The fifth compiled book volume of Nuwi Aoi’s Taking in a Stray manga has announced that the series will end with its sixth volume, which is scheduled to ship in Fall 2023.

The manga is described as:

Ai Morikawa lives for her work. Pulling overtime and getting home past midnight is business as usual for this Tokyo career woman. She barely has time to catch the last train every night, let alone go chasing after a potential husband. One night, an extraordinarily pretty 16-year-old boy named Nagisa shows up on Ai’s doorstep, and she takes him in. Her acquaintance with Nagisa, a boy as eccentric and aloof as a cat, slowly begins to change Ai’s routine. This unconventional family drama is guaranteed to soothe your heart.

Aoi launched the Taking in a Stray manga in Coamix’s Comic Zenon website in August 2020. NTT Solmare Corp’s MangaPlaza digital service is publishing the manga digitally in English.

Source: ANN