Kadokawa has announced that Shoji Gatoh’s Full Metal Panic! light novel series will launch a new story as it approaches its 25th anniversary in 2023. The new story is set in the present day about two decades after the climax of the main story, which concluded with a volume published in 2010. The sequel follows the daily family life of the main leads Sōsuke and Chidori, now all grown-up.

Gatoh posted on May 19, 2023 that the new sequel story will have some comedy, but will not be as slapstick as another follow-up story, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. It will be a collection of short stories for light reading. He plans for “various characters” to appear after the first chapter. He half-seriously mused that the sequel could end in just one volume, keep going for around three volumes, or “depending on how things go, become an epic saga lasting over 20 volumes.”

The original Full Metal Panic! light novel series debuted in 1998, and Fujimi Shobo published the series’ 12th and final novel in the main series in 2010. The novels have more than 11 million copies in print. Tokyopop published the first four volumes in English, and J-Novel Club retranslated and published the entire main story in four omnibus volumes.

Source: ANN