Broadcast on NHK on March 3, 2023, followed by releases on each distribution site, the television anime Attack on Titan Final Season Final Chapter (Part 1) theme song, “UNDER THE TREE,” has exceeded 10 million streams worldwide in just 10 days from its release on March 4, 2023.

The song debuted at Number 10 on the US Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs chart on March 18, 2023, hit the top 10 in the iTunes Store Rock genre rankings in 18 countries and entered the Apple Music Rock genre rankings. The theme song has catapulted into the top 10 in 10 countries, and ranked on the Shazam TOP 200 in 32 countries.

On March 9, 2023, it also achieved first place in QQ MUSIC and KUGO MUSIC’s J-POP ranking, China’s largest music distribution service. This ranking is updated every Thursday so it’s a tremendous success to gain a first place within five days after its release date of March 4, 2023.

Furthermore, the anime special video which was released immediately after the anime broadcast has already exceeded six million views on YouTube, with the number continuing to grow.

“The Rumbling” – the opening song of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2, has surpassed 200 million views worldwide, and its official related videos, including music videos, have exceeded 100 million views. Special focus should go to “UNDER THE TREE,” which is spreading like wildfire and showing potential for another big worldwide hit.

Music Information
TV Anime Attack on Titan
The Final Season Final Chapter (Part 1) Theme Song
Song Title: “UNDER THE TREE”
Artist: SiM
Lyrics: MAH
Composition & Arrangement: SiM

“UNDER THE TREE” now available on music download/streaming sites

Anime Feature Video

iTunes Rock Chart by Country:
Number 1: Thailand / United Arab Emirates / Philippines / Ireland / Singapore / Finland / Czech Republic
Number 2: Japan / Mexico
Number 4: Hong Kong / Malaysia
Number 5: Turkey / Taiwan / Australia
Number 6: France
Number 8: Spain
Number 9: USA
Number 10: Switzerland

Apple Music Rock Chart by Country:
Number 1: Saint Lucia
Number 2: Benin
Number 3: Ivory Coast / Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Number 5: Grenada
Number 6: Bermuda
Number 8: Saudi Arabia / Egypt
Number 9: Hong Kong
Number 10: Taiwan

iTunes Chart by Country
Japan: Number 7
United Arab Emirates: Number 9

Shazam TOP 200 (30 countries)
Argentina / Belarus / Brazil / Canada / Chile / China / Columbia / Costa Rica / Egypt / Finland / Germany / Hungary / India / Indonesia / Japan / Kazakhstan / Korea / Malaysia / Mexico / Morocco / Peru / Romania / Russia / Saudi Arabia / Singapore / Taiwan / Thailand / Ukraine / USA / Venezuela

NAME: SiM (Silence iz Mine)
MEMBER: SIN (Ba) / GODRi (Dr) / MAH (Vo) / SHOW-HATE (Gt)
FORMED: Shonan, Kanagawa, Japan on 11/03/2004
MANAGEMENT: gil soundworks

SiM are a reggae and punk band formed in Shonan, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Their music is a “loud harsh noise, and also difficult but somehow catchy.” It may sound quite contradictory, but the music is great because of the contrast. The band consists of four members.

They mix hardcore punk, new metal, with reggae and ska. That music are totally opposites but then they mix the sound with their unique sense of pop freely. Their lyrics are aggressive and rebellious, they play with words in a smart and witty way and their chorus is very unique.

MAH has great charisma, and his fans and other artists refer to him as the “Devil” since he has a distinct appearance and his presence with him holding a baton while conducting the music. He has amazing power to get the audience’s heart instantly.

SHOW-HATE is a skilled musician with accurate technique, and he runs around the stage while swinging around his instruments. SIN is in charge of the strings. GODRi is a drummer, who is supporting the band with his bold and tight groove when he plays the drum, and he also does the chorus.

Their live show is a combination of them, and the performance is explosively amazing. MAH says, “We were born in the live music club and grew up in the live music club, and we will die in the live music club.”

But they have also successfully sold out their solo live performance at big venues, such as Nippon Budokan and Yokohama Arena. And they have hosted the outdoor music festival called “EAD POP FESTiVAL,” with a venue of 20,000 people.

They also became a headliner at various big outdoor rock festivals all over Japan. SiM climbed up to the top of the rock music scene, with the wish “to break the rock scene from the inside.”

They have changed members of the band numerous times, some of them have suffered from serious sickness as well. They faced many challenges including being dismissed from their label.

Now they have no blind spot to worry about since they have established their status as amazing live performers.

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