Kodansha Comics has announced three new manga titles that will debut digitally in May 2023:

Title: How to Grill Our Love
Creator: Shiori Hanatsuka
Debut Date: May 5, 2023
Synopsis: Dating can be tough when you nerd out over barbecue. Kenta, a practical pitmaster, looks for a grill-friend in Chihiro, an aloof and faultless business babe… or is she? Scared of being rejected for who they really are, the two of them find comfort in food and each other… and all is well until Kenta must transfer away. With their developing relationship at steak, Chihiro proposes they tie the knot and they marry for better or wurst. Winging a long-distance marriage is one thing, but here’s the rub—they barely know each other. It’s a rare marriage where all the awkwardness of dating meets a sizzling passion for grilling.

Title: Small Nozomi & Big Yume
Creator: Sou Hamayumiba
Debut Date: May 16, 2023
Synopsis: High schooler Nozomi Koiwa wakes up and discovers she’s lost her memories… and a whole lot of height. Now the size of a soda can, she flees from a feline assault into the disgusting den of Yume Okubo, a drunken shut-in NEET who’s terrified of people and hasn’t been outside for months. Between falling beer cans and deadly insect traps, Nozomi survives long enough to convince the airheaded Yume that she’s a figment of her imagination who’s come to save her from hitting rock bottom… all while investigating how she ended up funsized. But despite their differences—height, brains, and otherwise—each half of this quirky combo might just be what the other needs.

Title: The World of Summoning
Creator: Yuuki Kodama
Debut Date: May 30, 2023
Synopsis: Tokoyo was raised in the Fantasy District—not notable in and of itself, except for the fact that he’s human. That fact alone gives him the ability to become a Summoner—one who can bring people and items from other worlds into his own. He’s the pride of the district, as all those who live there were themselves summoned from another world. But when he emerges into the city of Tokyo, a human city where the summoned are discriminated against, he finds that being a Summoner isn’t what he thought it was at all… and that, perhaps, his utopian vision of a world shared by human and summoned alike isn’t shared by all. A brand-new adventure from the creator of Blood Lad.

Source: ANN