Aniplex of America has announced that it will release all 13 episodes of the Engage Kiss anime on a single Blu-ray collection on August 22, 2023. The set is priced at $139.98 with an on-sale price of $111.98 and will be a bilingual release. The bonus material is a booklet while on-disc extras include the web previews, promos, and commercials.

Engage Kiss is described as:

Baylong City, a mega-float city created by the discovery of new energy resources. Shu, a young man who runs a small company there. He lived a terrible life because of the rough money he spends on a daily basis. Kisara, a girl who is worried about Shu and goes to his office and home. While attending a high school in Veyron City, she takes care of her work, from clerical work to housework. And another, Ayano, a senior at the company Shu had previously belonged to and his ex-girlfriend was also concerned about him. A slightly unusual romantic comedy about three people on an artificial island in the Pacific Ocean.

Source: The Fandom Post