Kodansha Comics Announces All-Ages and Teen Manga for 2019

At their industry panel at New York Comic Con, Kodansha Comics announced two upcoming all-ages manga, perfect for teen and adult readers as well as parents introducing kids to manga for the first time.

Beginning in April 2019, Kodansha will release Kamome Shirahama’s Witch Hat Atelier. The story of a girl who longs to be a witch in a magical society that keep telling her she doesn’t have what it takes placed at number six in a prestigious manga industry poll in Japan last year, and it is likely to be one of the most-anticipated new series in the English-speaking market, appealing to fans of Studio Ghibli and Disney films. Shirahama is known in the United States for her exquisitely-detailed variant covers featuring on comics from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and other publishers.

July 2019 will bring Volume 1 of Magus of the Library, a story about a poor boy swept away by a kind library mage and the (literal) magic of reading. In a lushly-detailed fantasy world reminiscent of Arabian Nights, the Great Library is the center of learning in the world, and its librarians are capable of magnificent feats of magic. In a small village far from the main Library, a poor little elf boy struggles against bullies who call him “Knife-Ears.” His only solace: the books that he sneaks out of the village’s tiny branch library. When a librarian from the Great Library arrives, he’s dazzled by her knowledge and glamour. Their meeting will change his life and begin the adventure he’s always dreamed of.

“These two beautifully-drawn fantasy adventures show that there truly is manga that everyone can enjoy,” said Naho Yamada, general manager of Kodansha USA Publishing. “We’re excited at these chances for American families, who have come to know and love Japanese films like Kiki’s Delivery Service, to dive deeper into the world of Japanese sequential art.”

Kodansha Comics and Vertical Comics’ Announcements at New York Comic Con

Kodansha Comics announced that the company has licensed Mari Okada and Nao Emoto’s O Maidens in Your Savage Season (Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo) and Mitsu Izumi’s Magus of the Library (Toshokan no Daimajutsushi) manga. The publisher will begin releasing O Maidens in Your Savage Season in April 2019. Kodansha will begin releasing Magus of the Library in July 2019.

The company also announced plans to release Naoki Yamakawa and Akinari Nao’s I’m Standing on a Million Lives manga in print in May 2019 after previously debuting it as a digital-first title. It will also begin publishing Hiro Mashima’s Edens Zero in print in October 2018. In addition, the publisher announced that its Akira 35th anniversary box set is back in stock.

Vertical Comics announced that it has licensed Kaori Ozaki’s The Golden Sheep (Kin no Hitsuji) and Nanashi’s Don’t Mess with Me, Nagatoro (Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san) manga. Vertical will begin publishing The Golden Sheep in September 2019, and Don’t Mess with Me, Nagatoro in November 2019.

Source: ANN