Review: Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist: Episode 2 – “Pillar 2 – Human and Angel”

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist is an anime series about a boy named William Twining; he’s an orphan from a prestigious noble family who has been under the guardianship of his uncle, and William is highly intelligent. At the beginning of the series, he discovers that his uncle has gone bankrupt and has run off. The only servant left at the estate is Kevin, whose family has faithfully served the Twining family for generations.

One day, while home from school on a break, William discovers a summoning circle in his basement, and when some of his blood falls on it, a demon named Dantalion is summoned. Dantalion tells William that he’s a descendant of Solomon and that William is the Elector who will decide the next temporary ruler of Hell while Lucifer rests. William, a boy of logic and intellect, doesn’t want to believe what’s happening to him.

When William returns to school after break, he discovers his tuition has been paid, and he also learns that Dantalion is posing as a transfer student at his school in order to keep an eye on William.

At the beginning of episode two, William’s friend Isaac, who has a belief in the occult, is seen trying to summon something. At first, it seems to have failed; however, a figure approaches Isaac and demands to be taken to the Elector; if Isaac doesn’t comply, then Isaac will lose his soul. An explanation for this summoning kind of happens later in the episode, but to me, it seemed kind of muddled and didn’t make much sense.

William also decides that he really doesn’t want to be indebted to a demon in order to continue his education. He talks with another prefect at the school named Swallow, who obtains scholarship forms for William; however, William doesn’t admit that he needs the scholarships because his uncle went bankrupt. At the same time, Dantalion is called away by his two bats, saying that there’s trouble in Hell that needs to be taken care of.

Isaac is seen escorting the demon to William’s room. The demon is introduced as an underclassman named Sytry Cartwright. Sytry claims to have an uncle who is on the lookout for promising young men to sponsor, and that he could pursue this as an avenue of funding his education instead of applying for scholarships.

Later in the episode, William sees Isaac sneaking out and catches him trying to summon something else. Sytry suddenly appears and vanquishes the demon that had been summoned, but then complains that the boys have destroyed his brilliantly engineered plan. For some reason, when Sytry reveals his true identity as Sytry, a Vicount and 12th noble of Hell, he undergoes a magical girl transformation; this was definitely a major “What the heck?” moment in this episode.

Just as things look dire for William and Isaac, Dantalion suddenly appears to try to save the day, and as the battle reaches its climax, William calls out for the fighting to stop… and suddenly, it stops. This reminds me of what happened during the battle between Dantalion and Gilles de Rais in the first episode, so I wonder if this going to become a formulaic thing that will happen in the episodes.

When it comes to William, while I didn’t find him quite as unlikable as I did in the first episode, I still didn’t entirely warm up to him as a viewer by the time I finished the second episode. And I have to admit that as I watched the second episode, I still felt kind of bored as I watched; while it wasn’t as boring as the first episode to me, I still found it to be on the boring side. For me, personally, I really am not feeling compelled to watch more of this series. It’s not necessarily a bad series, but it’s just not my cup of tea.

With that, I’m giving Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist a one-way ticket to Dropville.

Review: Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist: Episode 1 – “Pillar 1 – Devil and Realist”

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist is an anime based on a manga series written by Madoka Takadono and illustrated by Utako Yukihiro. The anime is produced by Dogakobo, and is directed by Chiaki Kon. The series is being simulcast on Crunchyroll on Sundays.

The main character of the series is William Twining, a boy from a prestigious noble family who is highly intelligent; in fact, he’s been at the top of his class for three years running at Stratford School. Both of his parents are dead, but he is being raised by his uncle.

Right before break, William is summoned into the principal’s office and informed that his tuition for the next term at school has not been paid. William goes to his uncle’s house to find out what’s going on, and the only person he finds is Kevin, the family’s manservant. William learns his uncle went bankrupt after making some bad investments, and that his uncle has disappeared. William also discovers that creditors have taken most of the family’s possessions, and that all of the other servants have left.

William begins to desperately search the house for anything worth money that he could use to pay his tuition. He finds a hidden door in the basement and barges his way into it. William gets a cut on his hand, and blood drips from his hand onto a circle drawn on the floor; it should be mentioned that this circle looks an awful lot like the transmutation circles from Fullmetal Alchemist. When William’s blood hits the circle, a light appears and a demon named Dantalion appears. Dantalion tells William he’s a descendent of King Solomon, and that he is the “Elector” who will decide the next temporary emperor of Hell while Lucifer rests.

William doesn’t believe Dantalion and has him taken away. Later, when William is investigating the basement, he is dragged away by a force and finds himself in Dantalion’s home and being waited on by Dantalion’s butler. As William tells the butler that no one believes in demons anymore, a character named Gilles de Rais appears. Gilles tries to kidnap William, but Dantalion appears and the two of them get into a fight. Just as the battle is about to come to an end, William orders Dantalion to stop, and he does. All of a sudden, Dantalion really recognizes William as Solomon’s descendent and acts differently toward him.

William returns to school without finding anything to pay his tuition with. However, when he’s summoned to the principal’s office, William is surprised to learn it’s been paid and that a large donation has been made to the school in his family’s name. At the end of the episode, William receives another surprise: Dantalion is a new transfer student in his class, and is going by the name Dantalion Huber.

I have to say that when the episode started, I really didn’t like William as a character. He has such a big ego and was so condescending that I didn’t find him to be a likeable character. William has a couple of moments in the episode where he’s somewhat redeeming, but it just wasn’t quite enough for me to like him quite yet. Hopefully he will get better as the series progresses.
I have to admit that I was rather bored with this episode overall; however, I’m willing to cut this episode some slack, because a lot of time had to be spent establishing the characters and the premise of the series. Hopefully now that some of this has been established, future episodes will feel a less boring. There does seem to be potential in this concept, so I’m hoping the execution of the concept in future episodes will see this potential come to fruition.

At this point, I will watch the second episode to see if the story and the series become more interesting.