I’m writing this introduction on Thursday afternoon, almost 24 hours after making it home from my trip. I’ve been spending the time since I got home trying to catch up on various things (the laundry, this list of links, blog posts, and simulcast episodes that I missed). As of this writing, I’ve watched the Case Closed episode that aired while I was away, and I’m hoping to get caught up with My Clueless First Friend and Skip And Loafer by the end of the weekend.

Speaking of Case Closed, I will be watching the episode and writing about it on Saturday, but both will be happening later than usual. Saturday is Record Store Day, and my husband and I want to head out as early as we can in the hopes of not having to wait in too long of a line. Because of that, I won’t be able to watch Case Closed in the morning like I usually do.

Here are the anime and manga blog posts that grabbed my attention this week: