Irodori Sakura – BL, Yuri, and LGBTQ+ English localization imprint of indie manga publisher Irodori Comics – has announced that it has acquired the license of Yuriemon’s Working Women Yuri Manga Compilation series.

Yuriemon is an up-and-coming indie manga artist who started their activities in late 2020 and quickly became a recognized name among readers that enjoy yuri manga. Their works are typically full-color and focus on working women in various romantic scenarios.

Working Women Yuri Manga Compilation is one such work presented as a two-part series entitled “Before Dating” and “After Dating” that showcases the artists’ strengths. Irodori Sakura is happy to enable foreign fans to enjoy these stories in English for the first time while also supporting the artist directly.

Working Women Yuri Manga Compilation 1: Before Dating

Two women working at the same company fall for each other through a series of short comics. A formal relationship between co-workers slowly starts to change after one gifts the other a band-aid. What starts off as a one-sided crush becomes a dream come true.

Working Women Yuri Manga Compilation 1: Before Dating will release digitally in June 2023 and is currently available for pre-order on the Irodori Sakura website. The 35-page-long full-color volume is priced at $6.95.