Glacier Bay Books Announces Five Manga Licenses

The American-based online bookstore Glacier Bay Books has announced five new titles in a newsletter. The company will publish the first four titles below in 2021, but the final title does not yet have a publication window.

Title: Final Testament to the Moon
Creator: Sayaka Mogi
Summary: A compelling new fantasy series that exists in the world of Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice. Humans. Beastkins. Hunters. There are three kinds of “people” in this world. There used to be many werewolves, but now only few remain. Here is detailed the tragic fate of werewolf twins Skoll and Hati in this, the final testament to the moon.

Glacier Bay Books had announced earlier in May 2021 that it had licensed Mogi’s False Stars manga. The manga is the ending to her Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice (Akazukin no Ōkami Deshi) manga, which she self-published. Mogi ended the first part of the manga in 2018. Kodansha Comics published the manga in English digitally.

Title: Reincarnation
Creator: Yuri Eury
Summary: The author’s atmospheric 4-volume debut work, the cycle of life and death, of rebirth. Awash in a lush, calligraphic style. We will release this work in an original 2-volume compilation format.

Title: Mermaid Town
Creator: Tomohiro Tsugawa
Summary: An 80 pg doujinshi collection of short story dream manga, the author’s English debut and a rerelease of stories from 10 years ago.

Title: The Karman Line
Creator: Mitsuhashi Kotaro
Summary: Collecting the authors’ various short stories from new indie manga anthology Suika Toko no Tane, this 140 page short story collection introduces seven works with a unique, dreamy style.

Title: Favorable Wind on Full Sails (working title, original Japanese title is Junpū Manpan)
Creator: Arantoochika
Summary: A young artist informed by the Gekiga masters, this is a book for the lovers of Seiichi Hayashi, Shin’ichi Abe, Yoshiharu Tsuge, and artists mining this personal, expressive vein. 160 pages of beautiful and tremulous youth comics.

Glacier Bay Books also announced that it has released a new collected digital version of Ayumu Arisaka’s En chan manga, which features new cover art, design, and introduction. The manga appeared on Solrad’s Best* Comics of 2020 list and also achieved a nomination for the 2021 Cartoonist Studio Prize in December 2020.

The company recently released ohuton’s picture-book style piece of work titled Dear Sara, 1997, Summer. Glacier Bay Books previously released the first volume of its indie manga anthology series Glaeolia in May 2020 and Glaeolia 2 on November 30, 2020. The company is working on a third volume for the series. The company has also licensed other indie manga such as Shinnosuke Saika’s Sleepy Child series, MISSISSIPPI’s Tsukiko and the Satellite and other stories, Rei Hagiwara’s Ripples, Jūshichi Masumura’s Children of Mu-Town, and Arata Imai’s F.

Source: ANN

Glacier Bay Books Licenses the En chan and Glaeolia 2 Manga

Glacier Bay Books has announced as part of the “#smallpubmanga” indie manga licensing event that it has licensed Ayumu Arisaka’s En chan manga and will release the second compiled volume of the Glaeolia collection of indie manga.

The publisher describes En Chan as a manga that “combines modern artistic technique and a whimsical vision of creation mythology.” Glacier Bay Books plans to serialize the manga digitally on its website and “potentially other platforms.”

The Glaeolia 2 collection of indie manga will feature the work of Maiko Dake, Kenya Oba, Masami Kuroki, Miki Yamamoto, Yoshiharu Mishima, Masayuki Mori, Ruri Morita, Daisuki Neruno, Shino ura, and several other artists. Oratnir designed the cover.

Source: ANN

Glacier Bay Books Licenses the F Manga

The America-based online bookstore Glacier Bay Books has announced that it will release an English edition of Arata Imai’s F manga. The manga was released in Japan in 2015 under the title I Am John Cantlie.

Comics historian and translator Ryan Holmberg is translating the manga, and will also provide an essay to accompany and contextualize the manga.

Holmberg stated the manga had 200 self-published copies that sold at avant-garde art exhibitions in Japan, but did not have distribution in Japan outside of that. He added he had been looking “for years … for a collaborator to publish [the manga] in English.”

Glacier Bay Books will publish the manga in 2021.

Source: ANN

Glacier Bay Books to Release The Lullaby Manga in English

The American-based online bookstore Glacier Bay Books has announced that it will release the next volume of Shinnosuke Saika’s Sleepy Child manga series titled The Lullaby. The release will feature exclusive artwork drawn for this edition of the manga.

Glacier Bay Books describes the Sleepy Child manga as:

The mysterious and fragile contours of family. A young child descends into an unusual slumber.

The Lullaby, translated by Anna Schnell, focuses on returning character Rika first introduced in That Child. It will be released in matching format to the first two books, including a watercolor portrait cover, and the same high quality paper and printing.

The company also announced that it will release Shinnosuke Saika’s Sleepy Child series to its digital library of indie manga, which features titles such as MISSISSIPPI’s Tsukiko and the Satellite and other stories, and the upcoming titles Rei Hagiwara’s Ripples and Jūshichi Masumura’s Children of Mu-Town.

Source: ANN

Glacier Bay Books to Release the Glaeolia Collection of Indie Manga in English

The American-based online bookstore Glacier Bay Books has announced that it will release Glaeolia, a collection of indie manga, in English. The volume will feature more than 250 pages.

Glacier Bay Books describes the collection:

We’re proud to announce Glaeolia, a new 250+ page English-language collection of indie manga, with stories from Arantoochika, Hiuchi tana, Kawakatsu Tokushige, Masumura Jūshichi, mogcom, Moriizumi Takehito, Morita Rui, Okuda Akiko, Onta Niwako, Shinnosuke Saika, Yamakawa Naoto, and Yosomachi. These include self-published works (dōjinshi), as well as works selected from indie manga magazines and mainstream publishers. Each volume will be numbered from a limited print run of 300.

Glacier Bay Books stated the collection should be available to pre-order in early March 2020 through the company’s website.

Source: ANN