Udon Entertainment has announced that it will be releasing the Gurren Lagann Archives artbook in June 2023.

Gurren Lagann Archives is a 488-page collection of artwork from the anime series. Full to the brim with brutal beastmen, buxom babes, and mountainous mecha as only GAINAX can deliver, the materials contained within this collection pay awesome tribute to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

This collection shows-off hundreds of designs for the characters, vehicles, mecha, and locations that are featured in the anime series. In addition, tons of gorgeous color “key” artworks, advertising and marketing illustrations, and additional designs are included. Plus, hardcore fans will thrill to extremely rare art pieces, behind-the-scenes storyboard illustrations, and even more surprises contained within.

Gurren Lagann Archives is the ultimate collection of Gurren Lagann illustration materials, and one of Udon’s thickest art books ever. Don’t miss out on this collection, pre-order your copy today through your local comic store, book store, or specialty online retailer.

By Gainax
$59.99, 488 pages, 7.1″x10.1″, paperback, art book
ISBN: 978-1772942682
Diamond Order Code: SEP228496
Scheduled to release June 6, 2023