Case Closed: Episode 969 – “The Young Kaga Lady’s Mystery Tour (Part One)”

Ran wins a lottery prize, which is a trip to Kanazawa. While they’re out and about in the city, Ran, Conan, and Kogoro have a run-in with a young woman who’s running with a large bag. From interactions with her, it’s revealed that the girl is a “pampered princess” (even worse than Sonoko is), and they help her to get a taxi to where she wants to go.

Later, they run into her again when someone steals the bag of money from her. Kogoro is able to get it back, and discovers there’s a lot of money inside. Before they can get any answers from the girl, she runs off. They see a short while later, and the bag of money is gone. She admits that it was ransom money, and this is the catalyst that brings this next mystery into being.

It turns out to be a kidnapping case involving an employee of the girl’s father’s company. While discussing the case with members of the company, the kidnapped employee calls and says he’s been freed and will return after being questioned by the local police. But during this whole thing, we see that the girl’s father is a major jerk, although he dotes on his daughter. We learn that he hates the girl’s current boyfriend, and suspects him of kidnapping the employee.

When Manabu (the kidnapped employee) returned, I thought he was acting kind of unusual and suspected that something was up. By the end of the episode, it was proven that I was right. It turned out he staged his own kidnapping, and through the reveal, we learn how Conan and Kogoro realized he’d been lying. When the case seemed to solved so quickly, I wondered how this would be a two-parter. Well, Manabu escapes and is on the run… and is not caught by the end of the episode.

Right at the end of the episode, we see the girl’s father attacked by a shadowy figure. So the mystery of the next episode is going to be trying to figure out who attacked the company president. I have a feeling that Manabu is not going to be the perpetrator, because that would just be too easy. It could also potentially be the girl’s boyfriend, but that also seems too easy. I really hope that I’m not disappointed by how this two-parter is resolved.

I know I’m not saying a lot here, but honestly, it’s one of those episodes where the initial mystery is solved rather quickly but then leads into another mystery. The buildup was fine in the episode, but the resolution felt kind of quick. I know it needed to be that way in order to set up the mystery for the next episode, but it weakened the enjoyment I might have had from trying to figure out the kidnapping mystery. It was too quick and too easy. Oh well. Like I said previously, I hope I’m not disappointed by this arc’s resolution.

Case Closed: Episode 968 – “Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Finale)”

Well, last week I thought I knew who the fifth person was from the robbery that tied the victims together. It turns out I was wrong, because I didn’t know that the actual person existed until this episode. Through Heiji and Conan’s work, they find out who the fifth person is by following the fourth (the one who ended up in the hospital). But through this fifth person, they find out the final location of the bomb… which puts Ran, Kazuha, and the Detective Boys in danger.

Kazuha is at the audition for the film, and has to wear an outfit that appears to look like a female version of Kamen Yaiba’s outfit. So I’m guessing the audition is for a female sidekick of his or something. It’s never clearly stated, but the outfit she has to wear makes it appear that’s the case. Unfortunately, just as she’s about to do her audition, the MC announces that there’s a “technical issue”and that they’re taking a break. The attendees are sent over to another area for a meet and greet event. Kazuha, however, is handed a phone and Heiji tells her what’s going on: there’s a bomb where he and Conan are at, and there’s a bomb on the stage that Kazuha is standing on.

Technology played an important role here, since it was up to Kazuha to disarm the bomb on the stage. Through the video feature on their phones, Heiji communicates to her what she needs to do. This ends up being a tense situation, though. While Conan feels confident he’s figured out how to disarm the bomb, Heiji would always but a wire on his bomb first to make sure nothing happens before instructing Kazuha to do the same. Right at the end, it almost looks as if Kazuha is missing an important tool to finish the job, but she realizes she has something… even though she has to damage it in order to make it work. And she’s also fortunate to have Ran helping her at this stage as well.

After it’s determined that the bombs have been disarmed, we get a very amusing interaction between Heiji and Kazuha concerning her outfit. Poor Kazuha. LOL!

This was a good special, although I do think that the two-part school trip special from last year was a little better.

Case Closed: Episode 967 – “Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Climax)”

First off, I want to point out that there was a translation error last week in the preview for this episode. For whatever reason, the person doing the subtitles referred to this episode in last week’s preview as “Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Finale).” However, as we see here, it’s actually “Climax.” The preview for next week’s episode shows it as “Finale.” Whoops! Having “Climax” for this episode makes a lot more sense.

On to the actual episode itself. Again, it gave us enough of a preview to remind the audience what had happened and what had been learned over the previous two episodes, before continuing on with the story.

