Three New Cast Members Announced for the Second Season of the Kiratto Pri☆Chan Anime

The official website for the Kiratto Pri☆Chan television anime series has announced three new cast members for the anime’s second season:

  • Sora Tokui is Suzu Kurogawa
  • Rico Sasaki is Daia
  • Himika Akaneya is Maria Kanamori

The new season will premiere in Japan in April 2019.

Source: ANN

New Cast Members Announced for the Kiratto Pri☆Chan Anime

New cast members have been announced for the forthcoming Kiratto Pri☆Chan anime:

  • Yū Serizawa is Anna Akagi
  • Yūki Wakai is Sara Midorikawa

Hiroshi Ikehata is directing the anime at Tatsunoko Production and Dongwoo A & E. Kazuho Hyodo is in charge of the series scripts. Hajime Mitsuda is designing the characters. Tatsuya Katō is composing the music, and the idol unit Run Girls, Run! is performing the opening theme song “Kiratto Start.” The World Standard will perform the anime’s ending theme song “Pretty ☆ Channel.”

Kiratto Pri☆Chan is scheduled to premiere on Japanese television on April 8, 2018.

Source: ANN