Seven Seas Entertainment has announced, through its Steamship imprint dedicated to sexy romance for women, the license acquisition of the I Want You to Make Me Beautiful! manga series by Cocoa–a josei romance tale of fake dating and finding beauty in unexpected places.

Office lady Nishimura Kanna has had it with her boyfriend after discovering his cheating ways. When she breaks up with him, he insults her looks, bruising her self-confidence on top of breaking her heart. Then she runs into an old classmate, the androgynous Ichikawa Yuzuki, a man whose gorgeous appearance is a sharp difference from the boyish classmate Kanna remembers from their school days. Not only does she ask Yuzuki to help her become just as pretty, but she ends up pretending to be Yuzuki’s girlfriend, too. As things get hot and heavy between them, can a beautiful romance blossom from this “fake” relationship?

I Want You to Make Me Beautiful! – The Complete Manga Collection will be released for the first time in North America in April 2024 for $23.99 USA / $31.99 CAN, with the series available in a single large-trim omnibus as part of Seven Seas’ Steamship imprint. An ebook edition will also be available on digital platforms.