Digital manga subscription service Azuki is adding nine manga series from Media Do International, Inc. and MediBang! to its library, part of a deal to add over 150 series in 2023. The nine series — Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga, Granny Girl Hinata-chan, Arte, Float City, Lily Marble, Patricia, Warm Coffee, Masuda’s Got a Hold on Shibata, and EQUITES — are available now (including select free chapters) on the Azuki website and iOS and Android apps. Synopses for all nine series are below:

Arte by Kei Ohkubo, published by Coamix Inc. and distributed by MD-i: 16th century Firenze, Italy. One girl, One ARTistic ambition. Enter the birthplace of the Renaissance era, where art is thriving and in one small corner of this vast city, a sheltered girl’s journey begins. She dreams of becoming an artist in a period where art is an exclusively male profession and women who dare pursue it face fierce discrimination. It would be even more impossible for a girl born into a noble family, but in spite of these challenges, Arte perseveres with hard work and a positive attitude.

Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga by Una Megurogawa, published by Coamix Inc. and distributed by MD-i: The major feudal lords have gotten together, but they are all dogs. In the year 1582, Oda Nobunaga perished in the Honnoji Temple incident… but for some reason he has been reincarnated as a Shiba Inu in the modern world. Other popular generals such as Takeda Shingen, Date Masamune, and Uesugi Kenshin have also been reincarnated as dogs for some reason. Enjoy history tidbits along with famous generals in this doggy comedy.

Granny Girl Hinata-chan by Asa Kuwayoshi, published by Coamix Inc. and distributed by MD-i: With a taste for the finer things in life, a mind chock full of knowledge and a solution for every problem, Hinata isn’t your average kindergartener. She has a secret. Hinata is actually an 88-year-old grandma, reborn into the body of a little girl with all her memories intact. She loves pickled vegetables and enjoying a nice cup of tea on the veranda while disciplining her peers with her authoritative, old-fashioned dialect. Why has she been reborn? Find out in this cute, nostalgic comedy filled with grandma wisdom.

Masuda’s Got a Hold on Shibata by Taka Nanai, published by TORICO with an English version by MediBang!: A rom-com story between a hopeless guy (plus his ghost dog) and his dorky crush that will warm your heart. Shibata has an awkward crush on his cute and airheaded co-worker, Machida. One day, a Shiba Inu ghost named Masuda appears in front of Shibata, asking him to find his owner. Ever since the dog’s arrival, Shibata found himself acting differently around his crush. Could this dog be Shibata’s long-awaited Cupid?

Float City by Hero Changpan, published by TORICO with an English version by MediBang!: The Country of East is known for their dictatorship and malicious human experimentation of its underground citizens, while the Country of West that prides itself on “democracy” is notorious for sending their people to the battlefield in the name of freedom. A third great war is on the horizon, with several revolutionary armies possibly joining in. Our main character, Leo, searches for his friends with the help of a former imperial slave who had lost both her hands and feet.

Lily Marble by Kisugae, published by TORICO with an English version by MediBang!: Isn’t it everyone’s dream to enjoy the fun and comical relationship between these healthy, bright, and independent girls? “Fitness Club LILY” is a nest for fit and beautiful women. They have the elegant yoga instructor, the boyish muscle female trainer, and gossip-addicted young girls at the reception desk, not to mention the classy and energetic female customers. What kind of relationship will be formed between them? “Lily Marble” is a light GL that covers multiple pairings, each with their own uniqueness and charm. Must read for GL fans.

Patricia by VB, published by TORICO with an English version by MediBang!: One day, high-schooler Anna receives a letter from her best friend who suddenly transferred away a year ago under mysterious circumstances. Yearning to uncover the mystery surrounding her friend’s disappearance, she takes the bus hoping to see her again. Now Anna finds herself stranded in a strange, deserted city, unable to remember her own name, and alone except for the horrific monsters that won’t stop hunting for flesh.

Warm Coffee by NANIN, published by TORICO with an English version by MediBang!: What Renei Hanemiya wants more than anything is a girlfriend, but he has no job and no place to live despite his amazing flirting skills and devilishly charming looks. So where’s the perfect place for him to work? A host club. Hanemiya casually walks into a host club and, despite his messy appearance during the interview, charms his way into a job. What he doesn’t realize though, is that all the hosts who work at the host club are gay. To put him in an even more awkward spot, he ends up getting together with his manager.

EQUITES by FLY, published by TORICO with an English version by MediBang!: In the age of EQUITES, Katou decides to take his first steps towards knighthood with the goal of commanding his own army. A long and never-ending journey awaits the little boy, yet with Katou’s unbreakable will, he turns every trouble into a milestone, every enemy into an unforgettable encounter.

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