The recap that opens this episode starts out exactly the same as the recap that opened the previous episode, but a little bit is added on at the end of it to include an important scene from last week’s episode. After that, the story backtracks to Akai (disguised as Subaru) and Conan heading to a location where they can help Camel from afar and to the Black Organization realizing that Camel is on the island and heading there.

After the opening credits, we see Subaru and Conan communicating with Camel and giving him instructions on materials he needs to help him disguise himself on the island. Some of those items are hemp bags, and one had coffee beans in it. He dumps out the beans and is about to start working on what Subaru instructs him to do, when two Black Organization agents arrive at the indoor location he’s hiding out in. Camel eavesdrops on a conversation the two agents have about Rum, and picks up on some important information. Unfortunately, Camel accidentally steps on a coffee bean and gives away his location. Camel flees, and by sheer dumb luck, one of the Black Organization agents slips on the coffee beans, which allows Camel to escape.

When he’s in the clear, Camel works on the camouflage project, which allows him to hide in the dirt. Unfortunately, Rum seems to have figured out what he’s up to and communicates a plan to their subordinates. It’s fortunate for Camel that Subaru and Conan are able to see what’s going on, because the island has been set on fire in order to smoke Camel out.

Near the end of the episode, Camel has a confrontation with the Black Organization, and an incident takes place here that makes the audience think the worst has happened. I was surprised when Subaru seemed unfazed by this event, and the audience later gets a plausible explanation for why things weren’t as they seemed. The FBI thinks it has nothing to show for their efforts at the end of all this. But when Camel shares what he overheard about Rum, we see Conan and Akai looking thoughtful. It’s not definitively shown that they’ve figured out who Rum is, though.

Unfortunately, what the FBI doesn’t know is that Bourbon has already figured out that the agent they had been pursuing is Camel. While it’s not shown on-screen, I have to assume that Kir (the FBI agent working as a double agent in the Black Organization) contacted them about it because of what happens in the final scene featuring the FBI.

As promised in the preview for this episode, Rum’s true identity was revealed. I’m not going to identify who they are, though, in order to avoid providing spoilers. However, what I will say is that by finally having this reveal, one of the threads that has been running through the canon material from the manga is finally tied up. There are still more long-running threads to tie up, obviously, but getting this one resolved is a major step forward for the anime.

The preview for next week’s episode has a focus on Ai, which seems appropriate, since the forthcoming film, Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine, focuses on her. Since the film opens on April 14, it makes sense to have an Ai-centric episode airing the next day. Unfortunately, I’ll be unable to watch the simulcast on the day it goes live on Crunchyroll, and I likely won’t be able to watch it until the following Saturday, so my writeup for the next episode will be delayed. I apologize for any inconvenience that this causes.

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