Anime Blu-ray/DVD Combo Review: Fruits Basket Season Two Part Two

Fruits Basket Season Two Part Two includes two Blu-rays and two DVDs that include Episodes 14-25 of the second season of the Fruits Basket reboot anime. The set includes both an English dub and the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Fruits Basket Season Two Part Two
English Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
Format: Blu-ray/DVD Combo
Release Date: March 23, 2021

The episodes in this set see the drama and tension increase for the characters and the overarching story. In Episode 14, Kyo is trying to sort out of his feelings after meeting up with Kagura and having her essentially walk away from the obsession she’s had for him over the years. The turmoil doesn’t last long, and by the end of the episode Kyo figures out how he truly feels about Tohru… but doesn’t say anything to her about it. There’s also a focus on the relationship between Haru and Rin, and it’s pretty intense. And finally getting to see what Akito did to cause Rin to go to the hospital was eye opening.

Yuki goes through a lot of development during these episodes as well. He realizes he hasn’t made as much progress as he thought he had. But over the course of this set, Yuki figures out how to deal with the relationship with his parents… with a little unexpected and comedic help from Ayame during the parent-teacher conference. Also, during a talk with Kakeru, Yuki admits that what he’s been longing for and has found in Tohru is a mother figure. It’s also becoming clearer that Machi seems to be interested in Yuki, but he’s too dense to realize it quite yet.

Speaking of the parent-teacher conferences, we get an entire episode devoted to them. Most of the conferences are light-hearted and amusing, which gives the audience a nice break from the drama and tension. Yuki’s is the last conference shown, and of course, this one is much more serious. Not that it didn’t have its comedic moments thanks to Ayame’s appearance, though.

The season reaches its peak with the school’s cultural festival. Tohru’s class decides to put on a performance of Cinderella, but most of the roles are seriously miscast. Tohru’s attempts to be an evil stepsister are amusing, and Hanajima as Cinderella is a hoot. When I read the original manga years ago, I wished I could have seen the play in an animated form, because I knew it would work so well. And I wasn’t disappointed when I saw the result.

During the performance, Uotani gives a speech to Kyo (who is playing the prince), and she’s obviously referring to wanting to see Kureno again. Momiji, who filmed the performance, burns a copy of the recording onto a DVD and gives it to Kureno. When Kureno sees the performance, we can tell that he cares about Uotani, but still feels a sense of obligation to Akito. The season ends with Kureno meeting up with Tohru and revealing some truths to her… including the fact that Akito is really a girl. I thought this was a great way to end the season.

I watched this release just as the third and final season of the Fruits Basket anime had started streaming as a simulcast. Between the ending credits and some flashbacks that appeared in these episodes, I realized that flowers that are referenced in the second episode of the final season appear in the second season as well. By having the luck of re-watching these episodes as the third season is going, I picked up on the fact that this symbolism had actually been hinted at earlier than I had realized.

I really appreciated how the second half of Season Two continued to advance character development, as well as provide important progression for the overarching story. And now that I’m starting to watch the final season, I can also say that these episodes were successful is setting the foundation for what’s taking place in Season Three.

The Blu-ray video is 1080p High Definition 16:9 (HD Native). The audio on the Blu-ray had Dolby TrueHD: English 5.1 and Dolby TrueHD: Japanese 2.0, while the DVD had English 5.1 Surround and Japanese Stereo. I had no complaints about either the audio or the video quality of this release.

