The staff of the Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories anime has announced that there will be an 11th season premiering on Japanese television in July 2023. The new series will have the theme of “anew” or “again” as it tells new urban legends.

Kanji Tsuda reprises his role as the Storyteller.

ILCA is producing the anime in conjunction with yell, with Akira Funada directing. Hiromu Kumamoto and Mitsuhi Sasagi are writing the scripts again, joined by Choji Yoshikawa and Norio Yamakawa.

The original Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories series of anime shorts featured six-minute horror stories based on urban legends in a modern day setting. The shorts draw inspiration from Shōwa-era illustrated paper theater (kamishibai) productions.

The anime’s first season premiered in July 2013, and the 10th and most recent season premiered in January 2022. Crunchyroll is streaming the series, although it’s under the title, Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai.

Source: ANN