The episode opens with Vodka and Gin from the Black Organization ambushing an FBI agent who was waiting for his partner to arrive. The next day, the Detective Boys are walking down the street, and Mitsuhide sees a news item on his phone about the recent murders of unidentified foreigners. They’ve happened multiple days in a row, and each time, two foreigners were killed.

Suddenly, they hear a loud noise from nearby, and they rush over to investigate. Conan is the first to arrive and sees a dead foreigner lying on the ground. He shields the others from what he sees, but he also catches a glimpse of Vodka on the roof of a nearby building. Through what Conan tells Ai, she realizes the Black Organization is involved. Conan tells her to take the other kids away and to make sure no one sees her face. Conan puts his hood up to hide his own face and goes to inspect the body. The Black Organization is ready to kill him since he’s now an eyewitness, but other witnesses start showing up and they hear police sirens. Vodka, Gin, and the others flee.

Meanwhile, Conan finds the man’s I.D. and discovers he’s an FBI agent. He also finds the man’s cell phone, which has a coded message on it. He takes a picture of the code and deciphers what it means. Conan then rushes to the Kudo family home after his parents don’t pick up the phone. When he gets there, he finds that the FBI is using the home as a temporary headquarters, and that his parents are out buying food for them. Conan reveals that he knows the existence of the code they were using for their agents to meet, and the FBI thinks one of their agents may have given away how to decipher the code. However, Conan proves that he was able to solve it relatively easily, and even gives a detailed analysis of how he deciphered it. It was kind of amusing to see the FBI agents surprised at how easily Conan cracked the code. Since a child could decipher it, the FBI quickly realizes that none of their agents revealed anything to the Black Organization.

The FBI decide that since the Black Organization thinks they don’t know about their colleague’s death yet, that they’ll use the Black Organization’s knowledge of the code to try to trap them. Jodie writes a message that Vermouth intercepts. At first, it seems like it’s going to work… but we see that Rum (using a voice changer) contacts the Black Organization agents and tells them to wait.

We then see that the FBI agents are now the ones surrounded and are being picked off one by one. Camel (who the Black Organization thinks is dead), has accompanied a fellow agent on the mission as the two agents who are supposed to rendezvous. They’re hiding inside a parking garage, so they’re not part of the group being gunned down. However, as they try to flee in a car, the car is shot at and the Black Organization begins pursuing the vehicle.

The Black Organization is finally back in Case Closed, and they’re back in a big way. The characters from the FBI are also back after who knows how long, and they’re playing a major role here as well. This is a multiple part arc, so I feel confident that this is a canon storyline from the manga. What will be interesting to see here is if these episodes will start progressing the overarching storyline, or if they’ll simply provide more exposure for the characters from the Black Organization and the FBI. I hope it’s the former, because the series really needs to see some kind of advancement for the overarching story.

But I’m looking forward to the next episode, because it looks like the FBI is getting cornered by the Black Organization. How are they going to get out of this, and at what cost?

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