The official website for Crunchyroll’s VRV streaming service bundle has announced that it will merge with Crunchyroll, with current VRV subscriptions, including watch histories and queues, migrating to Crunchyroll Premium accounts.

Due to VRV being a Crunchyroll brand, it became part of Sony’s Funimation Global Group following the latter’s acquisition of Crunchyroll from AT&T. Funimation Global Group completed its acquisition of Crunchyroll on August 9, 2021. FUNimation Entertainment content later moved to Crunchyroll in March 2022, with the FUNimation brand name gradually retired afterward.

VRV is a subscription bundle that includes anime streaming service Crunchyroll as well as several other streaming services, including Cartoon Hangover, Rooster Teeth, and Mondo. The service used to include FUNimation until November 2018, following an announcement that Crunchyroll and FUNimation Entertainment would end their partnership to share content. VRV added the HIDIVE streaming service’s content in November 2018, and later removed HDIVE content in September 2021 after the Crunchyroll acquisition.

Source: ANN