. When Ilulu and Take find the owner, they learn that she had intended to abandon it… and Ilulu shows a more sensitive side here when she gives advice to the doll’s owner. I know that in large part, it’s due to the fact that Ilulu can understand the owner’s situation and feelings, but I think it also helps to show that Ilulu is starting to better integrate herself into the human world.

I enjoyed all of the vignette’s in this week’s episode, and I was quite happy to not see Saikawa in this episode. Saikawa’s schitck had become so overused in recent episodes that I had become sick of seeing her. This episode was a nice reprieve from that. While I wouldn’t mind seeing Saikawa gushing over Kanna sometimes, it just had lost its amusement factor by the end of last week’s episode because of how much it had been showing up recently.

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 7 – “Common Sense (It’s Different For Everyone)”

This episode included three vignettes in it.

The first one focuses on Fafnir, who asks Lucoa for help… which is surprising to Lucoa, since Fafnir is usually so prideful. It turns out that Fafnir is working on a manga to sell, and he wants Lucoa to serve as his art model. Of course, it’s not really for a positive reason why he chose Lucoa… and this is especially true after seeing what the concept behind his manga is. The main characters are definitely inspired by Shouta and Lucoa, but the manga turns their relationship into something dark. And it’s all about the kid casting curses on the character based on Lucoa. Lucoa thinks it would be neat to use some of Fafnir’s booth space to sell a book of her cosplay photos. Takiya is also selling a book at the event, and it turns out that Takiya and Lucoa sell out all their copies… but Fafnir’s book is tanking. Lucoa was right earlier in the episode when she says that humans won’t understand Fafnir’s vision. It was nice to see another vignette that focused on some of the more minor characters in the series. While the franchise may be called Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, it’s nice to not always have stories focusing on Kobayashi and/or Tohru.

The second vignette focuses on Kobayashi and Tohru, as well as on… sleeping. Sleep may sound like a boring topic for an anime vignette, but in this case, it wasn’t. This particular vignette gave the viewer a little more insight on dragons and their sleep patterns in their world. There’s a brief scene with Elma that allows both her and Tohru to think about why they have started sleeping and how it connects to trying to fit into the human world. The best scene, though, is a conversation between Tohru and Kobayashi in the middle of the night, when Kobayashi is unable to fall asleep. Tohru asks a question about why humans sleep. Kobayashi gives the expected answer at first, but quickly realizes that isn’t exactly what Tohru was trying to ask about. I appreciated how Kobayashi realized this and changed to answer to more of a philosophical one. In a lot of ways, I feel that during this season, Kobayashi has truly evolved into more of a mother figure for the dragons living with her. While I seem to recall we saw some glimpses of this in the first season, it feels as if she’s become more comfortable in that role during this season.

The final vignette sees Kanna and Saikawa at school, and their class has an assignment to put together a newspaper. Kanna, Saikawa, and three of their friends form a group and decide to investigate the ghost rumors that are going around the school. As they investigate, we see some of the kids getting distracted, which is realistic. For one of the distractions, though, one of the kids tries to tap into Saikawa’s crush on Kanna. We see some of Saikawa’s usual reactions to Kanna here, although it’s not as bad as what we saw last week. However, I feel like Saikawa’s crush on Kanna has been run into the ground this season, and the comedy that’s supposed to come from Saikawa’s reactions has been worn out and overplayed. Can we please get a bread from Saikawa in next week’s episode? Please? But during a time that they do investigate, Kanna sees something that the others don’t… and it turns out to have a connection with the world that Kanna and the other dragons come from. Getting to see a mythical creature besides a dragon was a nice change of pace, and was basically the best part of this vignette.

This episode was decent, although I really could have done without Saikawa. Oh well. Hopefully I’ll have a better appreciation for the next episode.

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 6 – “Uncanny Relationships (One Side Is a Dragon)”

There are a total of three vignettes that appear in this episode, and each vignette focuses on one of the dragons and the human they have a relationship with.

The first vignette focuses on Shouta and Lucoa. Shouta is frustrated because Lucoa is supposed to be his familiar, but she treats him like a child and follows him around whenever he’s home. He tries figuring out her weakness and starts trying out various ideas… but each one fails miserably. In most cases, he’s the one who’s frightened instead of her. So he decides to visit Tohru to see if she has any idea what her weakness is. Of course, Tohru is thinking about battle weaknesses or ways Shouta could hurt Lucoa… and that isn’t what he wants. Kobayashi, of course, has some words of wisdom to give to Shouta right before Lucoa shows up unannounced. There’ a touching part near the end of this vignette, where Lucoa tells Shouta that if he wanted to know her weakness, he could ask her directly. And then she says what her weakness is. I thought this was a nice character development moment for Lucoa. I also thought this vignette did a good job of exploring Shouta’s feelings and the relationship he has with Lucoa. I appreciated getting to see a story focusing on two characters who had been in more of background role this season.

