The episode opens on the day of the recruits’ graduation. It begins with Rei getting his uniform ready for the ceremony, and as he does, he’s interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Hiromitsu Morofushi, asking Rei for a favor before the ceremony. They run into Jinpei Matsuda on the way to getting that favor done. As Rei encounters each character, he narrates about them to the audience, and the narration is accompanied by the footage from the episode featuring that character.

After they return from their errand, they run into Wataru Date and Kenji Hagiwara, ands they’re told they need to hurry so they won’t be late for the ceremony. With this scene, we also get narration from Rei about Wataru and Kenji, as well as the accompanying footage from their respective episodes. As they hurry to the ceremony, they run into a young Miwako Sato, and Rei encourages her to watch the graduation ceremony.

As the ceremony is about to begin, we get to see a montage sequence of various events that took place over the episodes in the “Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story CASE.” arc. During the ceremony itself, as Rei is called up to get his diploma, each of his friends has a flashback of being with him, and even the instructor has a flashback to when all five of these characters started at the academy.

After the ceremony, we see a photo of the five friends holding their diplomas. And then, one by one, each of Rei’s friends disappear… until he’s left standing all alone. At this point, the viewer realizes that there’s not going to be a happy ending for these friends.

We then move ahead in time seven years, which brings us to the current time in the Case Closed series. Rei, under the name of Amuro Tooru, is working at Cafe Poirot. As he works, he reminiscences about his fellow classmates at the academy. During his reminiscing, he narrates what happened to each of his friends after graduation. And sure enough, they all passed away, with most of their deaths connected to being on duty doing their job. Shortly after this, Rei gets a message from Rum, and he heads on his way. As he gets into a car to answer the summons, Rei narrates where he is at this point in the series.

First off, I want to thank Crunchyroll for actually having this episode up on time. After the previous two episodes of “Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story CASE.” went up on their service later than scheduled, I didn’t have high hopes of being able to watch it on its normal day. So I was pleasantly surprised when I logged onto Crunchyroll at my usual time on Saturdays and found that the episode was available.

As you can tell from what I wrote here that this final episode of the arc is essentially a recap episode for most of it. For me, the best part of the episode was the scene at Cafe Poirot, because it gave the audience an explanation for what happened to Hiromitsu, Jinpei, Wataru, and Kenji after they graduated from the academy.

This arc really helped to provide more insight into Rei as a character by showing the audience how he became part of law enforcement. And seeing him interacting with his friends at the academy enabled the viewer to see what kind of person Rei was before he had the various identities that he has in the series.

While this episode may not have truly had a story, it was still successful in wrapping up this arc and bringing it to a close. And, after seeing in the preview that the Black Organization will be playing a major role in the next episode, perhaps the audience could use a little breather before launching into the next story.

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