Crazy Food Truck Volume Three is the final volume of the series.

Crazy Food Truck Volume Three
Written by: Rokurou Ogaki
Publisher: Shinchosa Publishing Co.
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: March 21, 2023

The beginning of the Volume Three picks up exactly where the end of Volume Two left off. Gordon teams up with some of his old war buddies to go and save Arisa, who had been kidnapped by the Principality of Towata.

It doesn’t take Gordon and his buddies long to smash their way into the castle and they manage to get to the exact room where the prince has her imprisoned. When the prince finds out they’re there to rescue Arisa, he simply hands her over. However, he keeps yelling and screaming about how commoners are never supposed to set foot in this room and set eyes on the treasure the royal family has been guarding for generations. And the treasure is… a couple of eels. Gordon uses the cannon on the food truck to shoot the tank holding the eels in order to get the creatures to use them for dishes.

Maybe it was just me, but it felt like this kidnapping story was resolved too quickly and easily. Having the treasure turn out to be eels was kind of amusing, but it didn’t really make up for the fact that what should have been an important plot point was resolved so quickly. This was the first disappointment I had with this volume.

The next chapter sees Kyle and his group going their separate way from Gordon, but Kyle reveals the truth about Arisa to Gordon before he does. Even though Kyle doesn’t plan to say anything to Colonel Sarah about what happened, this seems to be setting the stage for Kyle and his crew to have to come back later to retrieve Arisa. Unfortunately, Myna spills the beans to her, and Colonel Sarah insists that Kyle, Myna, and the rest of the crew accompany her to retrieve Arisa.

Meanwhile, Arisa and Gordon are chased by desert cochin chickens, and Arisa takes it upon herself to capture them. She gets rather scratched up in the process, and she discovers her wounds aren’t healing as quickly as usual. At one point, Gordon tries to take her to a location where they can treat her for her injuries, since he really can’t treat her as they’re traveling together. But Arisa insists on staying with Gordon.

Colonel Sarah’s attempt to recapture Arisa ends up failing, and this leads into the revelation about her being a former underling of Gordon’s. This chapter provides an extensive flashback, and finally provides some interesting information about Gordon and how he came to roam around in the food truck. This flashback was the best part of Crazy Food Truck Volume Three, but it just seems like this information should have somehow been incorporated a little earlier in the series than this, especially since there are only two chapters left in the volume at this point. This chapter also explains the connection Sarah has with Arisa.

After this, the pacing of the rest of the series really picks up steam, and to be honest, the last two chapters feel very rushed. Right at first, it makes sense that Sarah is taken off of the mission to retrieve Arisa and that the organization behind the experiment is taking control. But what happens after this feels rushed and forced.

The worst part of this is the plot development that happens between Gordon and Arisa. This change in their relationship feels forced and not really backed up by anything shown previously in the series. And this change in their relationship happens to close to the end of the story that there’s no time to really incorporate this change into the manga in any meaningful way. The ending was a complete disappointment, and I felt as if I’d wasted my time reading this series.

Back when I read the first volume of Crazy Food Truck, I was feeling rather unsure about the series but had been willing to read the second volume to give it another chance. The second volume had improved my opinion of the series, but I’m sad to say that this final volume basically destroyed any goodwill I had developed for Crazy Food Truck.

If you enjoyed the previous two volumes of Crazy Food Truck, then you should probably read this final volume to get the full story of the series. However, be warned that you might be disappointed by how the series ends.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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