The main bonus feature included on this release is “Fruits Basket” At Home with the Voice Actors.” This was an online presentation that included Caitlin Glass (the director and English voice for Machi), Justin Cook (English voice of Hatsuharu), John Burgmeier (English voice of Shigure), Ian Sinclair (English voice of Kureno), Brina Palencia (English voice of Rin), and Tia Ballard (English voice of Kagura). The feature runs a little under a hour, and the panelists answer questions that Caitlin Glass (who is moderating the panel) asks. Overall, this was an enjoyable enough feature. However, as someone who watches the original Japanese audio and not the English dub, I was a little annoyed by the mispronunciation of some of the characters’ names (Kureno, Shigure, and Rin). When you listen to the Japanese audio, you know that the English pronunciations for those names are wrong. Honestly, I find that these incorrect pronunciations are actually harder to say than the correct Japanese pronunciations. That’s just a personal nitpick, though. Like I said, outside of the mispronunciations, I did enjoy the content of this feature. I appreciate getting to see the people behind the voices and learning more about them. The set also includes a textless version of the opening and ending song.

If you’re a fan of the Fruits Basket franchise, and you already own the first three releases of this reboot on home video, then this release of Fruits Basket Season Two Part Two is worth picking up and adding to your home anime video library.

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Fruits Basket The Final Season: Episode 3 – “I Hope It Snows Soon”

Roughly the first half of the episode focuses on Machi. The episode opens with her noticing that it’s snowing and hoping that it doesn’t stick and accumulate. She notices a box of new chalk that has just been opened and looks pristine, and she suddenly knocks it over.

Meanwhile, in the student council room, the student council members (minus Machi) are talking, and Nao starts lashing out at Yuki. Kimi ends up guessing correctly that Nao is in love with a girl who’s been pining for Yuki. The audience can tell she’s right by how Nao is blushing furiously. We’re going to hold this thought, though, because I’m going to be focusing on Machi for a little while in this writeup.

Two of Machi’s classmates come to the student council room and relay the chalk incident. They also share a rumor they heard that Machi was kicked out of her house because she tried to kill her baby brother. Machi overhears this and runs off. Later, Kakeru talks with Yuki and shares what he heard from his parents about the incident. But Kakeru suggests going to Machi’s place so Yuki can ask her directly. Not surprisingly, Machi is stunned to see Kakeru and Yuki appear at her front door.

But this leads to an important scene between Yuki and Machi, where we learn why Machi acts the way she does… she’s afraid of perfection because of how perfect her parents expected her to be. When her younger brother is born, her mother talks about how they have the boy they always wanted, and complains how dull and boring Machi is. When Machi tries to tell her mother that she was doing what she thought her mother expected of her, her mother accuses Machi of blaming her for the way she turned out. And when it comes to her baby brother, she thought he was cold and was just trying to put a blanket on him to keep him warm. But her parents come in right as she’s about to finish, and jump to the worst conclusion that she’s trying to suffocate him out of jealousy. By the end of this flashback, I was so angry with Machi’s parents. They are, quite frankly, horrible people… and I think she’s better off without them.

Even though it may have stirred up those kinds of emotions in me, I was happy to see how this moment brings Yuki and Machi closer together. The final scene of the Machi portion of the story made me quite happy. During the next student council meeting, a new box of chalk is brought in, and it’s placed in front of Machi because it’s her turn on chalkboard duty. You can see in Machi’s eyes that she wants to do something about it. Yuki, who is sitting next to her, suddenly reaches over and breaks one of the pieces of chalk so it no longer looks perfect. Like I said, this moment made me quite happy.

The rest of the story focuses on the seniors graduating. Motoko has a final talk with Yuki, and she actually handles this situation as well as she could have. She’s matured enough at this point to realize that there’s no chance with Yuki, and that she sincerely wishes happiness for him in his future. Yuki handled this situation very well. I thought this was the perfect way to bring Motoko’s storyline to a close. I can’t remember if this is basically the end of the Prince Yuki Fan Club in the manga, or if there’s still any hijinks from them after Motoko’s graduation. It’s just been too many years since I read these later chapters of the manga.

Now, remember when I mentioned Nao earlier in the episode? After the graduation ceremony, Motoko goes back to her classroom to take one final look before leaving. Nao approaches, and it’s then that the viewer realizes that the girl Nao had been pining for was Motoko. There’s a similar exchange between these two, although the roles are reversed (Motoko is now in Yuki’s shoes, while Nao is in Motoko’s shoes). I thought this juxtaposition was very effective. There was a flashback scene we saw earlier when Motoko was remembering encountering Yuki, and I know it’s one we’ve seen in the past. When it shows up this time, we see that Nao was actually there, too, but Motoko never even noticed he was there. With this encounter, it only reinforced my opinion that Motoko has matured a lot from the character we met at the beginning of the series.

Right after this, we see that Hiro’s little sister, Hinata, has been born. There’s a sweet scene in the hospital between Hiro, his mother, and Hinata. It was a nice, feel good moment right before the final scene of the episode.

Kagura visits with Shigure and Hattori, saying that Rin graduated while she was in the hospital. Kagura had gone to pick up Rin’s diploma. and she starts wondering aloud about Rin. While everyone’s been told that she’s in the hospital, no one seems to know which hospital she’s at. Also, Kagura has been unable to reach her. Shigure basically tells her to butt out and stop investigating. The very final shot of the episode is Akito leaving the room where Rin is being kept, and she has a pair of scissors in her hand. As Akito leaves, it looks like hair is flying out of the doorway. I’ve got to say, that was quite a dark way to end the episode after having such a feel good moment with Hiro and his family. But that feel good scene was needed to help blunt the darkness of that final moment.

Now that the seniors have graduated, our main protagonists are now going to be in their final year of high school. I’m really looking forward to watching the remaining episodes of Fruits Basket and finally seeing the entire story in animated form after all these years.

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Fruits Basket The Final Season: Episode 2 – “That’s an Unwavering Truth”

This episode sees Tohru wondering what she can say about what she learned from Kureno. At one point, she tries to ask Shigure if Akito is really a woman, but she stops before she can even get Akito’s name out. He doesn’t let on to her, but Shigure figures out what Tohru wants to ask by what she started to say. In a later scene, when Tohru and Kyo are left alone in a classroom due to circumstances, Tohru tries to ask Kyo a hypothetical question about a zodiac member breaking the curse. He tells her not to ask him such hypothetical questions, and Tohru can’t look up at him because she thinks she might cry and give away what’s going on. But poor Kyo thinks he’s insulted her, and the expressions he gets are ones we don’t normally see on him. The fact that he can let his tough guy exterior down around Tohru in that manner just shows how much he cares for her.

Most of these scenes with Tohru are anchored by the concept that her class is making paper flowers for the seniors’ upcoming graduation. We get a brief scene of the Prince Yuki fan club stealing the paper flowers that he made, and there are also some girls that steal the flowers that Kyo made (his fan club that he doesn’t seem to realize even exists). While the flowers bring about some of the humor in the episode, we do get three serious scenes with them. One is the classroom scene between Kyo and Tohru, when he hands her one of the white flowers as a way of apology when he thought he had insulted her. Another is a flustered Machi giving a white paper flower to Yuki after she sees him and chases him down. It appears Machi is interested in Yuki, and Yuki is too awkward to realize this yet. The third scene is in connection with Shigure and Akito, when he gives her a red paper flower.

The main thrust of the episode is on the relationship between Akito and Shigure. In the opening of the episode, we get a flashback of a younger Akito approaching a younger Shigure and asking if he loves her. He picks a nearby red flower and tells her that he does, and “That’s an unwavering truth” (hence where the title of the episode comes from). We see that the relationship between these two is rocky, and we also learn of Shigure’s jealousy toward and hatred for Kureno.

Near the end of the episode, we get a lot of drama from Akito and Shigure. Shigure is meeting his editor for dinner at a restaurant, and it’s one where Akito is gathering members of the Soma family for dinner. Akito becomes jealous when she sees Shigure and his editor together. I can’t forget to mention that we briefly see Shigure’s parents at the restaurant.

But this all comes to a head when Shigure goes to visit Akito afterwards. The two accuse each other of being unfaithful (apparently, Shigure slept with Akito’s mother because Akito had slept with Kureno). During this confrontation, Shigure makes it clear that he still remembers what he said when the two of them were younger, and that he’s still in love with Akito. The obsession, the love-hate relationship, and the manipulation that these two deal with and have for each other is intense. This scene ends with them sleeping together. Damn, this scene was intense.

With scenes like the one between Akito and Shigure in this episode, the light hearted scene of the Prince Yuki fan club stealing the flowers Yuki made almost feels out of place. Yes, there needed to be some humor to lighten the mood, but to go from such a silly scene like this to the very dramatic scene between Akito and Shigure at the end of the episode, I almost felt like I was getting whiplash from the shift in tone. Now that we’re getting closer to the end of the series, the tone is getting darker overall. I just don’t see that there’s really going to be room for such light hearted and humorous moments brought about by the antics of the Prince Yuki fan club.

I’m glad that Fruits Basket is back, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen in next week’s episode.

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Anime Blu-ray/DVD Combo Review: Fruits Basket Season Two Part One

Fruits Basket Season Two Part One includes two Blu-rays and two DVDs that include Episodes 1-13 of the second season of the Fruits Basket reboot anime. The set includes both an English dub and the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Fruits Basket Season Two Part One
English Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
Format: Blu-ray/DVD Combo
Release Date: January 12, 2021

The set begins with an episode featuring Motoko Minagawa, the president of the Prince Yuki fan club, as she and two of the other members of the club are trying to find out who else is on the student council with Yuki. They’re especially interested in knowing if there will be any female members. Meanwhile, two new characters are introduced to the series: Machi Kuragi (the student council treasurer, who is shy) and Kakeru Manabe (the student council vice-president, who is annoying). Neither one of them makes a good impression on Yuki, although he’s definitely more irritated with Kakeru. This episode ultimately sees Motoko make a fool of herself in front of Yuki. While she claims she won’t give up on Yuki, we quickly see in this set that Motoko and the members of the Prince Yuki fan club become secondary characters. It seems at this point, Natsuki Takaya, the author of the manga, knew what direction she wanted the story to go in when she wrote the manga, and the humor provided by Motoko and her sidekicks just wouldn’t work well with the change in the story and the tone of the series.

Two more new characters are also introduced to the student council. Kimi Toudou, one of the secretaries, comes across as rather flirty, especially toward Yuki. Naohito Sakuragi is another secretary, and he’s got a rather uptight personality. You have to feel bad for Yuki, having to deal with all of these personality types. It took him a while to decide to take on the responsibility of student council president, and now he has this to deal with.

We also get to see Kyo’s father, but only because he summons Kazuma to see him regarding Kyo’s future. After seeing his father, you can understand why Kyo is estranged from him. It’s very clear from the dialogue that Kyo’s father only sees him as a monster. It makes me glad that Kazuma took him in, so Kyo could actually some kind of a father figure in his life. I liked getting to see more of Kazuma in these episodes, and I really like him as a character.

We also get to see Yuki making an attempt at trying to understand his older brother, Ayame. While Yuki still gets irritated by him, at least Yuki seems to be starting to get a better understanding of his brother. The audience is able to see inside Ayame’s head a little more in this season, and you realize that even though Ayame can be annoying, you can see why he is the way that he is.

These episodes also have some focus on Rin Soma, the horse of the Chinese Zodiac. It’s revealed that she was dating Hatsuharu but has broken up with him. And from what we see here, it looks like she’s got some kind of a plan up her sleeve.

The final member of the zodiac, Kureno Soma (the rooster), is also introduced. We first see him when Arisa Uotani encounters him at the convenience store she works at. She falls for him, even though he’s much older. And she doesn’t know that he’s a Soma. The audience isn’t clued in until Kureno is later seen with Akito. In these episodes, Kureno is around and observes what’s going on in the story but isn’t a major player in it at this point.

