Crunchyroll Adds Ergo Proxy, Black Cat, Texhnolyze, Aquarion Evol, and Black Blood Brothers to Its Catalog

Crunchyroll has announced that it will begin streaming five new FUNimation titles: Ergo Proxy, Black Cat, Texhnolyze, Aquarion Evol, and Black Blood Brothers.

Ergo Proxy, Black Cat, Texhnolyze, and Aquarion Evol are available to users in the United States and Canada.

Black Blood Brothers is available to users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, and the Netherlands.

Source: ANN

Anime Spotlight: Black Blood Brothers

I was first exposed to Black Blood Brothers back in 2008 when I watched the first episode on a DVD that came with an issue of Otaku USA magazine. However, I hadn’t had the opportunity to watch the entire series until just recently. It took me almost a decade to finally watch the whole series, but as they say, better late than never.

It’s a series that ultimately starts out with a lot of promise, and I was riveted by the story and by how various details were slowly being revealed throughout. I’m usually not a big fan of vampire stories, but Black Blood Brothers had something to it that helped it appeal to me. I think this was perhaps due to the main protagonists being very likable, which helped me to be interested in their story as the series progressed. Although I was a little disappointed by the fact that I had managed to guess a major revelation that happened at the end of the series, and that I was able to predict it so early in the series. When this major revelation was made, it ended being anti-climactic for me.

Unfortunately, the ending of the Black Blood Brothers is a let-down, because it ends up becoming another anime that seems like it’s laying the foundation for a second season of the series by introducing new information and elements, but then the last episode just stops the story. I know it’s based on a light novel, so I suspect that the light novel was still being published at the time the anime was being produced and the anime had to find a logical stopping place for the series. Unfortunately, this leaves major plot threads unresolved. Perhaps the door was being left open to potentially produce a second season of Black Blood Brothers, but that nothing further ended up happening for the anime.

In the end, I’m glad I finally watched all the episodes of Black Blood Brothers, and it’s not a bad series for what it is. Unfortunately, I was disappointed enough by the series’ non-ending that I don’t feel compelled to buy FUNimation’s home video release in order to add Black Blood Brothers to my anime collection.

U.S. TV Channel Chiller to Run Anime Block on Wednesdays

American cable and satellite channel Chiller has announced that it will begin showing a new programming block of supernatural and horror anime on Wednesdays named Anime Wednesdays. The block will run from 12am to 2am.

Chiller previously ran an anime programming block in 2009, showing Tokko, Sword for Truth, and Descendants of Darkness. The channel has also previously aired Blood: The Last Vampire, Vampire Wars, and Ninja Scroll.

The new block will include:

  • 12am: Is This a Zombie?
  • 12:30am: Tokyo Majin
  • 1am: Devil May Cry
  • 1:30am: Black Blood Brothers

Source: ANN