Over the course of the episode, Kogoro and Conan, as well at Heiji and Ai, do some investigative work and start finding various pieces that seem to fit together to determine a motive for these killings, as well as who the potential killer is. Kogoro and Conan find out information that helps determine who Ishikawa (the suspect they found tied up in his house in the previous episode) acted the way he did, instead of trying to find an easier way out of the house and contacting police. Through internet research, Ai finds information that links the three men who were killed and Ishikawa together, as well as why these people are being targeted. And Heiji finds some video evidence that seems to wrap up the case… until they realize something at the end of the episode while watching the footage. The four suspects are all in the video… but who’s recording it? The episode ends with the police realizing that there has to be a fifth man involved, and that he is likely the next target. So it looks like the next episode will be a race against time to determine who the fifth man is and solve the case.

During the episode, one of the producers of the film approaches Kazuha and Ran, saying that they will be doing an audition for a couple of parts in the film. Apparently, the audition was supposed to be announced during the announcement event that took place in the first episode of this arc, but never happened due to the murder that took place. Ran isn’t interested, but Kazuha is all over it, since she’s so big into Gomera and Kamen Yaiba. The preview for the next episode shows that the audition will be part of what’s going on.

At the end of the episode, when it was determined that there has to be a fifth man involved, I think I figured out who this person has to be. And if I’m right, then that’s why the audition is played up in the preview for the next episode. It’s going to be interesting to see if I’m right on this or not when I watch Case Closed next week.

Overall, this episode focused a lot on exposition, done through investigations or discussion among the investigators. While that may sound boring, a lot of information does come out over the course of the episode. Right before the final reveal about the fifth man, it does feel like they’ve solved the case, and it made me wonder how they were going to continue the story into one more part. But with that final reveal and loose thread, it made sense why there’s one more part to the story. I’m very interested to see how this story arc and mystery are ultimately resolved.

Case Closed: Episode 966 – “Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Interlude)”

The episode opens with enough of a recap to remind the audience of what happened in the previous episode before launching into the opening credits.

Early on in the episode, we see the inspector from the Kyoto police department talking with the members of the Osaka police department, Conan, and Heiji. In a lot of ways, this is a kind of “info dump,” but it was the fastest way to get the information out that needed to be revealed. It’s revealed that the Kyoto inspector was investigating a case in his jurisdiction, and it involves someone who had a connection with the director who was murdered in the previous episode. After what happened at the end of the previous episode, it’s suspected that a bomb may have been associated with the Kyoto death as well.

We then get to see some rehearsal from the film shoot, where all of the characters who were at the event in the previous episode are participating as extras. It was amusing to see what happens and the reactions they get from the director. Heiji just isn’t an actor, that’s for sure. LOL!

But while this is going on, another man involved with the production of the Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba film is on a location scouting trip, and is caught in an explosion. It turns out this man has a connection with both the murdered director and the man who died in Kyoto. As the pieces come together, the Osaka police and the Kyoto police decide to form a joint task force in order to investigate these seemingly connected crimes.

We get a humorous scene of Conan, Ran, Heiji, Kazuha, and the kids at a Kamen Yaiba cafe. Kazuha dragged them there, and there’s a humorous scene here, with much of the humor coming from Kazuha and Heiji. You can tell that poor Heiji is out of his element, but that’s what makes this scene humorous.

The joint task force seems to have found a potential suspect for the three bombings, and the man would have a motive for killing these people. But when they get to the residence where he lives, they find him beaten up and tied up… and this is where the episode ends. How will this discovery affect their investigation?

There’s just one thing I have to mention about the inspector from Kyoto. What was up with the squirrel hanging out on his shoulder? It’s almost like it was providing the facial expressions for reactions to revelations and comments, since the inspector himself seems to try to maintain his composure. The squirrel comes across as comedic, and I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, especially considering the tone of the scene that we see this taking place in.

And I’m also a little confused by something. The preview says the next episode is titled, “Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Finale).” However, I’ve seen reports saying this special is supposed to run for four episodes, and next week will only be three episodes. Unless the final episode coming up in a couple of weeks will be labeled as “Epilogue”? It’ll be interesting to see how this story and mystery continues to progress and develop.

Case Closed: Episode 965 – “Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Prologue)”

This episode is the first of a four-part special. The setting is a new building that was built for Nichuiri TV, at an event to announce the new Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba movie that is being produced to commemorate the completion of the new building.

The audience knows several of the guests attending the event: Kogoro, Ran, Conan, the Detective Boys, Heiji, and Kazuha. It turns out that Kazuha is a big fan of Kaiju Gomera after watching the films with Heiji when they were kids. Apparently, Heiji had no idea of her appreciation for Kaiju Gomera until now, so the scene where this is revealed to the audience was rather amusing.

