Amazia Launches the Manga Flip App for the United States

On March 30, 2021, Amazia Co., Ltd. launched Manga Flip, a brand new mobile device app featuring original Japanese manga works translated to English for a global audience.

The Manga Flip app is available free to download for both iOS and Android users. Manga Flip’s interface, which is also in English, allows users to “favorite” specific titles in its library and stay up to date with new chapter releases via a release calendar.

Currently, Manga Flip’s catalog consists of eight professionally illustrated and localized titles in genres such as isekai, shonen, romance, and comedy. According to Manga Flip’s App Store details, each manga is a literary work never before published in the United States and created in-house by Amazia, Inc. Japan.

New chapters are released on the app on a weekly basis. Right now, all of the content available on Manga Flip can be viewed free of charge. Amazia promises to release more new titles in the future.

Current titles available on Manga Flip:

  • I Was Invited to the Otherworldly Country As a Warrior, But I Refused and Decided to Start As a Soldier
  • Dungeon Battle Royale
  • The Date of Marriage – If you can’t have a fiancé let’s get married
  • Robustness
  • Necromancer of White: The Road to the Spirit King
  • Kukuru Mawase
  • The Gargoyle on the Ground Is Still Dangerous: Adventure Diary of the Wingless
  • Milimoss Saga – War Records of the Reincarnated Youngest Prince

Manga Flip: