B: The Beginning Wins Jury Prize at the Bucheon International Animation Film Festival

Production I.G has announced that its B: The Beginning animated series won the Jury Prize in the TV & Commissioned Films competition category at the 20th Bucheon International Animation Film Festival (BIAF) in South Korea. The first episode screened at the festival on October 20 and October 21, 2018.

Nakazawa and Yoshiki Yamakawa directed the series, and Nakazawa also designed the characters and served as key animation supervisor. Katsuya Ishida wrote the screenplay. Yoshihiro Ike composed the music.

Netflix began streaming the 12-episode first season worldwide simultaneously on March 2, 2018, and it will get a second season.

Source: ANN

English Cast Announced for the B: The Beginning Anime

The English cast has been announced for the forthcoming B: The Beginning anime:

  • Ray Chase is Keith / Dr. Flick
  • Kyle McCarley is Koku
  • John Demita is Gilbert / Puzo
  • Doug Stone is Boris
  • Faye Mata is Lily
  • Johnny Yong Bosch is Minatsuki
  • Xander Mobus is Laica / Henry
  • Allegra Clark is Kaela
  • Brianna Knickerbocker is Yuna
  • Patrick Seitz is Mario
  • Jalen K. Cassell is Eric
  • Erica Mendez is Young Koku
  • Cristina Vee is Young Yuna / Erika / Kukuri / Takeru
  • John Snyder is Jean
  • Ezra Weisz is Abbot
  • Khoi Dao is Brandon
  • Todd Haberkorn is Quinn / Jonathan
  • Steve Prince is Julian
  • Ben Diskin is Kamui
  • Marianne Miller is Izanami / Lily’s Mom
  • Sean Chiplock is Red
  • Edward Bosco is Blue / Richard
  • Keith Silverstein is Yellow
  • Jake Eberle is Lily’s Father
  • Joe Zieja is Lily’s Brother

B: The Beginning is scheduled to premiere on Netflix in Spring 2018.

Source: ANN

Netflix Announces Staff and Cast for the B: The Beginning Anime

Netflix has announced the main staff, cast, and Spring 2018 premiere for its upcoming B: The Beginning anime.

Kazuto Nakazawa and Production I.G are listed as the original creators. Nakazawa and Yoshinobu Yamakawa are directing the series, and Nakazawa is also designing the characters and serving as key animation supervisor. Katsunari Ishida is writing the screenplay. Yoshihiro Ike is composing the music.

The series stars Hiroaki Hirata, Yuuki Kaji, Asami Seto, Hiroki Touchi, Minoru Inaba, Ami Koshimizu, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, ShintarĊ Tanaka, Atsushi Goto, Toshiyuki Morikawa, and Kaito Ishikawa. The cast roles have not yet been announced.

Source: ANN