Irodori Aqua – an all-ages-oriented English localization imprint of indie manga publisher Irodori Comics – has announced that it has started printing books to supplement its line of digital releases.

Irodori Aqua has published several indie Japanese manga artists original manga titles, or “doujinshi,” through its English localization. Despite the challenges of familiarizing foreign fans with doujin culture — the starting ground for many big name artists in the industry, as well as an important source of revenue for budding artists alike — Irodori Aqua continues to localize works from promising artists by giving them a platform to share their works with the West. In doing so, the publisher hopes to be a valuable bridge between artists and fans and bring a flavor of doujinshi culture to an English-speaking manga market.

In line with this mission of sharing doujinshi culture with the West, Irodori Aqua is proud to announce that it has launched printing of physical books of some of its popular titles to replicate the doujinshi experience in Japan even more with their fans. More specifically, these titles will be released in a limited-run physical book format in numbers similar to those found at a typical Comic Market (Comiket). Aside from being highly collectible, this short run of printed books provides fans more opportunities to support their favorite artists beyond the digital comics that they have already come to know and love.

Irodori Aqua will first print the first two books of Yamato Nadeshiko’s My Wife is an Oni series. Just like its release in Japan, both volumes consist of 26 pages and will have a small print run with no plans of a reprint.

Both books are currently available for preorder at $10 each on the Irodori Aqua website. The books will ship in May 2023, and the exact date will be communicated to fans at a later time.