Amazon is listing the sixth compiled book volume of Kazusa Subaru’s The 6th Loop: I’m Finally Free of Auto Mode in this Otome Game, the manga adaptation of Reina Soratani and Hazuki Futaba’s light novel of the same title, as the final volume. The volume is scheduled to ship in Japan on July 12, 2023.

The story is described as:

Our protagonist has been reincarnated into the world of an otome game as the villainess “Mariabell Tempest,” a noble lady with a dreadful personality. Whenever the game’s heroine reaches a happy ending, Mariabell would face a bad ending involving her being disgraced, going missing, or even dying. On top of that, the enabled “auto-mode” is preventing Mariabell from choosing her own decisions however and whenever she wants. But on the sixth loop of the game, the “auto-mode” causing her inevitable fate finally deactivates. Now, in order to survive and live peacefully, Mariabell will have to take advantage of her knowledge and experience from the past five loops.

Subaru launched The 6th Loop: I’m Finally Free of Auto Mode in this Otome Game manga on Square Enix’s manga website Gangan Online in July 2020. Square Enix’s Manga UP! Global manga site and app publishes the manga digitally.

Source: ANN