The second vignette focuses on Takiya and Fafnir. Takiya’s parents are coming for a visit, and he’s trying to find a way to get Fafnir to leave the apartment for a few days so he doesn’t have to explain Fafnir to his parents. But a hardcore new game is coming out at the same time, and Fafnir refuses to budge. Takiya turns to Tohru for advice on how to get Fafnir to listen to him, but once again, she gives advice that won’t work in this situation. That was definitely a running gag for the first two vignettes in this episode. Takiya wants to get a hold of Lucoa, but he only has contact information for Shouta. So Shouta gets to play a small role in this vignette as well. When Shouta hears that Fafnir has allowed Takiya to give him a nickname even though he’s such a prideful dragon, Shouta thinks this could be the basis for making a pact. Shouta gives Takiya a magic orb to give to Fafnir. Not surprisingly, the orb doesn’t work on Fafnir, but he does use this as an opportunity to explain to Takiya why he allowed him to give him a nickname. Again, I was happy to see an vignette focusing on characters who have been more in the background this season up to this point.

The final vignette focuses on Kanna and Saikawa. One of their classmates brags about making it to where the two rivers meet and shows a picture on his cell phone. Apparently, that’s a bit of walk, especially for elementary school students. Saikawa claims that it’s nothing to brag about because it’s easy. The classmate challenges Saikawa to go there and to take a photo as evidence. After school, Saikawa regrets having made that comment, and Kanna volunteers to go with her on the trek. During the trek, we see Saikawa falling into her usual routine of reacting to Kanna by screaming or fainting. To be honest, this was the least interesting vignette to me, because it didn’t add any new insight or dimension to the interactions between these two characters. Instead, it just highlighted Saikawa’s usual trait, which I find to be annoying to begin with. And we’ve already seen this a bit this season, so it just felt like more of the same. The most interesting part of this vignette is when Elma, in dragon form, comes out of one of the rivers. Saikawa tries to get a picture, but Kanna keeps blocking the view until Elma is gone.

From the preview for the next episode, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Shouta. I’m guessing this could be an extension to Shouta’s vignette that we saw in this episode. At this point, I’d much rather see more of Shouta and Lucoa than Kanna and Saikawa. I just feel Saikawa has been overused this season and that her gag has already been run into the ground.

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 5 – “Together With You (Well, If We Get Along)”

There are a total of three vignettes that appear in this episode. In the first one, Kobayashi comes across Tohru and Elma growling at each other in the shopping district. Kobayashi talks to the two of them, and this leads us into a backstory for the relationship between Tohru and Elma. This was probably one of the more serious vignettes I’ve seen in the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid franchise up to this point. I thought it was interesting to see the two of them when they were younger, traveling together even though they come from different factions, in order to learn more about humans. But in the end, they weren’t able to see eye to eye and headed their separate ways.

There are a couple of interstitials that break up the three vignettes, and both of them show Tohru and Elma on their travels in the past. These interstitials also helped to cement the character relationship between Tohru and Elma. While they have come across as enemies up to this point in the series, this episode illustrates that a big part of the reason why they butt heads so much is because they know each other so well. Also, it was nice to see that this backstory ends up providing some explanation for the “human sacrifice” comment Elma made in the previous episode. Elma’s reaction last episode makes a lot more sense.

The second vignette sees Tohru becoming upset with Ilulu because all she does is lounge around the house and doesn’t do anything. Tohru insists that Ilulu needs to get a job. They go wandering through the shopping district, and Ilulu keeps giving reasons why she can’t work at various stores. Ilulu runs into a couple of girls and she asks to play with them. They agree, and they meet up with Kanna and Saikawa in front of a candy store. Tohru knows the owner of the store, who is an elderly woman. The woman has injured her foot and is considering closing down the store. Ilulu asks to work at the shop, and with a little help from Tohru, convinces the owner to give her a shot. I can’t forget to mention that during this vignette, it’s also revealed that Ilulu has finally learned how to form real hands in her human form.

