The episode opens with a preview of what happened in the previous one, and I thought this preview was the perfect length. It was able to summarize what happened succinctly, yet not leave out any important details.

After the opening credits, Jodie learns from Yusaku what she did wrong with the code that tipped off the Black Organization that they were being tricked. The FBI agents feel regret for acting before consulting with Yusaku, but even he admits that he wouldn’t have figured out that Jodie was using a different writing system than the agents who had designed the code. But this makes both Yusaku and Conan realize that the Black Organization has someone on their side that could figure this out.

A lot of the episode focuses on Camel as he tries to escape his pursuers. Luckily, he’s able to temporarily shake off the Black Organization and drop off his injured comrade so he can picked up and get medical attention. Unfortunately, one of Camel’s pursuers realizes the trick he used to hide from them, and Gin and Vodka pick up on where Camel is. Just as it appears Camel may have given the Black Organization the slip again, two more of their comrades appear in front of him. Camel’s car is shot at, and he drives into a nearby body of water.

At this point, Conan and the others at the Kudo’s home are able to communicate with Camel. Conan gives some helpful advice in order for Camel to get out of the car and swim to shore. They discover he’s ended up at an island that was once used as a military outpost for the Japanese military, but is now abandoned. Conan continues to give advice from that location until Akai (disguised as Subaru) and Conan head on their way to the island to retrieve Camel. As the two of them travel, they continue communicating with Camel.

Unfortunately, Camel doesn’t think about something when following Conan’s advice for keeping warm, and the Black Organization (as well as Subaru and Conan) notice the fire he has on the beach. Camel puts it out, and is just starting to work on the camouflage trick that Subaru is teaching him, when the Black Organization arrives on a boat and begin examining the beach. Gin finds footprints, realizes they belong to the person they’re pursuing, and digs up the remnants of the fire that Camel had buried. The episode ends with the Black Organization splitting up and beginning their search of the island.

For an FBI agent, it seems that Camel wasn’t using a lot of common sense when he decided to make the fire on the beach. I know he’d been through a lot up to that point, but it seems like for someone who knows he’s being pursued, he wasn’t being nearly as careful as he really should have been.

It should be mentioned that one of the members of the Black Organization caught a glimpse of Camel’s face during the pursuit and seems to believe he’s seen it before. This isn’t good news, since the Black Organization believes that Camel is dead. From the preview, it looks like the next episode will be focusing on the Black Organization’s manhunt for Camel. It’ll be interesting to see what Subaru and Conan can do to help Camel without being spotted by the Black Organization, as well as to see if Camel can escape.

And from what’s said after the ending credits, it appears the mystery of Rum’s true identity is finally going to be revealed. If it is, then that will eliminate one of the loose threads that’s been running in the series for quite a while. Up to this point, three people have been presented as potential candidates for Rum, so revealing the real one will be a major game changer for the series.

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