Manga Up! has announced that it has begun releasing the following four manga in English:

Title: When I Tried Strengthening a Rusty Sword, It Turned into an OP Magic Sword
Creators: Mizuki Manno, Yaeichi, Shunya Hasegawa, and Tera Akai
Summary: When everyone turns 12 years old, they are granted a Mystic Arms by God. The hero-admiring Rust dreams that he’ll get a powerful one of his own one day. As his fellow villagers began receiving high rank Mystic Arms one after another, Rust nervously prayed to God. Then, before him appeared a Mystic Arms of the lowest rank, a Rusty Sword.

A tale of becoming “zeros to heroes” with the weakest boy and the lowliest weapon.

The manga launched in Square Enix’s Gangan Online manga website in September 2021.

Title: Even the Elf Captain Wants to be a Maiden
Creator: Tsutomu Ohno
Summary: In a famed kingdom, women are not allowed to enter the knighthood. And yet, a female elf becomes the temporary captain of that very order of knights? Enjoy the daily life of the elf captain, Gilga, who is cool and powerful on the outside, but maidenly and pure on the inside.

Ohno debuted the manga in Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine on November 4, 2022.

Title: From Superfan to Stepsister
Creator: Sae Kumanami
Summary: When my mom announced her remarriage, I knew I would be getting a stepbrother. But to my surprise, it was my idol, the super famous model Noa. He has made a name for himself with his cold attitude, but for some reason, he is extremely nice to me. The number one model waking me up in the mornings, helping me with my homework… and even giving me the occasional hug?

What other wholesome antics can we expect from this mysterious idol?

Kumanami launched the manga in Twitter in November 2020, and it began serialization in Gangan Online in July 2021.

Title: Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You
Creator: Jinushi
Summary: Meet Sasaki, an overworked, middle-aged office worker. His days are marked only by the passing of more unrewarding corporate drudgery. Smoking helps take the edge off, but other than that, the only bright spot of his day is when he goes to the nearby supermarket and sees Yamada’s smiling face. So, one evening after yet another exhausting day, he heads to the supermarket to find he missed Yamada’s shift. Dejected, he decides to go find a smoking area but discovers there isn’t one to be found. Just as he’s about to leave, a girl in a biker jacket named Tayama asks him to join her at a secret smoking area.

Jinushi launched the manga on Twitter in March 2022, and it began serialization in Big Gangan in August 2022.

Source: ANN