This episode is split into two distinctive sections. The first section sees Mitsumi making it to school earlier than usual, and she thinks she’s going to have a great day. However, the president of the Drama Club finds her and asks for her help. He shows her part of an old television drama and reveals that Shima had a role in it. The Drama Club president asks her to convince Shima to join the club, and if he refuses to, ask why he doesn’t want to.

As Mitsumi thinks about it, she realizes that if she had been in a television show she would have played that up in her introduction at the beginning of the school year. Mitsumi thinks that Shima doesn’t want people to know, so she’s trying to figure out how to approach him with the Drama Club president’s request. Unfortunately, this situation distracts her that whole day while at school, and she ends up getting hit in the face with a volleyball during P.E.

She goes to the nurse’s office and finds that the nurse is out. When Mitsumi opens the window, she’s surprised to see Shima outside. Since they’re alone, she decides to talk to him about the Drama Club. Shima takes it quite well, because he thought this information would likely get out at some point. He tells Mitsumi about why he became an actor as wellas why he put in so much effort into his acting. When Shima asks Mitsumi about her goals, she confides in him about the type of lifestyle she came from and shares how her best friend back home made sure she was taking care of herself while Mitsumi focused on studying for entrance exams. Mitsumi declares to Shima that if he ever comes up with a goal, she’ll do the same thing for him that Fumi did for her. Mitsumi and Shima make a pinky promise, and Mitsumi wonders later why her pinky feels tingly.

I liked seeing Shima’s secret being addressed in this episode after it had been ignored in the previous episode in order to introduce Kurume. And I appreciated how this plot point was handled. Since Shima has such a laid-back personality, it wouldn’t have worked if he had reacted negatively to Mitsumi finding out about his acting. I’m also glad Mitsumi learned the truth now, because this is a plot point that wouldn’t have worked as well if this secret had been kept hidden from her any longer than it was. The conversation between these two also made a great character moment for both of them. I appreciated how, in the end, Mitsumi went to the Drama Club president and told him that Shima will never join the club, and how she refused to give the reason why when she was pressed about it. Mitsumi does understand how to be a good friend, even if she can be a little awkward about it at times.

The second half of the episode sees Mitsumi thinking that she’s starting to slack off on her studies, and she goes to her teacher for advice. The teacher is puzzled, since Mitsumi had the top score on the entrance exam and achieved that without going to cram school, and Mitsumi is constantly doing well in her classes. However, after the teacher learns that Mitsumi has joined the committee that assists the student council, she says Mitsumi already knows someone that can help her: Takamine, one of the members of the student council.

When we were introduced to Takamine in the previous episode, she had shown Mitsumi a schedule that was broken down precisely by the minute for everything she does every day. Mitsumi tells Takamine that her teacher encouraged her to approach Takamine because she’s so organized and could probably give helpful advice. When Mitsumi asks to help Takamine with her student council work, Takamine agrees.

During this section of the episode, we see how Takamine believes Mitsumi spaces out, and tries to show her how to better utilize her time while on the bus. Later, we see Takamine begin to panic because they only have two minutes until the next bus comes. They miss the bus, and Mitsumi tries to calm things down with a cat that had wandered over to them. By the end of the episode, Takamine admits to Mitsumi that she’s really not the best example to follow, and that Mitsumi should do things her own way.

By the end of the episode, it’s pretty clear that Takamine learned more from Mitsumi than Mitsumi did from Takamine. We see Takamine willing to slow down a little more and not be quite so uptight as she had been. I liked how the episode showed that while being organized and being on top of things is a good trait, it’s not as good if you go overboard with it. I thought this section of the episode provided some good character development for Takamine, who had only appeared briefly in the previous episode. While Takamine likely won’t be as major of a character, since she’s not part of Mitsumi’s main circle of friends, I imagine we’ll be seeing more of Takamine at points when Mitsumi is with the committee that assists the student council.

Speaking of that committee, I hope we see Mitsumi being part of that soon. This is the second reference we’ve heard to this committee, and it’s made clear in this episode that she’s officially joined it. And now that Shima’s secret is out of the way (at least with Mitsumi), I’m curious to see how their friendship will continue to develop.

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