Four episodes in this set focus on a story arc that takes place at the Soma beach house, where Momiji takes Tohru and some of the members of the zodiac for summer vacation. When Akito learns of this, it’s decided that Akito will go there and stay at the annex nearby. Of course, Akito is there to cause trouble for Tohru, primarily by trying to separate her from the zodiac members (except Kyo). During this time, Kyo and Tohru seem to get a little closer. Yuki also gets some major character development during this arc, and Tohru learns who Akito is in regards to the zodiac members. A lot happens in this arc, and this is a turning point for the series. This is when Tohru decides she’s going to find a way to break the curse in order to free the Somas.

Upon returning from the beach house, there’s an important episode that takes place between Kagura and Kyo. We learn about how the two met, and Kagura confesses to Kyo her true motives for becoming friends with him when they were kids. Kyo is able to make it clear to Kagura that he isn’t in love with her. Even though Kagura still admits to loving Kyo, she backs away. Like with Motoko, this is another extraneous aspect of the series that just wasn’t going to work with how the story is moving forward, so it was best to have Kagura’s obsession with Kyo end here.

There’s also character development for Mayuko Shiraki, the homeroom teacher for Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, Arisa, and Saki. We learn about her friendship with Kanna, her interest in Hattori back then, and how she ended up dating Shigure. I really liked getting to see the Hattori and Kanna relationship again, and how Mayuko fit into it. I especially liked the twist at the end concerning a book that was ordered from Mayuko’s family’s bookstore.

A lot of character development, as well as a lot of change, takes place over the course of these 13 episodes of Fruits Basket. It’s also a turning point for Tohru, who has learned a lot more about the zodiac curse and now has decided to take it upon herself to try to break the curse. And new characters are also introduced into the mix, which helps to add new layers and new directions for the story.

The Blu-ray video on this release is 1080p High Definition 16:9 (HD Native). The audio on the Blu-ray had Dolby TrueHD: English 5.1 and Dolby TrueHD: Japanese 2.0, while the DVD had English 5.1 Surround and Japanese Stereo. I had no complaints about either the audio or the video quality of this release.

I was a little disappointed by the fact that there weren’t any episode commentaries included here, but that could be due in part to the fact that this release was being worked on during the COVID-19 pandemic. The second disc includes a Fruits Basket Season 2 panel from FUNimation Entertainment’s virtual Funimation Con that took place in July 2020. Since it was a virtual panel, that means you’re basically watching a kind of Zoom meeting for about 35 minutes, which meant that sometimes you would see a participant dealing with a lag for their stream. But they did the best they could in this format, so it’s hard for me to criticize it. The panel included Caitlin Glass (the ADR director), Jerry Jewell (the English voice for Kyo), Colleen Clinkenbeard (the English voice for Akito), Eric Vale (the English voice for Yuki Soma), Mikaela Krantz (the English voice for Momiji), and Aaron Dismuke (the English voice for Kakeru Manabe). There is also a textless version of the opening and a textless version of the ending credits.

If you’re a fan of the Fruits Basket franchise, and you already own the first season on home video, then this release of Fruits Basket Season Two Part One is worth picking up and adding to your home anime video library.

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Fruits Basket The Final Season: Episode 1 – “I’ll Hold Another Banquet”

This episode picks up exactly where the final episode of the previous season ended, with Kureno revealing a truth about Akito that only a handful of the zodiac members know. While Kureno is talking with Tohru and telling her about the bond with Akito, we get to see a flashback to when Kureno, Hattori, Ayame, and Shigure’s zodiac spirits were stirred when they had a dream when Akito was conceived. We also learn about Akito’s mother, Ren, and how she and Akito do not get along. Ren believes that the bond between Akito and the zodiac members is unnatural, which clashes with Akito’s view of the situation. We also see that Akito isn’t as tough as the audience thinks… Akito is actually a bit of a crybaby.

