Crunchyroll has announced that three anime, which are part of the company’s partnership with Fuji TV’s +Ultra Block, will be future simulcasts on the service. The anime will be available worldwide excluding Asia.

Undead Murder Farce
Premiere Date: July 2023

The 19th century — a world inhabited by vampires, golems, werewolves and other paranormal creatures. Immortal beauty and disembodied head Aya Rindo, along with half-human-half-demon “Demon Killer” Tsugaru Shunichi and her loyal maid Shizuku Hasei, travels through Europe as supernatural detective “The Cage User,” solving supernatural mysteries while she searches for her lost body.

Kaina of the Great Snow Sea: Star Sage
Premiere Date: October 2023

In another world where the Snow Sea continues to grow wider. The people were barely surviving atop the Canopy, which spreads out from giant trees called orbital spire trees.

When Kaina, a boy from the Canopy, meets Ririha, a princess from the Snow Sea, their journey to change a world heading for destruction begins.

Metallic Rouge
Premiere Date: January 2024

Source: Crunchyroll