The final vignette focuses on Ilulu’s first day at work. This vignette introduces a new character named Takedo Aida, who is the teenage grandson of the shop’s owner. He’s been sent to deliver a uniform to Ilulu and to help offer guidance. Taketo is a high school student, and when Ilulu tells him she’s 16 (this is the age they’re trying to claim she is), he thinks that’s the same age as him. Of course, as a high school boy, the first he notices about Ilulu are her large breasts. And yes, during this vignette, we get a gag of Taketo falling into Ilulu’s breasts. Who didn’t see that coming? Leading up to this, an elementary girl school asks Ilulu about her large breasts, and Takeo notices. When Ilulu asks the girl if she wants to touch her breasts, Taketo rushes over and trips on a pair of shoes… and thus causing him to fall into her breasts. Taketo was unsure about Ilulu, but as he sees her taking her job seriously, he decides that he can get along with her. It seems that Ilulu feels the same. At this point, I feel safe in saying that Ilulu and Taketo will become friends. But whether there ends up being anything else between them, who knows? Considering that this franchise is a comedy, I’m guessing they’ll continue using Ilulu’s large breasts as a running gag in regards to Taketo.

Overall, though, I did enjoy this episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S, even with the predictable boob gag with Taketo. But this falls into line with the kind of humor that this franchise relies on, though, so I really can’t complain about it. Having the overall more serious tone of the first vignette was a little surprising, but it was a refreshing change of pace. The preview for next week’s episode gives the impression that the episode is going to be focusing on the normal comedy and tone, though.

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English Cast Announced for the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S Anime

The English cast has been announced for the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S anime:

  • Sarah Wiedenheft is Tohru
  • Leah Clark is Miss Kobayashi
  • Kristi Rothrock is Ilulu
  • Jād Saxton is Kanna
  • Jamie Marchi is Lucoa
  • Rachel Glass is Elma
  • Macy Anne Johnson is Shouta
  • Garret Storms is Fafnir
  • Felecia Angelle is Georgie
  • Sara Ragsdale is Riko
  • Jeff Johnson is Takiya

Kyle Phillips is directing the dub.

The simuldub for Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S is scheduled to launch on FunimationNow on August 4, 2021.

Source: The Fandom Post

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 4 – “When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do (It’s Hard to Match Others)”

This episode had a total of three vignettes included.

At the beginning of the episode, Kobayashi is looking at code on her work computer and wonders aloud who wrote such beautiful code. Elma comes up to serve tea and says that she did. Apparently, Kobayashi had given Elma books to read on coding and she accomplished what she did just by what she learned from those books. Kobayashi is so impressed with Elma’s work that she starts forwarding other things for her to do. It comes out that Kobayashi has been doing double the work, since she’s been doing the work that is assigned to Elma but never gets done because she’s serving tea. When Takiya mentions that Kobayashi is the team’s pillar, Elma suddenly becomes upset and challenges Kobayashi to a contest of which one can finish their work first.

Kobayashi, as well as the audience, is left wondering why hearing this word causes Elma to react the way she does. I thought the vignette would have a humorous focus on the contest, but I was surprisingly wrong. While we see a small bit of it, Kobayashi starts talking to Elma when it’s time for a lunch break and discovers the truth behind what Elma is doing. Not surprisingly, Elma’s reaction to the word “pillar” stems from a misunderstanding, because being a “pillar” in the dragon world is very different from our human world. Kobayashi is able to explain the misunderstanding in the caring, yet straightforward manner that she has.

The second vignette sees Tohru joining a community patrol. She was approached because people remembered how she took down the thief in the shopping district. While on patrol, Tohru encounters a small group of punks who are loitering and blocking the road. She takes down the leader of this group with relative ease, and the punks run off… but they declare that they’ll be back for their revenge. Elma ends up joining the patrol, much to Tohru’s dismay. And it becomes readily clear that Elma’s sense of justice is to punish any small thing she sees, and one point she scares a couple of children. The vignette sees the punks come back with a bigger group, including their strongest member. Well, let’s just say that Tohru takes him down rather easily. There’s a funny bit with this big, strong guy as he’s training to get even stronger after his defeat at the hands of Tohru.

With these first two vignettes, we had an episode that had a stronger focus on Elma. Up to this point in the season, Elma was more of a background character and didn’t get much focus. She just kind of felt like she was “there.”