This sounds like an info dump from the description, but it really isn’t. The visuals that accompany all this helps to make this more interesting for the viewer, especially the scenes of Akito confronting Ren. In the end, Kureno says that while he loves Uotani, he can’t be with her because he has to stay by Akito’s side. All of this hits Tohru hard, and she freezes. She just cries and is unable to say anything. The wind also blows away Tohru’s scarf, and doesn’t react to this at all because of the shock she received from learning what she did from Kureno. We see that Rin has overheard everything, so she also knows a little more information to try to use in her quest to break the Somas of their curse.

Hanajima appears on the scene, along with her brother Megumi, and they take Tohru to their house to spend the night. Even in her emotional distress, Tohru was able to convey what was bothering her without revealing the Soma’s secret. I have to give her some serious props for that. If I was in her position, I don’t think I would have been able to do that. It turns out Megumi had called Uotani over, and she overhears everything through the door. While Uotani is comforting Tohru, we can tell that she is also trying to deal with her emotions. I really liked this scene in this episode, because it reinforces the bonds of friendship that these three characters have. But it’s interesting to note here just how much more mature Hanajima seemed to be in this scene. She’s always been a little more on the mature side compared to the other two, but it just seemed to jump out at me more in this scene for some reason.

While Kyo is walking home that night, he sees Tohru’s scarf laying in the middle of the street and getting run over by vehicles. He has a flashback to the scene where she bought the scarf and was showing it off to him. He rescues the scarf, thinking that it might be Tohru’s. When she comes home from Hanajima’s the next morning, she confirms that it is indeed hers. Who would have guessed back when Tohru got that scarf and showed it off to Kyo that it would have played this kind of a role later in the series? When that event originally happened, it just felt like something that wasn’t relevant.

Near the end of the episode, we see Rin sneaking around the Soma estate. She is caught by Akito’s mother, who seems to have realized that Rin has a goal of breaking the curse. Ren suggests that the two of them should work together. We don’t see how Rin reacts to this, so we might see this in the next episode.

I think that this episode is going to be setting the tone for Fruits Basket The Final Season. While the second season was a little darker in tone than the first, I think this season will likely tip into a little more darker territory than the previous one. I imagine it’s going to be getting even more dramatic and more emotional as we get closer to the end of the story. I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the season and finally getting to see the entirety of the Fruits Basket story in an animated format.

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Crunchyroll Announces Simulcasts for the Spring 2021 Anime Season

Crunchyroll has announced that it will simulcast the following anime for the Spring 2021 anime season:

  • My Hero Academia Season 5
  • Tokyo Revengers
  • To Your Eternity
  • Zombie Land Saga Revenge
  • The Slime Diaries (The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)
  • Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood
  • Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro
  • Fruits Basket the Final Season
  • Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose (Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Come)
  • Farewell, My Dear Cramer
  • Odd Taxi
  • I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level
  • Those Snow White Notes
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress
  • Fairy Ranmaru (Fairy Ranmaru ~Anata no Kokoro O-tasukeshimasu~)
  • Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway (Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshi Kōsei o Hirou.)
  • How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Ω
  • Koikimo (Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui)

The following anime are continuing simulcasts:

  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
  • Case Closed
  • Digimon Adventure:
  • Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai
  • Kiyo in Kyoto: From the Maiko House
  • Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure
  • One Piece
  • So I’m a Spider, So What?

Source: ANN

FUNimation Entertainment Announces Premiere Dates for the Spring 2021 Anime Season

FUNimation Entertainment has announced the premiere dates for the anime that will simulcast during the Spring 2021 season:

  • Hetalia World Stars – April 1, 2021
  • Combatants Will Be Dispatched! – April 4, 2021
  • Megalobox 2: Nomad – April 4, 2021
  • Dragon Goes House-Hunting – April 4, 2021
  • Moriarty the Patriot Part 2 – April 4, 2021
  • MARS RED – April 5, 2021
  • The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent – April 6, 2021
  • Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! – April 7, 2021
  • The World Ends with You the Animation – April 9, 2021
  • Blue Reflection Ray – April 9, 2021
  • Battle Athletes Victory ReSTART! – April 10, 2021

The anime will stream in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Ireland on FunimationNow; in Australia and New Zealand on AnimeLab; and in France, Russia, Germany and in Scandinavian countries on Wakanim.

