Kodansha Comics has announced that it will begin publishing BOMHAT’s A Kingdom of Quartz manga physically in English in Spring 2024.

The story is described as:

A Kingdom of Quartz is the story of elegant creatures with magnificent wings and peerless strength who, by the Goddess’s will, protect the Kingdom of Quartz from infiltration by demonic forces: These are the heroes known as Angels. A little girl named Blue, who was born with mysterious black wings, spends every waking moment dreaming of becoming an Angel herself. Then, one day, Blue meets a prince, and the cogs of her fate twist and heave, enmeshing her in tragedy and adventure.

The manga debuted in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine on December 23, 2022. BOMHAT wrote the manga first in English, and it was translated to Japanese for release in the country.

Source: ANN