The episode begins with Mitsumi, who hardly slept the previous night, making her introduction to her classmates. Unfortunately, she decides she wants to tell a joke, but what she says and how she says it make her come across as being serious and potentially arrogant. Sosuke’s introduction is after hers, and he takes the opportunity to make a joke to piggyback off of Mitsumi’s joke attempt and lightens the mood back up. Later, Mitsumi volunteers to be the girls’ student council rep for the class, and Sosuke becomes the boys’ rep.

Mika, the girl who I suspected had ulterior motives for befriending Mitsumi, suggests that a group of the class get together for karaoke. When talking to Sosuke, she makes sure to play up that Mitsumi is going along. One of the boys asks one of the prettiest girls in the class, Murashige, if she’s going as well. After she says yes, Mika makes a comment to Mitsumi that she didn’t want to invite pretty girls like her along. She also tells Mitsumi not to take what Sosuke says at face value, because he’s the type of guy who’s going to have girls falling for him so he acts nice to everyone. That little bit of conversation only helped to reaffirm my suspicion that Mika’s only using Mitsumi to try to get closer to Sosuke.

It’s not surprising that Mitsumi has never been to karaoke before, so she almost makes a faux pas by taking out money to pay. Mika makes sure to point out that you don’t pay until the end, but Sosuke adds that at some places, you do pay before you start. Later, Mitsumi runs into Murashige at the bathroom, and Murashige points out how Mika is only using her to get close to Sosuke and how she was making fun of Mitsumi’s dialect in an earlier conversation. I appreciated seeing that the pretty girl bucks the stereotype that she would normally be given, and nicely points out what Mitsumi was failing to see about how Mika was treating her.

But just as Murashige’s words start making Mitsumi start to overanalyze everything, she gets a call from her best friend back home. Her friend picks up on the fact that something’s bother Mitsumi, and through the conversation they have, Mitsumi finds the courage she needs to go back into the room. The others are surprised when Mitsumi picks a theme song from an anime they would have watched when they were younger, and they realize that Mitsumi is more fun than they thought.

After karaoke, we see Mika trying to get closer to Sosuke, but he tells her she needs to loosen up and walks away. Sosuke approaches Mitsumi, and one of the running gags in the episode rears its head here. Prior to this, Mitsumi realized that Sosuke’s last name is similar to her dog’s name, and that his hair is the same color as her dog’s fur. Mitsumi accidentally refers to Sosuke by her dog’s name, and after she explains the slip-up, Sosuke has a good laugh about it. This was a nice bit of humor, especially after the doubt Mitsumi was going through during the scene at that karaoke place.

Near the end of the episode, we see Mitsumi has been approached by a number of clubs. However, she gets the most dramatic invitation from the president of the drama club, who invites her to come see a performance after school. The president sees Sosuke and swears he’s seen him before, but Sosuke says they’ve never met. However, right at the end of the episode, it comes out that Sosuke has a secret that he’s keeping from his peers. It’s not a bad secret or anything, but if the truth comes out, how could this affect how his classmates look at him? But I think this secret does help explain why Sosuke acts the way he does.

Whike Mitsumi is still a “fish out of water” in this episode, it’s not played up nearly as much as it was in the previous episode. We also see Mitsumi’s circle of friends starting to slowly grow, and I hope future episodes will show us more of her classmates and help develop them as characters. While Mitsumi and Sosuke are the main characters, a series can be strengthened by having developed supporting characters. I’m looking forward to seeing how the series will progress both Mitsumi and Sosuke as characters, because they both show a lot of potential.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to watch the next episode when it first becomes available on Crunchyroll. I won’t be able to watch it until a few days after it goes live, which means that the writeup for the next episode is going to be delayed. I apologize for any inconvenience that this will cause.

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