FUNimation will also stream the English dubs for How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Ω and Zombie Land Saga Revenge in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and in Australia and New Zealand on AnimeLab. The company will announce the dubs’ premieres at a later date.

The company will also stream the simuldub of Fruits Basket the Final Season, and it began streaming the first episode in English on March 19, 2021.

FUNimation will simulcast the third season of the Kingdom anime, and it will announce the simulcast premiere at a later date.

Source: ANN

FUNimation Entertainment and Kung Fu Tea Kick Off Promotional Partnership

FUNimation, the leading global anime content provider, and Kung Fu Tea, the U.S.’s largest bubble tea brand, have announced a cool promotion which brings bubble tea lovers and fans of anime together. Beginning March 15, 2021, FUNimation and Kung Fu Tea will be giving away a one-month FREE FUNimation subscription with the purchase of any Kung Fu Tea drink. To get this deal, fans just need to stop by any of the 250+ Kung Fu Tea locations across the U.S., purchase a drink and scan the QR code on the co-branded lids.

The promotion runs from March 15-May 9, 2021.

In addition to a one-month complimentary subscription to FUNimation, Kung Fu Tea will be serving three limited edition drinks inspired by Fruits Basket characters starting April 1, 2021 — Yuki’s Noble Taro Slush, Tohru’s Strawberry Blush Slush and Kyo’s Mango Madness. Customers will also be able to get a limited edition Fruits Basket sticker when they purchase the above drinks (while supplies last). Fruits Basket is the “wildly” popular anime series following plucky Tohru as she meets the unique members of the Soma family and learns about their mysterious curse. The series returns for its final season in April 2021 on FUNimation’s streaming platform.

“The promotional partnership between FUNimation and Kung Fu Tea is a great way to celebrate the final season of Fruits Basket and is an excellent way for fans to celebrate these beloved characters,” noted Rahul Purini, Chief Operating Officer at FUNimation Global Group. “It’s also a great way to usher in spring and a whole new season of amazing anime content.”

“As America’s Bubble Tea, Kung Fu Tea’s mission is to build a community through our fresh ingredients, bold flavors and innovative drinks. Our partnership with FUNimation gives Kung Fu Tea the opportunity to reward the fearless fans of not only our products, but some of the best anime as well,” said Mai Shi, Marketing and PR lead from Kung Fu Tea.

FUNimation Entertainment Announces June 2021 Releases

FUNimation Entertainment has announced the June 2021 releases for Crunchyroll and FUNimation.


  • Black Clover: Season 3 Part 4 (Blu-ray/DVD) – 300 minutes – $54.98 – 6/1/21
    Episodes 130 – 141
    Special Features: Black Clover: Season 3- Voice Actor Panel, Clover Clips Special Edition, Textless Opening Song “Stories,” and Textless Closing Song “Answer”
  • Mob Psycho 100: Season 1 Collection (Blu-ray) (Classics) – 300 minutes – $49.98 – 6/1/21
    Special Features: Mob Psycho Mini, Promo Video, Flipbook Video, Commercials, Textless Closing Song “Refrain Boy,” and Trailers