At the event, the producer of the film, who is being hailed as a hitmaker, makes a quick speech and then heads off to do other things before the event continues. Part of this is meeting up with someone at a prop room that’s having electrical problems. The audience sees a shadowy figure cutting the ropes on a kaiju that’s being stored there, and the kaiju falls on the producer… killing him. What a way to go.

Kogoro, Heiji, and Conan end up becoming involved with the investigation, along with the Osaka police department. As usual, Heiji and Conan are pointing out things that the police overlook at first, and explain some of what the police is finding. Through questioning the producer’s assistant, they are able to whittle down the people who had access to that particular prop room: the guy they question and two other men.

The case is actually solved by the end of the episode, but the act of apprehending the suspects hasn’t quite finished by the end of the episode. One of them is captured, while the other gets away. There was a great cliffhanger, but then we see what happens after the ending credits. Even if we hadn’t had that, the cliffhanger likely would have been ruined by the preview, anyway. But right at the end, the inspector from Kyoto who has popped up before appears again. From the preview, it looks like the Osaka police force and the Kyoto police force are going to have to work together.

It was also mentioned in this episode that a scene is being filmed for the movie the next day, and that those people invited to the announcement event would be extras. From the preview, we see that the filming of this scene will be taking place in the next episode.

As things are going now, I’m not sure how this going to last for three more episodes. I’m guessing there will be some more twists and turns introduced to the story that I can’t even fathom yet.

Case Closed: Episode 964 – “Mori Kogoro’s Grand Lecture (Part Three)”

The episode begins with a brief recap to remind the audience where the story is at this point in this three-episode arc.

When Eri goes to her dressing room, she finds a rock on top of two more pieces of paper from a magazine. Fortunately, Conan and Ai are able to get it before it’s thrown out. Now that the soccer game is over, they call the other Detective Boys back to Hishida Hall, and they work to find the rulebook for the code. They actually find it rather quickly.

While they’re doing this, the panel is taking place between Kogoro, Eri, and Mei (the security volunteer who appears to be a mystery buff). It turns out that she’s actually a student studying criminal psychology through an overseas program. It’s revealed that her brother was arrested for murder and confessed to the crime. It’s also revealed that Eri was his lawyer, and Mei wants answers from her.

I really can’t go into more detail at this point, because it would be giving away spoilers. However, I will say that what takes place on the stage gets intense, and that Eri finds that her life is in danger.

Overall, though, it was a good episode for Case Closed, and that the ending was satisfying. This story needed to have three parts in order for everything to come together like it did. Yes, the Detective Boys finding the rulebook for the code did feel a little rushed, but their part of the story wasn’t the main focus. Plus, they needed what they discover from the code in order to assist with what’s taking place on the stage as they figure out the code.

Case Closed: Episode 963 – “Mori Kogoro’s Grand Lecture (Part Two)”

The episode opened with a brief recap that got right to the point, and then the episode continued on from right where the previous one had ended.

At the end of the previous episode, Kogoro had thought he had solved the locked room murder… but, instead, he had solved another murder that he didn’t even know had happened. After the confession for this other murder, the police check on this, and determine that this other murder did indeed happen and found the evidence they needed to support the confession.

But now they’re stuck on the locked room murder, since everyone had an alibi for the time the murder was thought to take place, and the police were back to figuring out how the locked room murder became a locked room.

While Conan and Ai are investigating, they find pages from the same magazine with a rock on top on the windowsill where the locked room murder took place. It seems to be someone trying to give clues. They also find more at the crime scene for the other murder. Just then, Mei (the gal on security who’s a mystery buff) appears and encourages them to take this to Kogoro. Unfortunately, when they do, Kogoro waves it away as a prank and a waste of time.

But it’s interesting to see how much Mei was throwing out in the way of hints and clues as the police are investigating. In the end, it’s through her hints that the locked room mystery is solved and a confession is made by the murderer.

Conan, like myself, was feeling suspicious about Mei. She seemed to be constantly popping up and getting herself involved in the investigation, especially with how her hints were right on. I started to feel there was more to her than she was letting on.

Near the end of the episode, it’s revealed that since one of the panelists was murdered, and the other was arrested for murder, that it would only be Kogoro and his ex-wife, Eri, on the panel. But just as it seems like the panel may fall apart, the staff brings Mei in to be part of the panel. Hmmm… that doesn’t seem suspicious. That doesn’t seem suspicious at all.

This mystery actually extends into a third part, and the preview for Part Three seems to give away Mei’s reason for wanting to be on the panel. And what’s also intriguing is that the hint for the “Next Conan’s Hint” bit at the end of the episode is Eri. Hmmm… this could be get quite interesting. And it should also be pointed out that the very last shot of the episode seemed rather ominous… a shadow person holding a knife while standing next to torn out pages from a magazine with a rock on top of them. Hmmm…