A reckless, risky challenge has begun with our choir song.

The teaser PV of the original animation, Kawagoe Boys Sing, has been released.

This is a story that revolves around the boys’ choir club in an all boys school. Many unique characters show off their amazing skills of singing all kinds of songs.

Information about the television anime Kawagoe Boys Sing

The story of this original animation is set in a boys school in Kawagoe, Saitama prefecture, Japan. The unique characters in the boys only choir club amazingly sing all kinds of songs.

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“Sing in front of people, for me…” I want to do it but I can’t. The former member of the choir, Dei Tenshi, has shut himself inside of Danbocchi, which is set in his house, and has been quietly singing alone.

The former orchestra conductor Haruo Hibiki suddenly appeared in front of Tenshi, who was having his normal school day routine. Tenshi’s ordinary everyday life went into total chaos after he met Haruo.

Haruo was an up-and-coming conductor once, but he was kicked out of the orchestra because of his problematic nature. He was given an opportunity to come back to the orchestra again only if he can achieve certain conditions. The condition was to make a choir club to win the first prize of the “national boys choir competition” with a new set of boys from Kawagoe School. Tenshi and other boys were pushed to join the choir club due to the strong pressure, passion and ego from Haruo.

Haruo has a serious personality disorder, is childish, can’t read people, and can’t help but saying nasty things to others. The new members of the choir have a tough time dealing with Haruo, but they also start to be fascinated by Haruo’s coaching skills and are drawn into the world of choir.

After encountering the numerous strong opponents in the competition, how will Kawagoe School boys choir club succeed to be the Number One at the competition? The comedy with energetic youth with many soulful choir songs starts.


  • Director: Jun Matsumoto
  • Series Structure: Kawagoe School Literary Club
  • Draft of original character designs: Ebimo
  • Character Design: Haru Watanabe
  • Music: YUKI KANESAKA / Shin Rizumu / Junko Yokoyama
  • Sound Effect Director: Hiromi Kikuta
  • Sound Production: dugout
  • Animation Production: evg
  • Animation production collaboration: Telecom Animation Film


  • Tenshi Dei (danbocchi): Shotaro Uzawa
  • Hiroshi Yazawa (Ei-chan): Reio tsuchida
  • Shuji Shiratori (Tori-chan): Yuki Obara
  • Kaito Kobashi (IT): Nao Nakanishi
  • Shizuo Barato (Otome): Makoto Kaneko
  • Jin Adachi: Subaru Kimura
  • Ko Hyuga: Yoji Ikuta
  • Shin Hyuga: Yuri Ise
  • Tomo Hakase (Hakase): Shouta Hayama
  • Curtis Suzuki (Magic): Kazumasa Fukagawa
  • Haruo Hibiki: Kazuyuki Okitsu

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