FUNimation Entertainment

  • A Certain Scientific Railgun T Part 2 (Blu-ray/DVD) – 325 minutes – $64.98 – 6/29/21
    Special Features: Much More Railgun VI, Promo Video, Commercials, Textless Opening Song, and Textless Closing Song
  • APPARE-RANMAN!: Complete Season (Blu-ray) – 300 minutes – $64.98 – 6/1/11
    Special Features: Making of APPARE-RANMAN Original Soundtrack, Promo Videos, Commercials, Textless Opening Song, and Textless Closing Song
  • Fruits Basket: Season 1 Collection (Blu-ray) – 625 minutes – $69.98 – 6/8/21
    Episodes 1 – 25
    Special Features: Episode 4, 7 and 18 Commentaries, Fruits Basket Tell-All, Fruits Basket: Inside the Episode, Textless Opening and Closing Songs, Fruits Basket: Interview with Cast and Crew
  • Hatena Illusion: Complete Collection (Blu-ray) – 325 minutes – $64.98 – 6/29/21
    Features commissioned cover artwork from Kentaro Yabuki, creator of Black Cat
    Special Features: Episode 6.5, Promo Videos, Textless Opening Song, Textless Closing Song Version 1, Textless Closing Song Version 2
  • LAST EXILE -Fam, The Silver Wing-: Complete Collection (Blu-ray) (Essentials) – 575 minutes – $34.98 – 6/1/21
    Special Features: Episode 01, 11, 17, and 21 Commentaries, Anime Expo 2011: Part 1 Spin-off Anime CM Series “Friday Night” #01-07 (Kinyo no Yoru), Fam Event Opening Movie, Commercial Collection, Anime Expo 2011: Part 2, Spin-off Anime CM Series “Friday Night” #08-13 (Kinyo no Yoru), Promotional Videos, Textless Openings, Textless Closing Songs, U.S. Trailer, and Trailers
  • No Guns Life: Season 2 Collection (Blu-ray) – 300 minutes – $64.98 – 6/22/21
    Includes a special metallic O-card
    Special Features: Promo Video, Commercial Collection, Textless Opening Song, and Textless Closing Song
  • number24: Complete Collection (Blu-ray) – 300 minutes – $64.98 – 6/8/21
    Special Features: Episode 10.5: Omnibus Episode, April Fools’ Footage (Welcome to the Number24 Host Club), Commercials, Textless Opening and Ending Songs
  • One Piece: Collection 26 (Blu-ray/DVD) – 675 minutes – $34.98 – 6/15/21
    Episodes 615 – 641
    Special Features: One Piece: An Inside Look at Dubbing Punk Hazard, Textless Opening song “HANDS UP!,” FunimationCon 2020: One Piece Panel Part 1, Textless Opening Song “Wake Up!”
  • Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle Part 2 (Blu-ray) – 325 minutes – $64.98 – 6/15/21
    Japanese with English subtitles
    Special Features: Episode 12.5 – Xiao’s Report, Textless Opening and Closing Songs
  • Shachibato! President It’s Time for Battle!: Complete Season (Blu-ray) – 300 minutes – $64.98 – 6/1/21
    Special Features: Web Previews, Promo Videos, Commercials, Textless Opening Song Version 1 & 2, and Textless Closing Song
  • Smile Down the Runway: Complete Season (Blu-ray) – 300 minutes – $64.98 – 6/22/21
    Special Features: Promo Videos, Character Promo Videos, Commercial, Textless Opening Song, and Textless Closing Song
  • Wave, Listen to Me!: Complete Season (Blu-ray) – 300 minutes – $64.98 – 6/28/21
    Special Features: Textless Opening and Closing Songs

FUNimation Entertainment to Stream the First Episode of Fruits Basket: The Final on March 19, 2021

FUNimation Entertainment has announced that it will stream the first episode of the Fruits Basket: The Final anime with an English dub on Friday, March 19, 2021, two weeks before its April 5, 2021 television premiere in Japan. Eric Vale, Jerry Jewell, Ian Sinclair, Colleen Clinkenbeard, and Brina Palencia, the dub voices for the main characters in the anime, will have messages for viewers during the stream.

Viewers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom can view the stream through FunimationNow, and it will also be viewable for users in Australia and New Zealand via AnimeLab.

Source: ANN