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Anime Convention Listing

Here, you will find listings for anime conventions that take place in the United States, as well as international conventions. The American conventions are listed first, in alphabetical order by state. The international conventions follow, listed in alphabetical order by country.

If you see that there are any corrections that need to be made to this listing, or if you know of a convention that needs to be added to the listing, please feel free to contact me and let me know.


Alabama Comic Con / Kimetsu Con [Birmingham, Alabama]
Website: https://alabamacomiccon.com/

AnniCon [Anniston, Alabama]
Website: https://www.annicon.com/

Kami-Con [Birmingham, Alabama]
Website: https://www.kamicon.net/

Mobile Bay Anime Festival [Daphne, Alabama]
Website: https://mobilebayanimefest.com/

Rocket City Anime [Huntsville, Alabama]
Website: https://rocketcityanime.com/


Senshi-Con [Anchorage, Alaska]
Website: http://www.senshicon.org/


Con Nichiwa [Tucson, Arizona]
Website: https://www.con-nichiwa.com/

Saboten-Con [Phoenix, Arizona]
Website: http://www.sabotencon.com/


Arkansas Anime Festival [Springdale, Arkansas]
Website: http://www.arkansasanimefestival.com/


Anime Expo [Los Angeles, California]
Website: http://www.anime-expo.org/

Anime Expo Ontario [Ontario, California]
Website: https://www.anime-expo.org/

Anime Impulse [Costa Mesa, California]
Website: https://www.animeimpulse.com/orangecounty

Anime Los Angeles [Burbank, California]
Website: http://www.animelosangeles.org/ala/

Animé Los Angeles [Long Beach, California]
Website: https://animelosangeles.org/

Anime Pasadena [Pasadena, California]
Website: https://www.animepasadena.com/

Crunchyroll Expo [San Jose, California]
Website: https://www.crunchyrollexpo.com/

FanimeCon [San Jose, California]
Website: http://www.fanime.com/

Pacific Media Expo [Los Angeles, California]
Website: http://www.pacificmediaexpo.com/

Ronin-Expo [Los Angeles, California]
Website: https://www.ronin-expo.org/

Sac-Anime [Sacramento, California]
Website: http://sacanime.com/

SoCal Anime [Pomona, California]
Website: https://www.socalanime.us/


Nan Desu Kan [Denver, Colorado]
Website: http://www.ndkdenver.org/


ConnectiCon [Hartford, Connecticut]
Website: https://connecticon.org/


Anime St. Pete [St. Petersburg, Florida]
Website: https://animestpete.floridacomiccons.com/

Holiday Matsuri [Orlando, Florida]
Website: https://holidaymatsuri.com/

Metrocon [Tampa, Florida]
Website: http://www.metroconventions.com/

SWFL-AnimeExpo [Fort Myers, Florida]
Website: http://www.swflanimeexpo.com/


AWA-con (Anime Weekend Atlanta) [Atlanta, Georgia]
Website: http://www.awa-con.com/

MomoCon [Atlanta, Georgia]
Website: http://www.momocon.com/

Savannah Animazing & Video Game Expo [Savannah, Georgia]
Website: https://www.savannahanimazing.com/


Kawaii Kon [Honolulu, Hawaii]
Website: http://www.kawaii-kon.org/


Anime Central [Rosemont, Illinois]
Website: http://www.acen.org/

Anime Magic! [Rosemont, Illinois]
Website: https://www.animemagic.org/

Anime-Zap! [East Peoria, Illinois]
Website: https://animezapcon.com/

Con+Alt+Delete [Rosemont, Illinois]
Website: https://conaltdelete.com/


Ramencon [South Bend, Indiana]
Website: http://www.ramencon.com/


AnimeIowa [Coralville, Iowa]
Website: http://www.animeiowa.com/

Anime-zing! [Davenport, Iowa]
Website: https://www.qcanimezing.com/


Anime Festival Wichita [Wichita, Kansas]
Website: http://www.afwcon.org/


Animaine [South Portland, Maine]
Website: http://www.animaine.org/

PortConMaine [Portland, Maine]
Website: http://www.portconmaine.com/


Miryokucon [Baltimore, Maryland]
Website: https://www.miryokucon.com/


Anime Boston [Boston, Massachusetts]
Website: http://www.animeboston.com/

Another Anime Convention [Westford, Massachusetts]
Website: https://anotheranimecon.com/


Youmacon [Detroit, Michigan]
Website: http://www.youmacon.com/


Anime Detour [Bloomington, Minnesota]
Website: http://www.animedetour.com/


Mississippi Anime Festival [Jackson, Mississippi]
Website: https://msanimefest.com/


Anime St. Louis [St. Louis, Missouri]
Website: https://animestl.net/

Kokorokon [St. Louis, Missouri]
Website: https://www.kokorokon.com/


Anime NebrasKon [Lincoln, Nebraska]
Website: http://www.animenebraskon.com/


Sin City Anime [Las Vegas, Nevada]
Website: https://www.sincityanime.com/

New Jersey

AnimeNEXT [Secaucus, New Jersey]
Website: http://www.animenext.org/

DerpyCon [New Brunswick, New Jersey]
Website: https://derpycon.com/

New York

Anime NYC [New York, New York]
Website: https://animenyc.com/

New York Comic Con [New York, New York]
Website: https://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/

North Carolina

Animazement [Durham, North Carolina]
Website: http://www.animazement.org/

Queen City Anime Convention [Charlotte, North Carolina]
Website: https://queencityanimecon.com/


Animarathon [Bowling Green, Ohio]
Website: https://www.animarathon.org/

Cleveland Colossal Convention [Beachwood, Ohio]
Website: http://www.colossalcon.com

Kazokukon [Toledo, Ohio]
Website: https://www.kazokukon.org/

Matsuricon [Columbus, Ohio]
Website: https://matsuricon.org/

Ohayocon [Columbus, Ohio]
Website: http://www.ohayocon.org/


Anime Oklahoma [Midwest City, Oklahoma]
Website: https://www.animeoklahoma.com/


Ani-Medford [Grants Pass, Oregon]
Website: https://www.ani-medford.com/

Kumoricon [Portland, Oregon]
Website: http://www.kumoricon.org/


Colossalcon East [Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania]
Website: https://colossalconeast.com/

Setsucon [State College, Pennsylvania]
Website: http://www.setsucon.com/

Shikkaricon [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]
Website: https://shikkaricon.com/

Tekkoshocon [Monroeville, Pennsylvania]
Website: http://www.tekkoshocon.com/

Zenkaikon [King of Prussia, Pennsylvania]
Website: http://www.zenkaikon.com/

Rhode Island

Otaku Con [Providence, Rhode Island]
Website: https://www.otakucon.com/


A-Kon [Dallas, Texas]
Website: http://a-kon.com/

Anime Dallas [Dallas, Texas]
Website: https://animedallas.com/

Anime Escape Festival [Grand Prairie, Texas]
Website: https://animeescapefest.com/

Anime Fiesta [McAllen, Texas]
Website: https://animefiesta.net/

Anime Frontier [Fort Worth, Texas]
Website: https://animefrontier.com/

Anime Houston [Houston, Texas]
Website: https://animehouston.com/

Anime Texas [The Woodlands, Texas]
Website: https://www.animetexas.org/

AnimeFest [Dallas, Texas]
Website: http://www.animefest.org/

Colossalcon Texas [Round Rock, Texas]
Website: https://colossalcontexas.com/

Ikkicon [Austin, Texas]
Website: http://www.ikkicon.com/

Kawacon [San Antonio, Texas]
Website: https://www.kawaconsa.com/

Oni-con [Houston, Texas]
Website: http://www.oni-con.com/

San Japan [San Antonio, Texas]
Website: http://www.san-japan.org/


Anime Banzai [Salt Lake City, Utah]
Website: http://www.animebanzai.org/


Bakuretsu Con [Colchester, Vermont]
Website: http://www.bakuretsucon.org/


Anime USA [Arlington, Virginia]
Website: http://www.animeusa.org/

Nekocon [Hampton, Virginia]
Website: http://www.nekocon.com/

Superstar Anime [Virginia Beach, Virginia]
Website: https://www.superstaranime.com/


Sakura-Con [Seattle, Washington]
Website: http://www.sakuracon.org/

Washington, D.C.

Katsucon [Washington, D.C.]
Wesbite: http://www.katsucon.org/

Otakon [Washington, D.C.]
Website: http://www.otakon.com/

West Virginia

Tsubasacon [Huntington, West Virginia]
Website: http://www.tsubasacon.org/


Anime Milwaukee [Milwaukee, Wisconson]
Website: http://www.animemilwaukee.com/

Colossalcon North [Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin]
Website: https://colossalconnorth.com/


Crunchyroll Expo Australia [Melbourne, Australia]
Website: https://crunchyrollexpo.com.au/

SMASH [Sydney, Australia]
Website: http://www.smash.org.au/


AniNite [Vienna, Austria]
Website: https://www.aninite.at/

HanamiCon [Graz, Austria]
Website: https://www.hanamicon.at/


Ai-Kon [Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada]
Website: http://www.ai-kon.org/

Anime Evolution [Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada]
Website: http://www.animeevolution.com/

Anime North [Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
Website: http://www.animenorth.com/

Animethon [Edmonton, Alberta, Canada]
Website: http://www.animethon.org/index.php

Otafest [Calgary, Alberta, Canada]
Website: http://www.otafest.com/

Otakuthon [Montreal, Quebec, Canada]
Website: http://www.otakuthon.com/


J-Popcorn [Valby, Denmark]
Website: http://www.j-popcon.dk/


AnimagiC [Mannheim, Germany]
Website: https://animagic.de/

Connichi [Kassel, Germany]
Website: http://www.connichi.de/

The Netherlands

Abunai! [Zwolle, The Netherlands]
Website: http://www.abunaicon.nl/index.php

AnimeCon [Almelo, The Netherlands]
Website: http://www.animecon.nl/

United Kingdom

AmeChibi [Northampton, UK]
Website: http://www.amecon.org/

Minami Con [Southampton, UK]
Website: http://www.minamicon.org.uk/

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