The Horimiya special stage panel at AnimeJapan has confirmed that the new Horimiya -piece- anime will premiere in Japan in July 2023. The anime will animate stories in the original manga that the previous anime had not yet adapted.

The series is described as:

At first glance, the ultra-popular Hori-san seems like a frivolous high school girl, but in reality, she’s plain, pragmatic, and family-oriented. On the other hand, the bespectacled Miyamura-kun comes across as an average, gloomy high school fanboy, but he’s actually an attractive young man who has a bad-boy streak and is covered in piercings and tattoos. When these two unexpectedly similar classmates have a random run-in outside of the classroom, a bubbly, sweet tale of school life begins.

The first Horimiya anime premiered in Japan in February 2021. FUNimation Entertainment simulcast the series as it aired in Japan, and it also streamed an English dub of the series.

Source: ANN