The final vignette sees Kobayashi taking Tohru, Ilulu, Kanna, and Saikawa to an amusement park. While at the park, there’s a running gag of Saikawa’s sister Georgie being in various mascot costumes at the park and taking pictures of Saikawa, Kanna, and Ilulu having fun. Of course, the humor from these three comes from how much Saikawa screams with her various interactions with Kanna (and some with Ilulu). The first time Saikawa did this, it was kind of funny. However, at least for me, this gag became a little annoying. More humor in this vignette comes from the fact that Kobayashi tries to act like she knows everything about amusement parks, even though she’s never been to one. We get to see Kobayashi going through a hall of mirrors, riding a carousel, and going on a teacup ride with Tohru. Probably the worst misfortune for Kobayashi is letting Tohru spin the wheel on the teacup ride, since Tohru wasn’t going to go easy on that. But their last stop, before meeting up with the others, causes Kobayashi to have the happiest expression she’s worn during their entire trip to the amusement park. This vignette was a nice way to end the episode, even if I did become a little annoyed with Saikawa.

After having three episodes that had a strong focus on Ilulu, it was kind of a nice break to have one where she only had an appearance in one vignette… and even in that vignette, Ilulu wasn’t a major focus in the story. I have nothing against Ilulu, but it was starting to feel like the season was going to be focusing on her. Plus, it was nice to see one of the other dragons getting the spotlight this time around.

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Episode 3 – “Extracurricular Activities (Of Course They’re Not Normal)”

This episode starts off with Kanna bringing Saikawa, her friend from school, back to Kobayashi’s place. As it was established previously, Saikawa has a crush on Kanna, and we see this dynamic play out throughout the episode. Saikawa is so excited when she thinks she and Kanna are alone, but she gets the shock of her life when she finds Ilulu in the bathroom. We see Ilulu hang out in there a couple of times in the episode, and I found myself wondering exactly why she was hanging out there. It seemed that maybe she was hiding out, but couldn’t Ilulu have found somewhere else to go in the apartment?

Kanna and Saikawa invite Ilulu to play with them, but she turns them down. When Lucoa comes over with snacks, she talks with Ilulu and tries to encourage her to play with the two girls. Ilulu says she doesn’t deserve to, since she tried to destroy the town. I liked how Lucoa handled this situation, and what she had to say almost affected Ilulu as much as Kobayashi’s words do. Almost… but not quite. I liked seeing Lucoa’s thoughts about how Ilulu really needs this time to act like a child, since she lost that opportunity because of her circumstances growing up. Even though Ilulu is an older dragon, there are still a lot of ways in which she acts and thinks like a child. But it was fun to see Ilulu playing card games with Kanna and Saikawa.

In the next vignette, Kobayashi tells Tohru about the time she bought a cute maid outfit and asked her family how they thought she looked in it. Let’s just say that her parents and family outright told her that she didn’t look good in it. Tohru calls several of their friends over, and asks them to help think up a good design for a maid outfit for Kobayashi. While this is going on, Kanna, Saikawa, Ilulu, and Shouta are playing a board game that’s based on Monopoly. Scenes of the kids playing the board game run throughout the rest of the episode, and we get to see how the game ends.

Anyway, back to the main story, which is about designing a maid outfit for Kobayashi. Most of the people there comes up with ideas that simply don’t work. Georgie, Saikawa’s older sister who pretends to be a housemaid for her hobby, comes up with the most sensible design… but then she goes off on a philosophical tangent about what exactly makes an outfit a maid outfit. That was kind of… interesting, I guess. I have to admit that I never thought about maid outfits that way before. When Tohru is asked to show her design, her notebook is blank. Tohru says she wants Kobayashi to wear her maid outfit, and they end up getting a duplicate outfit for Kobayashi to wear. After this experience, though, Kobayashi talks to Tohru about how this made her think about what happened in her past and how she became a maid otaku. It makes sense for the sensible Kobayashi to go through an experience such as gathering everyone together to figure out a maid outfit for her and using that to experience to reflect on her life and on herself.

The final vignette sees Tohru being asked what her hobbies are, and she tries to figure this out. We learn that Tohru picks up on playing the guitar easily, and that she can make an impressive wood carving. But the wood carver neighbor tells her that while she has talent for these things, she doesn’t have to heart and the emotion for these things to back up that talent. But by the end of the episode, she figures out what her hobbies are… and it’s not surprising that they’re connected with Tohru’s love for Kobayashi. But poor Kanna and Ilulu are worn out by all of Tohru’s antics.

This episode really reminded me of the tone that I liked for the first Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid anime series. It kind of felt like that the first two episodes were trying to establish Ilulu, as well as the scriptwriter(s) trying to get back into the groove of writing for this franchise after being away from it for a while. Hopefully Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S has found its footing and will be more consistent going forward.

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