Viz Media’s SuBLime Imprint Announces Licenses

Viz Media has announced that the company’s SuBLime boys-love imprint will be publishing Kou Yoneda’s NightS manga on January 14, 2014; the manga will be published both in print and digitally. NightS will retail for US$12.99.

It was also announced that SuBLime has licensed the following volumes of currently-existing series:

  • Crimson Spell Volume 5 by Ayano Yamane
  • Love Pistols Volume 7 by Tarako Kotobuki
  • Hide and Seek Volume 2 by Yaya Sakuragi
  • His Favorite Volume 6 by Suzuki Tanaka

SuBLime Announces Titles at Yaoi Con

SUBLime announced during the company’s Yaoi Con panel that it will be releasing the following titles in print:

  • Blue Morning Volume 1 [May 2013; print only]
  • Sleeping Moon Volume 1 [June 2013; print only]
  • False Memories Volume 1 [July 2013; print and digital]
  • Hide and Seek [July 2013; print only]
  • Spiritual Police Volume 1 [October 2013; print only]
  • Embracing Love [2-in-1 omnibus volumes; April 2013; print and digital]

The company will also release the following titles digitally:

  • The Ravishing of the Crown Prince [January 2013]
  • Boys, Be Ambitious! [May 2013]
  • The Match Seller [March 2013]
  • Sword and Mist [February 2013]
  • Egoistic Blue [April 2013]

SuBLime will also be releasing more volumes of the following titles already in their catalog:

  • Awkward Silence Volumes 3-4
  • Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love Volumes 3-4
  • His Favorite Volumes 3-5
  • Love Pistols Volume 6
  • Punch Up! Volumes 3-4