The episode opens with the president of Aizawa Foods inspecting the company’s cooler warehouse. We see a silhouetted man enter the cooler and knock the president down. He’s found by Masaru Bando, the senior managing director of the company.

The episode then goes to the hospital, where Kogoro was just treated for a cut he received when he used a kitchen knife. Conan and Ran accompanied him to the hospital. As they’re heading out, they run into a group of three men waiting outside a hospital room. One of the men in the group is Bando. The other two are the president’s sons, Ryoichi and Reiji. The brothers are arguing with each other, and one of them punches the other. Ran steps in to intervene.

Kogoro, Ran, and Conan learn about what happened to the president and why he’s in the hospital, as well as about the dynamics going on at the company between these three men. When Conan mentions who Kogoro is, Ryoichi, who’s known for being stingy, asks if the consultation is free.

The president awakens, and it’s obvious from what he’s saying that he’s trying to hide the fact that he was attacked and locked in the cooler. Conan points out something with the president’s hand, which shoots down the cover story the president is trying to give. After the hospital visit, Ryoichi asks to hire Kogoro to unravel the truth.

At the start of the mystery, it seems like it’s being set up for a particular person to be the guilty party. But with this being Case Closed, you know that this is too easy and obvious. But as the episode progresses, there are a couple of twists that are revealed. The actual culprit ended up being the person I thought was the least likely to be guilty. But then again, maybe I should have suspected this person because they seemed to be the least likely candidate.

Sorry to be so vague, but going into much more detail runs the risk of hitting “spoiler” territory. When all was said and done, though, this episode was pretty decent for a single episode mystery. The viewer is provided with enough development for the characters introduced for this case that it’s easier to become a little more invested in the story and its mystery. Also, a story like this one would have been weakened if it ran for longer than one episode.

There was no preview for the next episode, so I have to assume that there won’t be a new episode of Case Closed airing in Japan next week. It seems I just have to wait a little longer to find out what the next new episode will have in store.

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