The English cast has been announced for the Game World Reincarnation anime:

  • Yenni Ann is Diana Diafel
  • Patrick Mealey is Sirius Hiver
  • Laura Welsh is Kris
  • Da’Jonte Phillips is Spica Diafel
  • Michael Malconian is Manservant

Additional cast includes:

  • Bradley Gareth is Mirzam
  • Steve Warky Nunez is Priest
  • Rochell Chiang is Diana Fan A
  • Rina Adachi is Diana Fan B
  • Kelsey Jaffer is Brunette
  • Tareek Talati is Hooded Man

The “Walla Warriors” (crowd background noise) include:

  • Shane Tay
  • Zack Maher
  • Lisle Wilkerson
  • Dominique Dinh
  • Julie Rei Goldstein
  • Jonathon Virella
  • Reece Bridger
  • Steven Aries
  • Ashley Rose Kaplan
  • Shane Elterman
  • Danielle McRae
  • Ruben O’Neill
  • Damian Snapp
  • Brian Rollins
  • Alison Turjancik

Michaela Laws is directing the dub.

Source: ANN