Seven Seas Entertainment has announced that it has acquired the license for the My Dog is a Death God manga series by Mikito Chinen–with art by Ritsu Aozaki, the artist of The Dragon Knight’s Beloved (Manga). In this heartfelt and bittersweet tale, a gentle god of death takes the form of “man’s best friend” to help patients at a countryside hospice ease into the next life without regrets.

Leo, a god of death, has been sent to save human souls at a small hospice called Okanoue Hospital. For this mission, he’s been granted a special form: one with four legs, a tail, and a keen sense of smell. Thanks to his canine assets, Leo can seek out patients at the hospice who are plagued by a lifetime of regret. With his endearingly wet nose and friendly, furry appearance, Leo eases patients into their next life, seeing them off from the quiet hillside hospital without the burden of lingering remorse.

My Dog is a Death God (Manga) Volume 1 will be released for the first time in North America in December 2023 for $13.99 USA / $17.99 CAN, with the series available in single volume editions. Ebook editions will also be available on digital platforms.

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment